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Abdullah Badran: OK! I’m ready for my 72 Virgins! Hello? Hey … why’s it so hot here?

… about Tel Aviv nightclub bombing

In Deir Al Ghusun, West Bank, at the home of recently departed Tel Aviv suicide bomber Abdullah Badran, there are no colorful banners, no booming patriotic banners and no crowds of mourners streaming in and out of the Badran home paying respects. Why? Well, because people are pissed.

… Sami Qadan, 65, said the whole town was angry about the bombing and, in protest, few were paying respects to the family. “Things were getting better and then, no sooner do we have money coming in again than it is stopped by this suicide bombing. This intifada has killed us, and the wall has destroyed us. We cannot even leave our homes and we want it to stop,” he said. Six of his sons work as builders in Israel, but were told Sunday no one could cross their town’s checkpoint.

Even Abdullah’s family is pissed:

Ibrahim Badran said the family is extremely angry with whoever prepared his brother for his suicide. “I want to send these people a message,” he said. “I don’t know who they are, but we want them to stop this and reach out their hands for peace. That is the only way the situation will improve.”

It’s not all bad though. Also missing from the festivities were Israeli Army bulldozers.

Source: Newsday

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  • Man, I hope that dude is boiling inside that outfit.

    Ck, the point about the missing bulldozers is right on. This family will get to keep their house and as of now all bombers will know that if they die, their families need not worry. There is no way this wasn’t a deterrent.

  • This is amazing news! If Palestinian society is starting this shift from the inside, and acts of terror are becoming socially unacceptable, and they see that peace (and compromises?) are in their best interest, we might actually find this long mythical “partner for peace” after all.

  • Good news yes. Before I bang out the champaign i want to wait and see what really happens.

  • OK! I’m ready for my 72 Virgins!

    another good reason not to die a virgin:

    Suicide Bomber Heaven = Virgin Hell

  • Oh, gee, they can’t get to their jobs in Israel because, like, you know, the Jews get pissed off when a palestinian blows himself up and kills Jews? And, like, life is hard now and the wall, is, like, you know, kind of a problem?

    Oy, gevalt, can I get a good geshrei for the poor, poor palestinians?

    Gee. I wonder what made them change their minds? Israeli concessions, open borders and “gestures”, or the fact that blowing up Jews makes their lives hard because of closures, checkpoints, targeted assassinations, raids, etc? You now, when they have to pay for what they do?

    I’ll give you one fricckin’ guess.

    If this is palestinian defeatism, finally, then Israel should just keep pouring it on until they all feel that way.

    I mean, this guy came right out and said it: the intifada has killed the palestinians and he’s ready to give up because of Israeli countermeasures. Do you need any more proof that the Israeli policy of steadfastness is working and that rather than retreating Israel should keep up the pressure?

    Finish the wall and let them stew in their own putrid juices.

  • The Muffti has two questions:

    a) Has anyone actually been with a virgin? Sheesh. Why would anyone want to put up with 72 of them?!? 🙂

    b) TM, why are you so prone to hasty conclusions? I’m hoping you (and CK) were kidding about claiming that we have any evidence that bulldozing was effective. The Muffti would hate to have to start listing obvious inductive fallacies you would be committing. It would take all goddamned night.

  • Muffti, I remember clearly that just a few months ago there was a story in Haaretz about Palestinian residents of an area from which terrorists were launching Qassem missiles essentially ordering to trying to order the terrorists off their land because of their fear that the IDF will come by and level the neighborhood to prevent more attacks from there.

    As for your other point, please remember they do not remain virginal for very long. Then again, the whole idea of it is so idiotic that why would you expect any logic here whatsoever?

  • T_M: Actually, and this is true, they are perpetual virgins with self repairing hymens, so that each time the shahid goes unto them, they are pure. How crazy is that? Can shaheed heaven also serve as hell for like, bad women? I can’t think of anything worse than perpetually self-repairng hymens.

  • TM

    While house demolitions have proved to have a deterrent effect on occasion, the international cost far outways the (rather limited) benefits.

  • Eyal, I fear that the international cost is contingent on so many factors that I’m not certain the house demolitions take on a significant role. I would say the Mohammed al-Dura video clip has caused more harm than all the house demolitions…at least until the day Rachel Corrie placed herself in the way of a bulldozer.

  • ck, are you serious? I’ve learned something new.

    Self-repairing hymens? Please tell me you’re joking.

  • i’m sure you’ve heard that it’s 72 raisins (or grapes?) and not virgins.

  • My local imam is amazingly young. I can’t figure out how he became the local imam, because the mosque where he preaches is quite a large one with a body of worshippers who tend to be far older than he is. Unfortunately, in my two brief encounters with him, while he had been civil, I didn’t get the impression he liked me very much.

    Maybe it’s my looks.

    Somebody should patent the self-repairing hymen.

  • I heard that Donald Trump is financing the R&D on that self-repairing hymen. Then he’s going to turn the product over to the contestants on “The Apprentice” to see if they can create a marketing campaign for it.