Boo!Sergei Lavrov, Russia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs stated that the “…Arab-Israeli is the most entangled and dramatic conflict the world has inherited from the past.” He added that the unsettled conflict dangerously encourages extremist moods and terror acts and is in fact a terrorist breeding ground. Yow. Can’t ignore that warning. I mean who knows more about terrorist breeding grounds than the Russians? Thanks for the heads up Russia!

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  • In Soviet Russia, you blow up terrorists!

    In Soviet Russia, Jews hate you!

    In Soviet Russia, nouns verb you!

    I’ve… got nuthin…

  • Wait… one more…

    In Soviet Russia, Security Fences protect you!

    … wait a second… the Soviets might be on to something!

  • I got one word for them “Chechniya” oh wait knowone seems to care about them anyway and their conflict with Russia… Hey we should try to convince all the people Noodging Israel to go their (ISM etc).

  • In Soviet Russia, Chechyan rebels kill you?

    Granted the parable could be drawn between Chechyan “succession” and Palestinkian “statehood”, but one would be very hard pressed to do so. The PLO wants to drive us heebs into the sea, whereas the Chechyans only want their own state. The Gaza Strip and the West Bank are not as strategic as the province of Chechnya is, but then again, Chechnya isn’t recognized in the CIA world fact book. The world seems to shed a tear when tragedy strikes Russia, vis-a-vis Beslan, whereas the world seems to be somewhat annoyed at the response to the Intifada.

    So, Digital, it’s not that not one person seems to care about Chechnya, it’s just that Chechnya is an internal affair for Russia – whereas the PLO’s kampf is a cause the Chomsky-ites can put themselves behind.

  • Maybe if the Russians didn’t help stir the pot as it were, by you know, selling AA missles to Syria and nuclear technology to Iran, I would actually listen to them.

  • Word up, Geoff!!! Every time I think Putin is kinda’ cool, he just up and offers to sell weapons and/or technology to someplace abhorrent (and crazy in a dangerous way) like Syria or Iran. Don’t warn us about the potential of our state as a breeding ground for extremism, only to turn around and empower some of the greatest threats to free (especially Jewish) thought. You can’t make everybody happy with your policies, so take a stand. Sheesh. Now I’m all flustered.