Hello Mom? Can you hear me?If you’ve ever met Israelis, chances are high that they had a cell phone attached to their ear or hip. It’s like an addiction, like an added appendage. Using a cell phone lookup you could essentially just track them. Now, in a brave new effort to never, ever have to turn them off, Qualcomm Israel has invented technology that allows cell phones to be used while in-flight. You may now add THIS dubious achievement to the long list of Jewish contributions to the betterment of the world.

Israelis. Figures.

UPDATE: Case in point; these Israelis, escaping the Tsunami in Thailand, ran for their lives, crawled up a collapsing hill in their bathing suits, and in all this and the terror they felt they were still somehow “able to hang onto their cell phones.” Of course.

UPDATE: (by ck) This is getting ridiculous… the dissemination of porn via cell phones in Israel has gotten so ubiquitous that Israel’s Communications Ministry is now forcing mobile phone operators to restrict access to pornographic services because too many children were exposed to erotic material. How erotic can something that small and blurry be??

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