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Haaretz reports that Israel is looking for an image makeover and said makeover is going to involve travelling Israeli businessmen and scientists.


Forget the high priced PR “experts.” We’ll help you for free! Check this out:

Let's Go!

Try that in Saudi Arabia. Or Houston, Texas for that matter! Here’s the deal. Come up with the concept and I will make the poster. Do it for Israel. Do it for the CHILDREN of Israel! Will anyone think of the children?

Let's Go!

That’s right. NO LATTÉS IN TAJIKSTAN. Where ya gonna go now?

Let's Go

Can you imagine Gay Pride in Karachi? Or uh… Kennebunkport for that matter …

Let's Go

Here’s one for the ladies – at Jessi’s request…

Let's Go!

Here’s another one for … uh, muscle magazine enthusiasts?

Let's Go!

This is for Wine Guy. Laya’s going to kill me, but you were so earnest about your appreciation of fine wine in Long Beach! Anyway, enjoy it as it may very well be my last poster ever …

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