weepy whiny ass pope dudeAfter what is easily the most disastrous event in recent memory, the Vatican, never much of a friend to the Jews, was quick to point fingers;

The Vatican Newspaper denounced what it called a decision by the IDF to deny emergency help to disaster victims in Sri Lanka.
Calling for “a radical and dramatic change of perspective” among people “too often preoccupied with making war.”

Which, of course, was total bullshit.

The Defense Ministry Tuesday night sent a plane loaded with 80 tons of supplies, (worth $100,000) including medicine, water, food, blankets and generators, to Sri Lanka.”

Not only that, but we tried to send more help, and were actually turned down:

The plan original called for a delegation of 150 people, including doctors, IDF rescue workers and journalists, to fly there as well, but this idea was shelved when the government in Sri Lanka informed the Foreign Ministry that it does not have the wherewithal to logistically provide for all the aid workers pouring into the devastated country from around the world.

So where are they getting their information from? Is Mel Gibson running the Vatican Newspaper now or something?

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