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I met this woman just the other day. She had just returned from March of the Living and was telling me about her experience visiting Auschwitz. This is how the conversation went:

March of the Living Chick (MOLC): So then they told us about those Jews with the hats.
ck: Huh? With the hats? Like you mean yarmulkes?
MOLC: No, those Jews with the hats with the special name …
ck: I’m still not getting you …
MOLC: These Jews had hats and they helped the Germans with the dirty work so that the Germans wouldn’t kill them right away.
ck: Uh… you mean the kapos?
MOLC: Yeah they wore special caps, right? That’s why they called them that, right?
ck: Uhm (long pause) Yeah. That’s it.

Well, after an exchange like that what else could I do but get a couple of Jewlicious embroidered caps so that the participants on the taglit-birthright israel, IsraelExperts’ Discover Israel Jewlicious trip can recognize laya and I at the airport. Yes I know. That made no sense at all.

We’re totally bogged down with last minute preparations but what the hey, it’ll be so excellent. You’ll be able to follow our adventures here and at MyIsraelTrip.com (MIT? Get it?) AND we just got word that the aptly titled MegaEvent will be broadcast live on the Web. What’s the MegaEvent? 5,500 Taglit-birthright israel trip participants from around the world getting together in Jerusalem to hear PM Ariel Sharon deliver a welcoming address which is followed soon thereafter with a whole bunch of singing and dancing and flag waving and such. We’ll remind you closer to the June 5th broadcast and maybe you can see us! We’ll also let you know when we’re at the Kotel and you can see us on the Kotel cam of your choice. Fun-o-ramma, huh? Props to IsraelExperts again for putting up with us!

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