b-boy and b-girl? Nope. We\'re total posers dude!Haaretz just wrote a cute article about the upcoming Jewlicious trip in their Anglofile section. They got it mostly right too. Mostly but not completely:

In an effort to attract a broader cross-section of Jewish youth, the birthright israel program is bringing a group of North American bloggers who write for the “Jewlicious” weblog to Israel for the first time next week.

None of the trip participants are actually Jewlicious bloggers. Some comment on Jewlicious, some have their own blogs, some visit the site without commenting and some chose the trip simply because it’s run by IsraelExperts on a convenient date, but none actually post articles. The article also reported:

“We cherish our editorial independence,” says Montreal-based David Abitbol, who founded the Web site together with Laya Millman and will be a group leader on the trip. “It means we can say nasty things about people we don’t like and we can call [Jewish philanthropist and one of the key funders of birthright israel] Michael Steinhardt a `pimp daddy’ for telling people to hook up.”

Let no one think for a second that we do not like Michael Steinhardt. I’ve never met the man but I think he does awesome work on behalf of the Jewish world – and I’m not just saying that. Several friends have been Steinhardt Fellows and I’ve been following his activities for a while. And yes, I did call him a pimp daddy but that was clearly a term of endearment. Let it be known that ck is always in favor of Jews hooking up with Jews! Just like Michael Steinhardt!
(note: interview was conducted at 5 am)

Anyhow, enjoy the article. I hope they don’t cancel the trip … Oh and happy Lag Ba’omer!

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • I don’t get it, why don’t they post the pictures of those of us who are the really good looking Jewlicious posters?

  • haha middle, you’re hilarious. i often wonder the same thing. It seems it’s always ck lookin ghetto in a jewlic hat. you’re the quite the hoodrat, mister.

  • So, not all of the people going are Jewlicious bloggers, and not all of the Jewlicious bloggers are going. No wonder this is confusing for the media. Next time I think we know how we can cut down on the confusion.

    And to avoid future Pimpdaddygates, you could ask to see your quotes before they’re printed, but that would mar the spontaneity and natural effervescence that gives Jewlicious our flavor. Or flava. (But as a former university communications person, I have to note that the problem in this case was probably not “pimp daddy,” but the juxtaposition to the term “nasty things about people we don’t like.”)

    And it should be noted that 2,000 of those daily visitors are likely me, refreshing my browser.

  • Josh: Amongst Montreal Jews, Abitbol is actually a common name. Well, amongst Sephardic Jews anyway. In fact the head of Federation here is called Sylvain Abitbol (although everyone knows its really Rabbi Poupko). Thing is that I am not related to any of them – we’re not one big bad ass gang or anything, which is good I suppose because if we were, with one of us ostensibly atop the Jewish communal pyramid, who knows what havoc we wouldn’t wreak! But anyway …

    Esther: That’s unique visitors – so no our collective refreshes don’t count so much.

    Dave: Please – you have an excellent blog. Everyone visit Israellycool now!

  • Thanks ck, but who cares about excellent or not. I want 10,000 a day *wink*

    But seriously, that is like, huge. Well deserved, mind you.

    And I think Jewschool is around 1,500 a day..so methinks you might just get revenge in this year’s JIBs..!

  • I don’t know, I laughed pretty hard at that “pimp daddy” quote, and would hope that Steinhardt does as well. Let’s face it, it’s representative of what makes it so much fun to come here sometimes.

    You know, we should probably compile a list of the best and funniest posts over the past year.

  • Just a small perspective of “real life” in Israel right now: a country at war.
    I am not living up North. I am a New Yorker-cum-Jerusalemite-cum desert kibbutznikit, who now resides at Kibbutz Sde Boker in the Negev desert.
    We are not the targets of those dreaded katyushas that plague the residents of the North, and we are not Lebanese civilians who are suffering as well right now, yet t night, my stomach jumps when I hear the quiet roar of the warplanes making their journey from the air force bases down here to their destinations in the north and I am saddened and disturbed because I know more people will get killed.Atthe same time, our “boys” are doing the bestthey can and have been forced to defend our country..and we must do this.
    I have never been in a war before and it is scary to me , even though way out here in the desert we are “safe”. Yet we are so “with” our bretheren in the north emotionally and phyically, opening our hearts and houses to an entire other kibbutz that is in the line of fire (60 people joined us today), sending cakes to soldiers in Lebanon, and waiting nervously as some of our own soldiers who are fighting this way-too-long battle against world terrorism either copme home or send a message that they are okay.
    Another night of lack of sleep. I, a nursing mother, am often up at night, but lately getting back to sleep from those thoughts swirling about in my mind is the problem. Where will this war lead to? Should I take my children and run back to my family in America, despite being a citizen in Israel for 14 years and calling it my home? America is also my home, my “alternate realty.” Or do I wait it out?
    So far, I am doing the latter, feeling, despite the fear, strangely more rooted to this country.
    I looke at my eight-month-old babay boy, my four year old spitfire of a girl, and wonder: Do I want them to be soldiers? I never intended this. What will I do? What will I do?

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