I just want to say that while many of our debates and discussions touch on topics that are divisive and in some instances painful for some of us to discuss, I am glad and grateful that we are able to have these discussions and by the quality of the discourse that we enjoy on Jewlicious.

I think ck has created an interesting forum where we are able to express a broad range of views openly. I think having a dialogue is crucial so that we don’t presume what anybody is “about” just because they come from a particular background or espouse certain ideological views.

I hope that all of our participants, even when they may be on completely opposite sides of a topic, still enjoy the debate, learn a great deal, sharpen their arguments, and “grow” as a result of their visits here. Is there anything more enlightening than to listen to what people with different views feel and think about the very same topic about which one feels so confident?


And shabbat shalom to all!!

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