Even married Israeli women are hot

Now here’s to you Mrs. Israel …

Sima Bakhar dislikes being away from her daughter, enjoyed hanging out with Mrs. Lebanon and has a husband that can’t wait till she gets home. Bakher, Mrs. Israel, was also crowned Mrs. World last week in India.

She beat out 40 other women to win the coveted title in a pageant that has been around since 1977. The Mrs. World Pageant is designed to “symbolize the celebration of beauty, grace, charm and family values of women.” David Z. Marmal, president of Mrs. America Inc and Mrs. World Inc said:

The event began with the intention of recognizing the contribution of a woman to her community, country and modern contemporary life. It now showcases the modern married women who has imbibed style, grace, beauty and intelligence.

Uh… Bakahr, who studies interior design, was also the winner of the ‘Beautiful Legs’ and ‘Sensational Body’ categories at the Pageant. Let’s hear it for community contributions and family values… RAH!

Source: Israel21c

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  • Oh my dear Sima….how I long for your style, grace, beauty and intelligence…..

  • Wow! That is one spectacular woman! Smart, beautiful, and her “hand-on-the-hip” stance was just awe-inspiring!

    Maybe the rules can be changed so that she can reign longer than one year.

    In closing, let me once again say WOW!

  • I have enjoyed wotching the show and celebrated when Mrs. Israel won the title as Mrs. World. It brought me joy and pride.
    Thank you Sima.

  • Mrs. Israel is a well seserved winner of the Mrs. world padgent but if there were some really attractive 40 and over women looked really good – better than Mrs Israel will at age 40.

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