No, no, I wasn’t going to post pics of more hotties.

Nope, I found Charity Navigator, a website that takes a careful look at public charities, analyzes their revenues, expenses and provides ratings and benchmarks against other charities in similar categories. It also provides sexy info on the incomes of their organizational leaders.

So I did a search for Jewish charities…I now know a lot more about, well, some friends of mine…

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  • Word to the wise from an accountant: a 990 is nice, but the accountant is basically taking the client’s word for things. Make sure that the organization has audited financial statements as well. Ask for a copy and learn to read it. Also, be smart when dealing with American Friends organizations. Ask if the Israeli side has audited financial statements and ask for a translated copy. If the overseas organization is particularly small and/or unknown, you need to ask some tough questions as to what the money actually goes to. For example, is it going into the organization’s bank account…or is it going into the pockets of the organization heads and their cronies. If you are thinking of donating a big chunk, ask for a letter from the overseas side that all funds received from the US side are deposited directly into the organization’s bank account and that no US checks are written directly to officers/directors of the Israeli organization or are cashed at money changing establishments (where the cash can go into the pockets of officers etc).

    Yes, it costs more to deposit into a bank, convert it, and pay it out from there, but good procedures sometimes cost money.

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