Remember this? I don’t think VW likes the publicity it garnered and wants to sue…

Volkswagen is to take legal action against the mystery duo who made the controversial suicide bomber short film that apparently shows an Arab blowing himself up in a Polo car.

If it can find the producers of the ad, Lee and Dan.

But the company privately admitted that it cannot locate Lee and Dan, the London based advertising creative partnership who dreamed up the film, which has been seen around the world via the internet. “We are prepared to pursue the two individuals but need to locate them to ensure the success of our legal claim,” the company said in a private memo.

There have been apologies made by the nefarious duo who can’t be found…except by reporters.

Both Lee and Dan have apologised for the film, which they said had a £40,000 budget, but have refused to identify themselves or explain how it was funded.

But director of the spoof, Stuart Fryer (Jewlicious?), all of 35 years old, has been located. And it turns out he was an innocent dupe who just wants to make commercials and made this one for his reel.

“I just wanted it for show reel purposes, not seen by millions of people around the world. “I don’t want to offend people, I just want to make advertisements.I wanted to show it to the Saatchis and BBHs of this world. “Little did I know that the advert that I made would be sent out on the internet and create such a fuss – it’s shocked me.”

Um, give the guy a job, he’s very talented.

By the way, Lee and Dan are claiming they had a $40k British Pounds budget (that’s about 2 billion US dollars in today’s exchange rate) but nobody can figure out who funded the ad, and our lads are not revealing the source.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Mossad. 🙂

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  • I Thought that Dan, is Daniel Brooks a writer/director of Bigger Than Jesus, who mentioned his main influences “In film, I think I’ve been very influenced by the French New Wave, Andrei Tarkovsky, Ingmar Bergman, even the Marx Brothers.” But that Daniel is Canadian. (Hmmm.)

    Lee Ford is certainly a UK filmaker. Faisal-Azam Qureshi lists him on his credentials as Lee Ford Productions. They worked on music videos together for the band Perm. I have also seen a Lee Ford Jackson, but do not know if there is a connection. Lee Ford made the BP commercial with Doner Cardwell Hawkins, a London Ad Agency.

    Have fun finding them VW, I am sure that this is really a good use of the VW Corporate Slush Fund For Better Image Abroad. However, until you take the Volk out of the Wagon, we will always remember your creators back in the Third Reich…

  • At VW, this probably should go under the label of ‘don’t bring more publicity to issue’.

    It’s on the internet which gurantees its eternity, but people also have such short attention spans, so it would’ve petered off. Now if they publicly pursue it, it will only guarantee a much larger audience.