Yes, somebody actually has a website listing the top 33 restaurants in Budapest.

Good reading. For your next visit.

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  • Uh… only one Jewish restaurant is listed and of course, it’s not kosher. I guess given what a good job the nazis have done, there isn’t much of a Jewish community in Hungary, but whatever. Go to Israel next time you travel – loads of great food and some of it is even kosher!

  • having spent a week there recently, i can personally attest that the food in budapest sucks. especially at the trayfe “kosher-style” place.

  • Actually, there are 80,000 Jews in Hungary and at least 10 kosher butchers and 20 synagogues in Budapest. The Nazis were effective but didn’t entirely destroy the community. Besides, in Hungary, it wasn’t just the Nazis, some of the locals were very helpful – before, during and even after the war. Thanks to our friends at Judapest, I can offer this excellent and brief overview of Hungarian Jewry.

  • Friends in Budapest very recently attest to a tasty kosher meal at ‘Hanah’ and that a glatt/mehadrin place called ‘Kinor David’ exists as well.

  • Thanks Josh. Now THAT’s what I’m talking about. Who the hell needs a list of restaurants in Budapest? What WE need is a list of Kosher joints in Budapest. This is Jewlicious after all.

  • Kinor David is now closed. Try Solomon restaurant next to Kings Hotel. Very good. Orthodox.

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