Da mob. Oy.No wonder everyone in Israel is so nice to me…

Haaretz reports on the recent return to Israel from Prague of alleged underworld kingpin Assi Abutboul. Abutboul, who ran a family owned casino and hotel in the Czech capital, recently survived what the police there consider to be an assassination attempt. He survived unscathed but 18 others were injured in the grenade attack. His father Felix (Baiza) a beloved scion of the Netanya’s Morrocan underworld was assassinated in Prague 2 years ago by the Aberjils, a rival Israeli mob family.

Assi’s lawyer, Revital Sweid, whose wedding he recently attended, said of her client and of recent reports that he was involved in the hiring of a Bellorussian hit team to take out the Aberjils:

Despite the attempts to tie Abutboul to various events, it has been proved unequivocally that he has nothing to do with all the affairs and charges that were pressed during the past year. Neither he nor any member of his family have been charged or suspected of any of the affairs, and this speaks for itself. Assi is trying to live his life quietly and run his business legitimately. To suggest that now that he has returned to Israel, the general atmosphere will change is irresponsible, groundless and should not even be mentioned.

Heh. The Sopranos have nothing on Israel. Anyhow, I’m rooting for Aboutbul. Obviously. Gonna make them an offer they can’t refuse!

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