Nasser Al-Kidwa has been as clever at foiling Suha’s remuneration plans as he has been at screwing Israel at the U.N. Come to think of it, I guess both Suha and Israel were also screwed by Arafat. Well, maybe not Suha.


In our last installment, Suha had grabbed the worm’s medical files and had her lawyer busy attempting to prevent the French medical facility from providing them to anybody else. She was already counting the huge shekels the PA was going to foist upon her manicured fingernails when she was completely outmaneuvered. What happened was that good old Nasser, who seems to be cut from the same cloth as his foul-breathed and very dead uncle, waltzed into France and without much ado, but lots of fanfare, got Abu Ammar’s records.

So then Nasser, who is not a doctor, had two hours to read the 540 page report (we’ll assume he speaks French), and has now ensured that within one year, everybody will be claiming Israel poisoned Arafat.

What did Nasser say?

He said that while no known poisons were the cause of death, poison as a cause of death couldn’t be ruled out. 😆

Here is the Associated Press version of the story, by the way. Here is the Haaretz version. They’re a tad different. 😉

Now, this guy is an important member of the Palestinian leadership and he can’t bring himself, or chooses not, to tell the truth in what is a very obvious and clear-cut situation. For god’s sake, just tell us what the old fart died of and let’s move on, why all the intrigues and obvious lies? I mean, I want to negotiate with these people for peace, but how are we supposed to trust them when even in a matter as simple as this, we can’t get the truth and they turn it around to blame Israel? What a snake.

Hey, did I mention that Suha hasn’t returned the PA’s plane yet? 😆 (CK, we need one of those rolling on the floor laughing icons).

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