Things to come?

Shalom Gaza

The Guardian reports that:

Jewish settlers clashed Monday with Israeli troops who came to tear down two structures at an unauthorized West Bank outpost, and a soldier was arrested for encouraging comrades to refuse to evacuate the settlement, the army said, in the first case of its kind.

Several other settlers were also arrested and one soldier was injured. In other news, young settlers from the West Bank are flocking to Gaza to lend assistance to their buddies there who will be resisting the pullout. They bring with them experience in clashes with the IDF:

Some of those arriving from the West Bank have already been involved in clashes with soldiers in Gaza over the military’s attempts to dismantle an improvised outpost established near a settlement in memory of two people killed in attacks in the Gaza Strip.

Pinhas Wallerstein of the YESHA council warned of mass mutiny amongst soldiers refusing to obey commands to evacuate settlers while Ariel Sharon stated that any soldier refusing such an order would be subject to arrest. Nice, very nice. Seriously, need I say any more?

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