Here is one that I like because it blames Arafat’s condition on Israeli poisoning.

And here is the same site but even better because it tells us that ARAFAT IS DEAD.

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  • Check it out, this was in the Arafat’s death article, word for word:

    “Poisoning Probed

    In a related development, the Palestinian sources told IOL that Palestinian authorities have arrested several people who were involved in cocking and serving Arafat’s food.”

    No wonder he’s dead. Who wouldn’t be if someone was cocking thier food!

  • uh… I would think Arafat would rather enjoy that. At least that’s what the rumours say….

  • By the way, I should note that we often link to Arab / Islamic sites. Al Jazeera, Islamica etc. We go wherever the news is at. I think that’s what KK up there was trying to tell you. For the record, KK writes in from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (Ahlan wa Sahlan Chabibi). Probably his English is not so good. What he was really saying was “F_ YOU, Jewlicious often links to articles of interest from the Arab and Muslim world. That’s why I visit here so often!” Thanks KK!

  • True. I hate it when my food gets cocked, although I must admit I do get a bit of a rush administering a good food cocking to a particularly deserving individual …

  • TM-
    we’ve linked to muslim sites more than i sometimes think is healthy. The Muslim Canadian Congress, websites for mosques, the Arab American institute, Al Jazeera, Al-Khansa (aka Ladies Jihad Journal), Mecca Cola etc. etc. Have you looked through the posts from before you were here? It’s some pretty funny stuff dude.

  • Laya, I realize that now. Maybe one day I’ll have the time to look through the old classics…

  • Oooh. Ladies Jihad Journal – that was a classic. And who can forget the graphic attached to the Mecca Cola post. Good times. Oh and definitely do a search for Arablicious….

  • This whole site is oppresive to Muslims, I cannot believe you do not see, if only you people would listen. The muslims are bieng oppresed everywhere, not all of us are terrorists

  • Hey ck, were you aware that your blog was oppressive to Muslims? Don’t you feel accomplished? Can you believe that all because one website, Muslims are being oppressed everywhere? You should tell your parents — I’m sure they’ll be happy to know that thanks to Jewlicious, Muslims around the world are doing teshuva for their treatment of Jews in Morocco and everywhere else in the world. Mazel tov, ck. Mazel tov.

  • Yes we will kizza – hopefully at the ripe old age of 120! Thanks for stopping by though!

  • lol we usually live nice and long… wonder why? anyway CK!!! What the heck?! you havent called me still!

  • Nobody bothers capitalizing or spelling out words anymore. Kizza, it’s spelled “fucking.” Sheesh.

  • I especially like the post about Muslims being oppressed everywhere. If Muslims are oppressed you suppose it is because of the dictorial governments they have? How oppressive it must be to swath women from head to toe in unflattering black, how oppressive it must be to see Muslim males out on the street practicing hysteria–twitchy people aren’t they? How oppressive it must be to live under the thumb of a religion that calls for killing all infidels, Christians, and Jews. I grant you all Muslims aren’t terrorists, but all terrorists are fanatical Muslims who have raped a religion for their own purpose. The sad fact is that the Mullahs have agreed with this raping of Islam.