Mmmm, mmm!…keeps war away?
In keeping with our apparently lighter, less critical tone, we’d like to let you know about an interesting new development. In the next month 10,000 tons of surplus apples grown in the Golan by Druze farmers, will make their way to Syria! Some see this as a boost to Syrian-Israeli peace hopes as this is the first trade between Israel and Syria. The apples will be delivered by Kenyans driving trucks with the Swiss license plates of the Red Cross, and this is viewed as a one time gig. Syria’s Foreign Ministry, straining really hard to minimize the significance of this transaction, explained it as follows:

…the fruit was “Syrian, grown on Syrian land and owned by Syrians. [The objective was] to meet the pressing demands of Syrian citizens languishing under occupation and to help alleviate their suffering.

Uh… ok. The Druze sold the apples to the Syrians for 2 NIS a kilo according to the Jerusalem Post. Now that’s a good deal! Use that as a bargaining tool next time you’re at the Machaneh Yehuda market shopping for apples: You let the Syrians have them for 2 shekels a kilo, and you want to charge me 6?? What do I look like a friar??

Heh. Well, it’s not a story about flowers, puppy dogs or hot babes but don’t it just feel sooo good?

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  • well… um…. it’s a start? or… something.
    I dunno, I’m trying to feel all warm and fuzzy about the exchange of apples but it’s kinda hard. lol

  • I wonder if the origin of the hebrew slang word ????? comes from the english word ‘friar’?

    2 shek a kilo? Man, what a deal.

  • Grown in the Golan by Druzim…Kenyans driving trucks with Swiss license plates to bring them to Syria? That’s a lot of nationalities uniting behind the (big) apple as a symbol of peace.

    Sadly, in the Big Apple, apples are up to $2.59 a pound.

    Yeah, this comment makes no sense. I need a nap.

  • Why don’t we aaaaaaaaaaalso ship FREE apples to poor families in Israel for Purim!!!

  • Muffti misses TM as well. TM, if you come back, Muffti will post in the first person for a whole day out of appreciation. You da man.

  • I don’t know yet. I’ll decide once I finish my boxing workout. I like to use punching bags where I stick photos of former chief rabbis.

  • Aaah, now Muffti has to post in the first person for a day. The Middle is pleased.

  • Why dont we lace the apples with Ecstasy and the Syrians will get so excited by our apples they will desire peace.

  • people, its not like he gave his two weeks notice or something. he just didnt post for a day. give the man some space if he needs it., no?

  • I don’t know what that means, but it sounds nasty. When I cease using the first person tommorow, hopefully TM will be all better.