EggedNext time you’re on an Egged bus, you might notice two blue stickers saying “mepanei sheva takum” meaning “in the presence of an old person, shall you rise”.

Truthfully, I had never really noticed them until a friend pointed out that that is actually part of a pasuk (verse) from parasha Kedoshim (Vayikra 19:32). Only in Israel.

Now, trying to stand on a lurching egged bus is no simple task, even for the young. These multi-tasking bus drivers, (I’ve never seen anything like it, they’re making change, selling monthly tickets and phone cards, making all the stops, fighting their way through Israeli traffic, having a heated political argument with the guy in the front seat, changing the radio, looking out for terrorists, etc) God bless ’em, have yet to learn the art of a smooth acceleration.

Sometimes Israelis can be stubborn, and dare I say it, even a little rude, but this is one mitzvah everyone on a bus takes seriously. I was on the bus yesterday and at the Shuk it looked like half of the remaining pioneers were waiting to get on, pulling granny-carts and schlepping bags of veggies. As they boarded, everyone, one by one, enthusiastically got up to let these old folks get off the feet that probably walked them here from Russia. I even saw one old person stand for another who just looked to be having a harder time.

Being nice, sticking it to terrorism, and getting to fulfill this sweet little mitzvah, all on just one bus ride in the Land.

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Laya Millman


  • Hmmm, Jewish values practiced by people who are not necessarily observant…might this post have something to say about CK’s assertions in the Bronfman post?

  • This is one of the nicest posts I’ve read on any blog…period.

  • shtreimel, laya is the creamy goodness at the center of a Jewlicious chocolate bar. She just has this way of putting things into perspective.

  • hmmm… I’ve never been compared to chocolate before. A little strange, but I’m a sucker for compliments, so i’ll tke it anyway.

  • Also, i just want to point out that Microsoft Word recognized the word “schlepping.” How cool is that by the way?

  • A lot of Israel that was ‘created’ in the past is Jewish related even though Israel was much more secular back then.

    A few other examples:
    -The lotto company is called PAIS (which was the lots drawn by the cohanim to do some work in the temple)

    -The Israel tank was called Merkava.

    Nowadays, new weapons systems are called ‘non-denominational’ names like eagle, thunder and lightening. New communicaton companies are given ‘english’ names like ‘yes’ and ‘hot’ and anything ‘Jewish’ is relegated to history.

  • Eagle – as in Desert Eagle? The line of pistols first esigned by Magnum Research and then further developped by Israel Military Industries? The first semi-auto .44 magnum ever? Non-denominational? Does the term “Al Kanfei Nesharim” mean anything to you? It’s not so bad dude. Israel rocks.

  • Who says this is a secular country? On YomKippur all the traffic lights in Jerusalem were turned off.Where else in the world does a city honor this holy day???? you-all come on up next year.