First they pull you off rooftops, then they break your heart – the women of the Israel Police

Jewschool may have Suicide Girls but we promote strong women and positive role models – namely the fine, fine women of the Israel Police who will be the ones actually leading the evacuation of Gaza protesters this summer.

“We will not have any problem fighting women,” said one [right-wing protester]. “They can be policemen or policewoman, but for us they are desecrating God’s name and we will stop them.”

Uh… stupid head? I’ve had the misfortune of rasslin with a few of these babes. They are tough as nails. Do not be fooled by the pony tails and coquettish demeanor – you and your overfed, pale skinned, molly coddled friends are in for a world of hurt. I strongly urge you to be a mentsch and move along. It’s what G*d and the concept of Ahavat Chinam would want you to do.

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • Nooooo …. Ahavat Chinam=bend to the will of the collectivity, stay off the roofs, leave when you’re told to and do not force our holy sisters to become thugs.


  • Let’s hear it for kick-ass females! No wonder why CK and I got along so well… you have to be scary for him to like you!

  • yeah, so ck, how do you react to the fact that the first suicide girl we featured on jewschool is an israeli soldier? does she cease to be a strong woman or a positive role model because she’s not ashamed of her sexuality?

  • I’m sorry that these bnot yisrael are being forced to go through the hell of the retreat. But at least they’ll be handsomely rewarded! The article’s in hebrew, but the gist of it is that those fine soldiers and policepeople of the security forces will get bonuses and vacation weekends for taking part in the expulsion of Jews this summer.

    Can someone say corruption? Where’s the money coming from? None of it is in this years budget. Future budgets to plunge Israel into eternally increasing debt?

    when you get a chance, could you figure out the equilibrium point when this expulsion plan becomes not profitable?

    Shabbat shalom and chag sameach all.

  • mobius: Dude – I was just poking fun! I actually did notice that the featured suicide girl had no visible piercings or tattoos which is noteworthy on a site like SG. I did also note with approval that she had a bit of a bootie – she was naked and all but certainly portrayed an image of a real woman who is nonetheless attractive despite not being a size 2. That, more than the fact that she’s a soldier in the IDF is what I found most empowering.

    But then again, I’m a guy and it seems patronizing of me to discuss what is and what isn’t empowering for women. And my jury is still out on the whole porn thing (as I commented on Jewschool) – I do look forward to posts from the new SG poster though. So…. 1st Thursday in June. Are we on? I have the cash in small unmarked bills….

  • Josh: There is no “posts need approval list.” What we have is a long list of keywords used by spammers (in this case I think it was the word budget believe it or not. Also included is Texas. Fun fun fun.). Any comment containing these keywords is automatically held back. We do not hold back comments of specific commenters.

    Sorry for the pain in the ass. In the next iteration of Jewlicious (after Passover) I may force you to register before you can comment because this spam thing is out of control – we seriously have to wade through close to 1000 a day. Yikes! Anyhow, chag sameach and shabbat shalom buddy!

  • What’s with all of hoopla over women just doing their jobs? For centuries women have had to use all of their skills to get their jobs done, whether it be raising children, bringing customers their restaurant orders, or running corporate offices. Policing shouldn’t be any different.

    I’d say you guys are just reacting to their uniforms. What if your mother wore an IDF uniform instead of an apron? Would you think any differently about her?

  • Go, Janice!

    Men, they just like looking at the hot chicks on the internet. Tattoos and piercings, uniforms, whatever. Fetish much, ck?

    Now, everybody, Google ‘ hot jewish girls in uniform ‘. Heheh.

  • ck, it’s much more than a 100 a day. You’re missing all the ones I erase and I’ve had days where I remove 2000-3000. It is insane.

  • Uppity: Uh… Jewlicious is #3. As far as fetishes go, well I have my fair share I suppose. But I do legitimately think its cool that Israelis have turned the whole macho warrior thing on its head and have come up with the novel idea of getting women to lead the charge against demonstrators. That’s something that I doubt will become a pictorial on some shady Internet site, and hardly the subject of some base fetish.

    Janice: My Mom is Israeli. She’s not unfamiliar with IDF uniforms and looks plenty fierce in apron. No one with any sense would ever want to tangle with Brakha. Ask Muffti. Go ahead, ask him …

  • Seriously. Let Muffti be absolutely clear: DO.NOT. F*CK. WITH. BRAKHA. EVER. End of story.

  • Uh… GrandMuffti? Brakha hates having her name and an obscene word in the same sentence. You have roughly 7 minutes to change that before Brakha goes ballistic. Be afraid Muffti. Be very afraid.

  • Uppity: Well, not directly, but I did mention that I have a spare IDF uniform and we can do a re-enactment on Monday? You in?

  • Well, Muffti supposes he was counting on your mom not reading your blog.

    Now Muffti is afraid. Very afraid.

  • muffti…it’s been a while since you’ve seen the great Brakha, and if you thought she was frightening then…woo hoo! this passover was so fierce, even ck was found cowering behind his hagaddah. Personally, I hid under the table. But it’s really all about the love…and her cooking…mmmm….mmmemouna….mmmoufletta….

  • Awww, Tanya, your mother was always kind to me, though Muffti has to admit having been a little scared that time CK dragged me to the brawl synagogue meeting. Brakha certainly was no stranger to obscenity at that event.

    Nice to hear from ya Tanya. Muffti will be in Montreal during June. Any chance he could grab a spot at Brakha’s table with y’all? He’s happy to cower behind CK.

  • ck — why do you only respond to me on your blog? wassup with your standard modes of communication, dude?

  • I agree with CK. You really don’t wanna mess with these chicks. They’re used to dealing with people who have no regard for the sanctity of human life, and for whom throwing rocks at passersby is a passtime.

  • Whatever, Brakha is the best, and she totally likes me! I can tell by theway she scowls at me when I show up! It’s part of her moroccan mystique, you know? She so cool. I think I will start a blog praising Brakha. I think I will call it…. Brakha-licious!!! Wait, no, that’s too obvious… Hmm, I’ll have to get back to you on this… Oh, and ck, sweety, honey, honey-pooh, tiffy has a message for you: they’ll come by at 5:15 instead of 4:30. She says you better be showered, shaved and ready. xoxoxoxoxoxo 😉

  • TM and CK,
    thanks for clearing that up. I’ll dedicate my first fresh pita today to you guys. Actually, I’ll eat one for both of you. Laya and esther, why not – four pita fresh from the ‘taboun’ in honour of Jewlicious.

    I love the seven day Pesach!

  • you maybe pro-disengagement (or not) and you are entitled to believe whatever political and life views you want, but what does that have to do with God and ahavat Chinam?
    The “settlers” are obligated to not refuse to leave by the mandate of Ahavat Chinam? I do not understand what ahavat chinam has to do with anything?
    And how do you know (any more than them) what God would want them to do? They obviously disagree with what you think God wants….

  • Josh

    That Arutz 7 article’s headline is rather misleading. The “compensation” falls into these catagories:

    1) The article states that reservists who get up will get a bonus t their salary. I’m not sure exactly what they’re referring to, since technically reservists don’t get a salary. I assume the meaning is that they’ll receive an addition to the normal compensation they get; which is well in line with precedent, as they’ll most likely be called up on relatively short notice and serve beyond the normal limit (especially since some of them will ahve already been called up this year); extra compensation is standard in those cases.

    2) Policemen will get additional days for R&R, and their children will get summer camps. I think the latter is standard during the summer months. I don’t know if the former is out of the ordinary or not, but they are basically doing extra duty.

    3) Soldiers in rear-echelon units participating in the operation will have their “activity status”* upgraded to “aleph” for the duration. Since everyone serving in the Territories is eligible for that level, and since they’ll be there around a month, I see no problem with equaling their conditions for the duration with those who regularly serve there.

    *The “activity level” is a level indicating the type of activity a unit has. Closed field units are usually “aleph”, combat units may be “aleph” or sometimes “aleph+”, I think rear-echelon units are “gimel”, and so on. The higher the level (in this case, aleph is higher than gimel, for example) the greater the addition to the paycheck.

  • When I was serving there, just about everyone of the female IDF said they had a boyfriend. At least that is what they told me when I would ask them out.

  • we should not be proud of an IDF which evacuates and uproots Jews from their land…. giving Gaza to our terrorist enemies is a mistake.

  • Truthgone, this topic is about Israeli women in uniform, so relax and save it for our political posts.

    Doug, are there many frum Jewish men with the name Doug?

  • Shabbat Shalom to Noah & Ah-El from Jerusalem !!!MASHLOM MECH !!!! you gals are the best!!!!!! if you are still in the I D F gals remeber me NICHOLAS from ” HA BIET MAZZAL” in Eilat???? a SABBABA MAZAL FOR YOU X X X X X X X YOU ARE VERY “JEWLICIOUS” BOTH

  • israeli chicks are hot. why can’t we make love not war? ah well i guess i’ll have to settle for an antizionist jewish mami.