On top of Massadabirthright israel fun!

I’m wearing sandals in January, I saw the sun rise from the top of Massada, I spent my first Shabbat back in Israel at the kotel and now I am travelling to Caesaria, Haifa and the Kinneret watching 41 people see it all for the first time. After our first five days of constant adventuring and never enough sleep, I don’t remember the last time Shabbat felt so good. The exhausting job of being the fearless leader of the IsraelExperts bus 8 birthright israel trip sure has its benefits!

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Laya Millman


  • And since when did we give you time off to write a blog… heh??? Grrrl this is a full time 24-7 job. no time for casual blogging….

    And for the record , she has sandals on because she forgot her shoes at the bedoiun tent after a few too many nargilah!!

  • Billster: Nargilah does that to you?

    Celestial: Come on! You’re right aropund the corner from Pearson. I’ll be there Thursday to fly to Israel. Just hop on the plane!

  • Laya, I’m jealous! I wish I was back there with you guys.

    signed, your old co-madrich.

  • billster– chill, i phoned this one in while the kids were sleeping on the bus. As far as the infamous bedouin tent nargila incident, it’s you who took the ‘evidence’ and left me to deal with the kids in question, so perhaps its you who is being ‘forgetful’? 😉

    And David, don’t be jealous, just hop on a plane and come back!

  • Hey, I wish I could but I have a movie to finish first.

    Fricken responsibilities….

  • A movie to finish? Tell us more! Are you producing, directing, acting? Documentart? Fiction? Subject matter? Budget? Location? How’s it going?

  • wow, TM sounds a little star struck. How cute.

    davidw, movies are just illusions (especially the ones you work on) when you get sick of it again, come back over.

  • Star struck?

    Ho ho ho. Not at all. I know the business a little and am curious, that’s all.

  • TM – I’m in postproduction, but I’d prefer to keep which movie it is under wraps for now (have to keep some anonymity!). I’m sure you’ve heard of it…

    Laya, you’ve got that right, that they are. I have another project lined up for later this year also — I’ll be living for 6 months over in New Zealand. Still, I need to find a good time to fit a trip to Israel in there somewhere. Maybe in April around Pesach, we’ll see!

  • Geez, Hollywood is in love with New Zealand these days!

    Come on over anytime, my friend, we’ll reminisce about the good ole days with bus 12 when you do.