No G-Strings in this armyIsrael military issues G-string ban

ABC news reports:

A hard-nosed Israeli army officer at a base near Tel Aviv has banned young women soldiers from wearing skimpy G-string underwear, the Maariv daily has reported.

“Only my wife has the right to wear a G-string,” the officer told the soldiers.

He did not say how the army would be checking whether the order had been followed.

G-strings or no g-strings, our chayalot are still the hottest. No word yet if this ban also applies to men and arsim on the base.

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  • but not in this army, apparently. Though chayalot can still wear nose rings, which i find kinda cute and amusing.

  • Just out of miluim and I got to tell you that there really is a problem with soldierettes cutting down the waist to low profile cut so that the g-string shows or worse, a plumber crack. Seems just plain unfashionable to me, like wearing a halter top with a bra with straps.

  • Apparently our chayalot yisraeliot haven’t been reading Jewlicious and aren’t on the cutting edge of the new tznius movement…

    Still, are you gonna tell a lady with an assault rifle that you don’t like her G-string?