al-Qaeda? Nope…

Well, looks like an al-Qaeda group calling itself Brigades of the Martyr Abdullah Azzam has claimed responsibility for the Sinai bombings:

The Brigades of the Martyr Abdullah Azzam give our Arab and Islamic nation the good news of the heroic martyrdom operations in Egypt, through which our sons in the squad of the leader martyr cleansed the land of Taba from the filth of the Jews

Also claiming responsibility was the World Islamist Group who carried out the attack to avenge Palestinian and Arab martyrs dying in Palestine and Iraq.

The Jerusalem Post reports that some Palestinians believe that Israel was behind the bombings:

I think the Israeli government is behind the attacks in Taba in order to drive a wedge between the Palestinians and Egypt and show the world that we are terrorists … Sharon is the only one who benefits from such attacks, which provide him with an excuse to escalate his aggression on our people.

This opinion seems to be supported by The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt who reportedly stated that the

… main beneficiary of these events is the criminal (Israeli Prime Minister Ariel) Sharon and his gang that supports him in the American administration.

The objective of this bombing was really to

… shift attention away from the ugly massacre carried out by the Zionist forces in the past 10 days, in which more than 100 Palestinian women, children and elderly [were killed].

So let me get this straight, the attack was both a justified response to Israeli aggression AND part of an evil plot by Sharon to distract people from said Israeli aggression.

Man… these guys have got ALL the angles covered. It’s a wonder the Muslim empire ever fell …

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  • Not to mention that many of the dead Israelis are actually be Israeli Arabs…I don’t know whether that means that Sharon and his Evil Zionist Conspiracy Goons wanted to knock off some Arabs (that would be the Palestinian version)…or that the terrorists who actually blew up the hotel should have done their homework better if they were interested in killing Jews to revenge crimes against their fellow Arabs (and that would be the truth).

  • Hmmm, these arguments sound just like the “Mossad is behind 9/11” and “9/11 was perpetrated by Arabs because of America’s behavior” that we hear from segments of the Muslim world (and parts of the Left Wing and Extreme Right).

  • I wish that we had the power that these meshugehnehs claim we do. I’d be a happy beach loving dude.

  • In case you missed the memo:

    The Next meeting of the Elders will be held at Shultzie’s Deli in Miami Beach. Pickled Herring and Lox will be served. Items to be discussed include profiteering opportunities in post-hurricane Florida; Election maneuvering to assure that whoever wins, we remain in charge; More creative ways to cause international mayhem and then blame it on the Palestinians. Meeting starts at 10:30 am, don’t forget your hooded robes.

  • Hey- when did you add the hooded robes? Is Mel G. going to be there this time, or is he going to skip out again?

  • We called for hooded robes cuz of the, you know… sun. It’s cheaper than sun block. As for Mel, well, he has gotten a little hidy tidy christ almighty lately, so I don’t know if he’s gonna make it. But I just got a RSVP from Kim Jong-il so the meeting should be fun. And then there’s the smoked herring. Mmmmm. World Domination is both fun and delicious!