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  • What’s the all the Chanukah gifts people??? it’s only October! We’re starting earlier than Christmas!

  • Well, you know I give you carte blanche and all… but stuff posted has to be at least ostensibly Jewish. This video was clearly funny, but not remotely Jewish. It would be more appropriate in an email to me or as a comment in laya’s post about marijuana use. Also as long as I am on administrative subjects, all hyperlinks to external sights have to have added to them a target=”_blank” so that clicking on them pops open a new window.

  • Hmmm, I believe the accountant for the director of this short film is Jewish.

    Oh, and forgive me for being stupid but could you provide an actual example of how the html looks when you include what you ask for above? Thanks.

  • Go and edit any of your posts and you’ll see the raw html. I have edited some of them and included that code. See it in action. Imitate it. Be it.

  • Dude, are you kidding me?!?!?!?!?!

    That, like, adds a whole other layer of laborious activity for each link!

  • Sinai 48?

    Man, I wish the American Beef Ban would end so I could get a decent Kosher dawg up here.

  • You’re in Alberta, surrounded by cattle and you’re telling me you can’t get a good kosher hot dog unless it comes from estadas unidos? Or am I totally misunderstanding something? My local downtown Montreal Supermarket stopped selling Levitt’s Kosher Hot Dogs ‘cuz I guess Levitt’s went belly up, so to speak, but the nearby Chassidic kosher butcher has all kinds of wieners – traditional kosher dogs, foot longs, kernartzels and even spicy merguez. Don’t y’all have kosher butchers out there? I mean you DO have rowdy hockey fans….

    Anyhoo, kosher butchers aside, it seems I am always surrounded by Jewish wieners….


    Shabat Shalom.

  • If you want good kosher hotdogs in Canada, Shefa (located in Toronto) make some great ones. My favourites are their chicken knackers and lamb merguez.