The FenceSo says Aharon Barak, President of Israel’s Supreme Court. During a hearing on the applicability of the International Court of Justice’s ruling last July that the separation fence was illegal, Barak interjected with his surprising comment. He stated that the advisory opinion included many elements that were favorable to Israel.

We are always criticizing the Hague opinion,” said Barak. “But it also contains many things that are favorable to Israel. I can definitely see the possibility in the not too distant future when the state will base many of its arguments on this opinion.

However, he did not elaborate. We could however hazard some guesses. For instance, in the ICJ advisory opinion, the Justices refrained from referring to Israel as the “Racist, Apartheid Zionist Entity.” That’s gotta be good, right? Right?

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  • Yeah, I wouldn’t mind seeing an explanation of what he meant because I just wasted my time reading the ruling and found it pretty tough reading – especially if you know this barrier has been effective in stemming terror.