Yusef Hassan Sinwar, 31, of Khan Younis in the Gaza Strip was sentenced to death by hanging for “collaborating with Israel.”

Sinwar, who was arrested in October 2001 received his trial yesterday where “the judges noted that he had ‘undermined the power of resistance of the Palestinian people by serving as a collaborator with the enemy.’ ” Any such execution requires the personal approval of Yassir Arafat.

The Jpost reports that “This is the first time that a Palestinian accused of collaboration with Israel is sentenced to death by hanging “…The others have been shot. Often unceremoniously, and without benefit of, you know, a trial and counsel and stuff.

This is the PA system.

This is the pseudo-governmental body we are being asked to work with.

Meanwhile, on Duke University Campus, it was Israel being called “greatest abuser of human rights and the greatest threat to international security “. One might note that Israel does not have a death penalty except in the case of Nazi war criminals. Furthermore, the death penalty was exercised only once, in the case of Adolf Eichmann (see related Jewlicious comments here).

I think a few Shamats.com T-shirts around campus might’ve been a nice addition.

Can you imagine if we hung Jews for ‘collaborating with Palestinians?’ (Aaron Mate? we got yo numba!)

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  • Why does the Post, of all places, call them “activists”?

    “assisting the IDF in tracking down and killing wanted activists”

    “passing on information to the Shin Bet about the whereabouts of wanted activists.”

  • I know. Frankly, it’s embarrassing. I’d blame it on the new, more left-leaning editor, but i think they were doing it sometimes when Bret was there, too.

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