#5: C Cup and Up

Number 5

Located on Ben Yehudah street in downtown Jerusalem, Women Only – C Cup and Up is in the heart of Jerusalem’s free WIFI zone. One can sit out on the pedestrian walkway, surf the Internet, keep abreast of the latest news and developments and just watch beautiful Jerusalemites come and go.

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • now that there is one helluva catchy name for a store!
    almost as good as Kenvelo, which I couldn’t stop saying over and over again while visiting on my last trip.

  • Muffti is amazed that this is reason number five. What are the first four?

  • Wow. I thought (hoped?) ck was joking when he said he was going to blog about “c cup and up.” Apparently not.

  • WOW! A store in downtown Jerusalem that does not cater to anorexic waifs! Of course, the real question is whether they sell anything that is not caftan style, which is the usual alternative to the anorexic waif look.

    What I miss about the States? The shopping…

  • Number 5 reason why Grandmuffti should make aliyah? This is number 1 reason why everyone should make aliyah! …and in particular those Jewish girls blessed with Jewish boobs.

  • …as opposed to Jewish girls with perky (yet full) Gentile-like, Jewish plastic surgeon-installed, porn queen boobies…

  • Hahaha, no! Everyone knows that Jewish girls have large chests. Jewish boobs=big boobs.
    And JC, for the record, it is a common misperception that the bigger a woman’s breast are the less perky they are are. The two are really not dependent on each other.

  • Well…okay–ya’ got me there. But it’s the “and Up” part of the store’s name that has me wondering…hmmm…no svelte Natalie Portman-types with D-Cups around here…that area must be “off-limits” and reserved at the back of the store for the caftan crowd…hahaha–YES!

  • Another reason to date and make babies exclusively within the tribe, I guess.

    But where are these Jewish girls?

  • A friend of mine pimps out Jewish girls…he runs the 47th Street Escort Service.

    Would you like his number?

  • No hate on skinny girls, just hate trying to shop in a country where any outfit that is vaguely nice and attractive comes in the following sizes: slim, skinny and anorexic. And while I am not fat, I do not find that those sizes fit me. (I have the traditional Jewish girl figure) And to cap it all off, most of the stuff they have for women with chests is loose and flowing–settler-chick or haredi-chick style. So not me.

    After 3.5 years, I am irritated. And longing desperately for Anne Taylor and Petite Sophisticate and Eddie Bauer.

    As for falafel, I like falafel, but not in the same way I did when I was a tourist. I mean, I eat here every day, so I need to have some variety. Plus, for the first year I was here, my idea of eating out was falafel (budgetary constraints), so I am kinda enjoying the feeling of being prosperous and having “made it” enough to have a bit more variety.

    Actually–good cheap thrill…you can buy just the falafel balls for grushim. Like, five of them for 3 sheks. Nice snack.

  • Daphna, if any of us were willing to adhere to the typical Israeli woman’s diet, we’d all be one of the three sizes you mentioned…


    Breakfast: cucumber and tomato salad, 1/2% cottage cheese.
    Lunch: two packs of cigarettes.
    Mid-afternoon snack: Diet Pepsi
    Dinner: half-bottle of vodka, bisli
    Exercise: go out clubbing until dawn, punctuated with smoking breaks for energy

    No muss, no fuss. You’ll be anorexic in no time at all!

    (You’re WELCOME.)

  • Is it that simple? Esther, you are mamash a genius! Walla! What brand of cigarettes? I will start sucking up the nicotine tommorow. 😛 I too will be able to buy super revealing clothes at Fox. Now that should go over well at work. Especially since I work in harediville…..

  • Esther: I believe the clubbing element of the diet you described is missing a couple of dietary supplements: ecstacy, special k or crystal meth. So good to know that we’re finding work for all those Moscow U. Chem PhDs.

  • What is this TM? Now we are spitting on nice Jewish girls? I thought that treatment was reserved for Russian Orthodox priests? Oh, so very confusing.

  • No, Russian Orthodox priests and TM’s wife. The only people ever spat upon by charedim in Jerusalem.

  • Ahhhhhhh…okay, now it is all clear. So you see, TM, it is all okay. I am not your wife! So I should be spit-free

    Whew, my poor little brain was just becoming terribly addled. And I have not had nearly enough caffeine today. Too much too much. Time for my diet shoko–I need some comfort food.

  • Daphna,

    Super revealing clothes + Hareidisville = Possibility of spit showers coming your way

    Whenever I write this, Laya turns beet red with anger, ck rolls his eyes, Michael snickers, Grandmuffti seeks to find the Logic, Neo-con refrains from commenting, Ezra and Josh think I’m a secular Jew who’s about to be assimilated, and Haredi Jews everywhere the world over begin to gather spit.

  • for the record TM, i rarely get angry, just tired of it the broad sweeping generalizations and one sided criticism. Otherwise i think you’re just dandy!

  • You’re so right about the crystal meth. My drug culture knowledge is sorely lacking. But I hear that crystal’s a really good diet aid.

  • Muffti knows where the logic is, TM. He just pretends to be seeking.

  • And TM knows the Muffti knows and is just pretending. But TM sometimes wonders about writing in the third person.

  • Muffti wonders what T_M is wondering about. As a man who refers to himself in the 3rd person, Muffti would be happy to answer any and all question on the practice. Try it, it’s fun!

  • C Cup and up have a radio ad playing on Israel Radio. Gist of it goes like this:

    “he loves my chest….”
    “when he’s waiting while I’m trying on things, he waits so patiently…..”
    “because I have a double D”

    The Haredim must love that. Who are we kidding, all men love that.