Laya's Home!Ain makom c’mo Yisrael

I’m back in Israel

and it feels. so good. to be home.

The IsraelExperts birthright group I’m the madricha of and I landed in the new, beautiful, Ben Gurion Airport terminal yesterday (it’s great, but in some strange way, I kind of miss the presidential stairs off the airplane, and the terminal that was straight out of 1972)

Our whole first day was beautiful. I was absolutely blissful. The lighting over the country was straight out of a Flemish painting. Pure magic. Everything felt so right about being back, I even loved the things I hate about this country. Looking out over the hills, green since i’ve been away and the rainy season started, I thought what a fool I am to think I need anything else.

I have precious little time in front of the computer right now, I have to get back to the group and the MegaEvent. Tomorrow we’re off to the bedouin tent, then Massada, Dead Sea, Ein Gedi and well, if you haven’t been on birthright yet, or to Israel yet, you’re definitely missing out.

Alright everyone, back to the adventure…


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