Google is trading at $149/share and a PE ratio over 300 (shades of 1999?), making its owners billionaires several times over. I’ve long felt that if Google is the best we can do, we might as well have humanity give up its place in the world to those monkeys on TV who shoot darts to pick stocks and outperform the Wall Street pros.

Since most search engines rely upon link and site popularity to determine position, virtually any political topic is hijacked by extremist sites. Since everybody’s grandmother and tech-boorish aunt are now online, this domination of “truth” and information (after all, nobody but the insane search beyond the first couple of pages of results on the typical search engine) by the wackos is bad news for humanity, and also pretty nasty for the Jews.

How nasty? Take a look at the results for beautiful jews.

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  • Congrats. You posted post number 250! Also if you really want a shocker, do that google search with safe mode turned off. Ewwww….

  • #250, huh?

    Are the number of visitors to your site diminishing inversely to the number of posts I make?

  • Heh, I posted that link because it helps keep Wikipedia’s definition of Jew at the top of the Google rankings for the word Jew.

  • Well in that case I will pass the link on to all my friends and family and mention that to my buddies at shul. Thanks again!