John Lennon’s whacky widow Yoko Ono, 71, recently announced that she will be awarding Mordechai Vanunu a $50,000 peace prize. The LennonOno prize, was founded in 2002 in John Lennon’s memory. “Vanunu was abducted by Israeli agents and convicted of treason in 1986 after discussing his work as a nuclear technician with the Sunday Times.”

Tin Foil Brigade - Capt. VanunuApparently, Ono fears for Vanunu’s life and feels that awarding him this prize will increase his profile and make him less of a target. Ono clearly does not realize that hardly anyone gives a rat’s ass about Vanunu in Israel. Ono expressed the hope that Vanunu would be able to pick up his award in person in New York. No word from Ono whether she’ll be wearing clothing for the ceremony.

In any case, given Vanunu’s recent violation of the conditions of his release, it is not likely he’s going anywhere soon. He conducted a 12 minute live phone-in at the International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival in Glasgow where he claimed that British, French, Italian, and US security services had co-operated in his 1986 kidnapping by the Mossad. The Italians have a security service?

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