mmmm... grapes
“Hey, wanna come harvest some grapes?” my Rabbi called to ask me yesterday morning. I didn’t even know the man had a vineyard. Apparently he’s been growing grapes and making his own wine for years. How could I say no? I’m naturally more of a city girl, but there’s something really cool about getting your hands dirty in the soil of Israel. Stomping them, I Love Lucy style, begins after shabbat. I love this country.

Shabbat Shalom everyone!

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  • ya know, when we chilled the other day you didn’t mention you wrote for jewlicious… 😛

  • Of course she didn’t volunteer the information. How else are we supposed to effectively stalk you dude? If you knew of laya’s blog affiliation, you may not have been so forthcoming… 🙂

  • Hey – how about going apple picking to have tapuach for dipping into honey for Rosh Hashanah?