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Haaretz reports that Israel is looking for an image makeover and said makeover is going to involve travelling Israeli businessmen and scientists.


Forget the high priced PR “experts.” We’ll help you for free! Check this out:

Let's Go!

Try that in Saudi Arabia. Or Houston, Texas for that matter! Here’s the deal. Come up with the concept and I will make the poster. Do it for Israel. Do it for the CHILDREN of Israel! Will anyone think of the children?

Let's Go!

That’s right. NO LATTÉS IN TAJIKSTAN. Where ya gonna go now?

Let's Go

Can you imagine Gay Pride in Karachi? Or uh… Kennebunkport for that matter …

Let's Go

Here’s one for the ladies – at Jessi’s request…

Let's Go!

Here’s another one for … uh, muscle magazine enthusiasts?

Let's Go!

This is for Wine Guy. Laya’s going to kill me, but you were so earnest about your appreciation of fine wine in Long Beach! Anyway, enjoy it as it may very well be my last poster ever …

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • Dude. Stop your Tajikstan (sic) hatred. Latte sucks anyways.

  • ck, that was NOT a pre approved photo. Plus it’s not even in Israel! Still, cute new hasbara. keep em coming

  • Grandmuffti–lattes are the best in the world. Man, I would even move somewhere if the lattes there are worth it!

  • Hee.

    Another adorable Laya photo. Geez, does she ever take a bad photograph? I’d hate her if she weren’t my long-lost non-identical twin born in another decade in another city.

  • ck — you so funny! I’m still laughing! :-0

    Maybe you can make these into posters and stick ’em on your Jewlicious tour bus! JUST IMAGINE the business you could generate. Not just for Israel, for you too!

    Laya will be discovered as the true star that she is!

  • You should sell that image to BIrthright. That should be their new marketing campaign….. I am stilll waiting for the Rave based program

  • Sorry for the kneejerk, but it’s still twitching about the pr0n you post in the name of Israel.

    Is it okay to be gay in Israel? Sorry, no.

    Let the flames begin.

  • Why not? Lets say t’s also me with the gun and the fishnet top. Girl of a thousand looks.. 😉 And once and for all, on the record, no, those are not my lips.

  • Josh: Is it halachically ok to be gay in Israel? Clearly not. Will you be jailed, raped and murdered for being gay in Israel? No. Is it one of the only countries in the middle east where it’s safe to be gay? Yes. If you’re gay and go to Israel, will you have a good time? Apparently. If you’re gay and participate in anti-Israel activities, are you a total idiot? Without a doubt.

    So where’s the argument Josh?

  • With the pink wig? I only know one woman with a pink wig like that. Becca? Care to weigh in?

  • I have a shiny purple wig which would look great at a gay pride parade. Boy, these pics just keep on coming.

  • I like the 1st one! (wud be better with out the boobs tho)

    but the others dont do it..unles u lived in a 3rd world country and couldnt go anywhere else…nah.

    Lets think Israel!! What is unique and cool about Israel..

    choclate milk in a bag
    Chips in your shwarma
    You can go to a synagogue…IN A MALL!!
    You can have the hugest friziest hair in the world and it wouldnt matter as you would totally blend in with all d jewfro’s

    I post back when i can think of more..

    O and can u do one for d girls with like a hot chayal and write under “nuff said”…?

  • ck, the first two were good, but the third one is great! Laugh out loud great. I would change “It’s okay to be gay” to “Be yourself” or “Be who you are” with the same image.

  • Re the third one: consider this potential slogan: “The Isle of Lesbos Ain’t Got Nothin’ On Us.”

    Or, you could go with: “Girl on Girl Action From the Galil to the Negev.”

    Just throwin’ out ideas here.

  • Click Here

    If you don’t watch family guy you may think i’m a moron…well you may think i’m a moron anyways, but i thought i’d try!

  • There’s nothing hotter than a soldier in uniform laying tefillin and clearly paying way more attention to the cameraperson than to the siddur itself…maybe it’s the leather straps.

  • Esther, Lynn, I think the tefillin turn-on is actually pretty common, at least amoung my friends. Or maybe we’re just all a little twisted.

  • Esther, tried to tell my husband about tefillin being sexy. He thinks I’m nuts. Mmm, leather straps in the morning…

  • Here’s another poster for you all… featuring another cute IDF soldier. BTW – do not call the 1-800 number on the posters. Just sayin …

  • Lynn, I like that you’re as twisted as I am. I’m scared for you, but I’m glad to have the company.

  • How about a poster with one of those bad ass Haredim in Mea Shearim, you know the ones, with the gold paisley caftans, and silky Shtreimels. Royalty baby. That’d be the draw for me.

  • Oh, brilliant. Simply brilliant. The guy with the tefillin…suffice it to say that I never quite got the whole thing about tefillin in the AM being sexy but suddenly there is clarity.

  • “Esther, Lynn, I think the tefillin turn-on is actually pretty common, at least amoung my friends. Or maybe we’re just all a little twisted.”

    Well, Madonna played off the whole leather S/M thing in one of her vids. Apparently she “got it” as well. Regardless, I still can’t bring myself to lain Tefillin in the AM…even if it could be classified as an aphrodisiac.

  • I dont know about teffilin turn on…But religious Jews are a turn on for some reason..hmm

    Is it just me or does hottie no1 look a bit like hottie no2…maybe its the cute religious boy when he takes his top off…wow i need to find him!!

    I got another idea (i cant believe im doing this the day of my exam!) – how about a pic of all those yummie dairy products (milky!) With the caption “Israel- the land of milk…and more milk!”
    Or something like that…

    Ok im going now!!!

  • “Israel- the land of milk…and more milk!”

    Yeah, just the thing to trigger unpleasant memories for all of lactose intolerant folk.

    You might wanna change the caption to:

    “Israel-the land of milk…and Imodium.

  • How about a poster with one of those bad ass Haredim in Mea Shearim, you know the ones, with the gold paisley caftans, and silky Shtreimels. Royalty baby. That’d be the draw for me.

    Yeah, ck, how about a shtreimel wearing hasid exploring the tongue of another shtreimel wearing hasid?

  • “Yeah, ck, how about a shtreimel wearing hasid exploring the tongue of another shtreimel wearing hasid?”

    Bad image. Bad image.

  • The slogan of “milk and more milk” would be very good for CK’s business, Cheeses of Nazareth.

    And just to be clear, tefillin…hot. Chassidim frenching…not.

  • Oh sure, you’re all okay with the gals kissin’, but put together a couple of Shtreimels, and suddenly it’s the end of the world.

  • how about this, wine guy? those were shortly there after stomped on and the grape juice that shabbat was Jew-licious.

  • How about Laya stomping on some grapes thats something you wont see in Mecca and I think it would deffinately increase israels wine exports I’d deffinately buy a case :’P

  • Hey, I don’t get it…you mean you guys pick on me even when I’m NOT bothering you? This is serious, people. I am even more powerful than I thought.

    Jsirpicco – the only voice of reason on the web!

  • Here’s another Israel poster for all y’all. It’s for Wine guy in lieu of a bottle of wine crushed by laya and her hippie friend’s feet. Oh and she is totally going to kill me. Tell Brakha and Victor and Tiffy and Tanya and Sandy that I love ’em all ….

  • What lovely…..


    And while that was tasteless, CK knew he was playing with fire when he created that poster.

  • Lol I can’t stop laughing can I get one of those posters for my wall ck?

    Thanks that was a perfect end to my day

    gnight ya all

  • Is this what hippies in Israel are like? I want to go to Israel please.
    ck, the posters were a brilliant idea, kept me from my work this afternoon!

  • ck! not once but twice now? Look, i’m all for the cause, but this is getting a little out of hand.

    and Elon, If you like hippies, you’ll love Israel. The scene is thriving, and the fascinating thing is hippies range from total left wing anything-for-peaceniks to religious right wing messianic settler dudes and all the musicians, poets, artists and rabbi’s in between. Bring your patcholi, african drum, and any “souvenirs” you pick up from that KLM flight stopover in Amsterdam, and I’ll show you around town.

  • ck, You better print up Wine Guy’s posters quickly because laya’s gonna kick your hiney all the way to New York.

  • And, seriously, CK, won’t you ever spell Tajikistan correctly?

  • I was gonna ask what those 800 numbers are for but I guess my question was answered. You should totally make a site devoted to making posters like this or submit them to http://bluestarpr.com/

    Also nice masking going on- it’s subtle but I’m sure it took some time.

  • Laya, i’m orginally from Eugene, Oregon, we enjoy our fair share of hippies 🙂 of course they don’t make wine…and i don’t suppose many of them are rabbis either. In any case, i do miss that laid back, creative environment, so i’ll take you up on that when i actually make it to Israel…still working on that part though!

  • The first 5 turn out to be the phone number of some christian travel agency. The last one however – 1-866-7Israel – goes to IsraelExperts. That one you can call for all your Israel Travel needs!

  • “The last one however – 1-866-7Israel – goes to IsraelExperts. That one you can call for all your Israel Travel needs!”

    Did IsraelExperts promise you a Starbuck’s gift certificate if you ran that?

  • No Conserva-girl. alli, laya and I have all worked as madrichim for IsraelExperts. In addition, laya and I are running a Jewlicious birthright trip May 29 with IsraelExperts. Finally laya is currently employed by IsraelExperts. Why are we so involved with them? Because, first and foremost, they truly rock. There is no finer birthright israel trip provider and there is no better a collection of true Israel Experts working in the travel industry in Israel right now. You can take that to the bank.

  • ck-
    Awesome. I’ll always be happy to give you the opportunity to kvell. But now you owe ME a Starbuck’s gift certificate 😉

  • Wait – why do I owe you a Starbucks Gift Certificate? I don’t own IsraelExperts. We all care for them a great deal but thats as far as it goes. And with respect to gift certificates, if you’re ever in Montreal I’ll gladly hook you up with a cup of Tim Horton’s coffee – it aint fancy disco-yuppie coffee, but it’s got blue collar cred. Sort of. Feh. What do I know – I hate coffee. Love smoothies though… now I am babbeling…

  • Laya, have you thought of going into the wine business? You know Wine Guy and myself (this is the “not as tall” wine guy) can use the extra hands – and feet when we start up our own Israeli vineyards and winery. We pay extra for female feet – they’re cleaner and gentler on the grapes and can add some “feminine” (a “pretentious” wine snob description – to piss off CK) complexities to the wine.
    Also I was hoping to get to Israel this summer with birthright but registration is closed. help!

  • can’t help you with bri registration. Once it’s closed, its closed. Start thinking of winter trip tho (hey ck, are we gonna have a winter jewlicious bus?)

    And as far as the wine stomping goes, only if we can blog it.

  • Oh, so youse guys are going to be at the same mega event as my husband and I. Hmmm…

  • hey the man:
    go to IsraelExperts.com
    find the 1-800 number to call the Israel office from America
    Call them and ask for Bill\
    Maybe he can hook you up for this summer.
    Promise him loads of wine….

  • Israel Seeks Public Relations Makeover – Bring On Ty and the Gang
    This is one of those news items that would be a lot funnier if it wasn’t true: “Israeli missions abroad and the Foreign Ministry are hoping to “rebrand” Israel by focusing less on the regional conflict and more on Israel’s