Laya's Home!Ain makom c’mo Yisrael

I’m back in Israel

and it feels. so good. to be home.

The IsraelExperts birthright group I’m the madricha of and I landed in the new, beautiful, Ben Gurion Airport terminal yesterday (it’s great, but in some strange way, I kind of miss the presidential stairs off the airplane, and the terminal that was straight out of 1972)

Our whole first day was beautiful. I was absolutely blissful. The lighting over the country was straight out of a Flemish painting. Pure magic. Everything felt so right about being back, I even loved the things I hate about this country. Looking out over the hills, green since i’ve been away and the rainy season started, I thought what a fool I am to think I need anything else.

I have precious little time in front of the computer right now, I have to get back to the group and the MegaEvent. Tomorrow we’re off to the bedouin tent, then Massada, Dead Sea, Ein Gedi and well, if you haven’t been on birthright yet, or to Israel yet, you’re definitely missing out.

Alright everyone, back to the adventure…


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  • I feel your pain, celestial, I’m too old as well. But at least you’ve been to Israel, where I have not. I spend to much time visitng your country of residence 😛

  • well, I would love the Birthright trip because I know you learn so much. I have not seen some of the big sights (ie: Massada) and I would love to have a nice historical tour. We’re pretty starved for history up here in Canada. lol And I love Israel SO much..I just can’t drink up enough of the experience.

    And ck.. if you could offer an alternative I might just have to marry you aftterall. (your girlfriend won’t mind will she?)

    And Geoff… you are EVERYWHERE!! LOL
    stay out of Canada.. we don’t like your kind. 😛

  • Ha! Too bad I’m going there this weekend. And next month too. And getting married in Montreal in April. You can’t keep me out!

  • where is my invite to your wedding?? tsk. so typically American.
    LOL!!!! 😛
    blogger fight! BLOGGER FIGHT!!
    it’s ok, my honey ck will kick your ass, he’s in Montreal,

  • I love kicking random ass of people I don’t know and don’t have any bone to pick with. As for Israel, celestial, you can go without having to marry me. That’s a bit extreme no? I mean Israel is great, and many have made great sacrifices to go there but one can hardly expect a scrifice of such proportions! As for GFs, the one’s I’ve dated in the past would have torn your eyes out by now. Lucky for you, you’re safe in that respect.

  • I think it’s particularly hilarious that we’re having a blog fight on someone else’s blog. Silly Canadian.

  • Mike: Laya’s not leading that trip but she knows the trip you’re talking about. She’s going to meet up with them tonight at the Bedouin Tent experience and has promised to mention that some (Chabad?) guy called Mike says hi. Aint the Internet grand?

  • *sigh*
    I love this place. And you’re hilarious Geoffy
    Though ck’s talk of trips to Israel is becoming a horrible tease.
    And clearly the man doesn’t want to marry me.
    *sniff* Its ok… I…. I understand.

  • Why wouldn’t I want to marry you? You’re female and Jewish – that’s the top 2 prerequisites right there! The Toronto thing however, that might prove to be a serious impediment. But otherwise I remain duly flattered if not a bit dumbfounded.

    Oh. Would now be a bad time to mention that I’m prolly heading off to Israel in a week?

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