They don't roll on ShabbosSo a bunch of Jewish bikers walks into a bar…

Yes, there are Jewish bikers out there. Lots of them. There’s also at least one who is a Chabad rabbi, Zachery Betesh, who along with Jeff Mustard (whoever heard of a Jew called Mustard?), head of a biker club in S. FL, are the driving forces behind a cross-country Torah delivery trek and Jewish biker gathering.

The Jewish bikers are delivering a torah scroll – a 1929 sefer used secretly by Czechoslovakian Jews and smuggled to Jerusalem during the Holocaust – to be read in a Washington, DC, synagogue on the Shabbat following Holocaust Remembrance Day. They begin the 1100 mile journey, appropriately enough, in the holy land Miami.

The Jewish Motorcyclists Alliance, (JMA), is a loose confederation of a number of Jewish biker groups. In total, these groups have about 500 bikers from various parts of North America (yup, Canada has them too) who will gather on various days of the journey from Florida to DC, including stops in Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

The participating biker groups include:
King David Bikers from Southern Florida
Chai Riders from Greater New York, NJ and CT
Hillel’s Angels from New Jersey (we understand they get into rumbles with the Chai Riders over “turf”)
The Tribe from Northern Va., D.C., and parts of MD
Yids on Wheels from Toronto, Canada

Excerpt from the King David Bikers site:

The difference between KDB and other clubs is that membership in this club will replicate the Jewish lifestyle, meaning mostly every ride will revolve around food. Says club President, Jeff Mustard, “As Jews, we must be the hungriest people in the world, we barely finish a meal and we’re wondering what we’re gonna eat next, what better excuse than to ride somewhere on your bike and get something to eat.”

King David Bikers have the opportunity to create a wonderful environment by combining so many positive things – a good ride with good people, good company, good food, a bit of religion, an exchange of ideas and possibly even business cards.


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