Okay, maybe not directly, but for those of you who are particularly politically hyper-sensitive/aware, you might want to consider getting your Seaweed Purifying Toner elsewhere

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  • Cuz body shop sucks with their fake-ass activist stance and all. I mean, talk about commodifying dissent! It needs to be made clear to everyone and anyone that supporting the Palestinian “right” of return is simply a nice almost polite way of supporting the destruction of the state of Israel. The Body Shop needs to get spanked and spanked hard for their thoughtless award. Just as an aside, Naomi Klein has a great section in her book No Logo on the Body Shop…

  • Yes, yes, I see the point of a boycott. But from the article you posted, it appears they understood where they erred and were attempting to backtrack. Whatever happened to carrot and stick?

    If you achieve desired results, back off. Otherwise, you won’t have any leverage with other organizations or even this one again. “Well Jim, I know the Jews are pissed at us, but they’re already pissed at us and they never let up. See what they did to Body Shop after the company backed off? They’ll do the same to us. I say better to stand firm and gain some Muslim customers, there are more of them anyway.”

  • For the record, I think if you love your Papaya-Mint shampoo, you should continue loving and buying your Papaya-Mint shampoo. Small-scale boycotts are so 7th grade.

  • Well, of course you ARE right TM. But those poser nature weenies at The Body Shop piss me off sooo much….

    By the way, Alli posted the article, not me.

  • Alli strikes me as a very astute person based upon her last comment. Alli, have you met Michael who posts here?

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  • Doesn’t Luke Ford live on the West Coast? His dating coach could help him get this one right, for once.

  • Oh my. Alli is tall, Luke doesn’t look so tall. No amount of coaching can help that.

  • Alli is 6 feet of Jewess, and is now accepting applications…foreigners encouraged to apply!

  • How did we get from Mango Body Wash to a Jewlicious Jewess booty casting call for Alli??? Maybe you ought to write an entire post on the subject instead of burying it an obscure post about cosmetics? Make sure to include suggestive photos… to more easily entice your bashert of course. No other reason…

  • I was just fact-checking and soliciting new journalistic leads. I have no idea what you are talking about, CK.

  • We can’t tell who is a foreigner to you until we know where you live, Alli…anymore than if I said ‘locals apply’ and didn’t tell you what locale was mine.