Hottness in IsraelNow you no longer have to wait for our infrequent photos of hot Israeli babes to get your hot Israeli babe fix. The Israeli Celebrity Source comes to your rescue with a Web site that features extensive galleries of Israeli actresses, singers, professional and semi-professional models and more! Apparently there are no male actors, singers, professional and semi-professional models and more in Israel. Also, there do not seem to be any Israeli actresses, singers, professional and semi-professional models and more who are not like hot chicks. I’m sure that’s an oversight and they’ll fix that right away. In the meantime, go ahead and immerse yourselves in the uh… finer aspects of Israeli culture.

By popular demand we are also featuring a gallery of 100% authentic IDF women in uniform. They are lethal, efficient, hardworking and some would say sexy! Enjoy – there are alot more to come in the next few days!

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • Models all look the same. I truly can’t see the “Jewish” in any of these faces.

    Give me a bit of nose, some bum…y’know…JEWISH. That’s a real turn-on.

    Speaking of Heeb…they once did a lovely spread of REAL Jewish women. Ain’t nothing sexier.

  • Hey, maybe we can have a big debate about how this image is desecrating the flag. 😀

  • REAL Jewish women? What the flying fuck does that mean? Shtrudel dude – Jews are not a race and we come in all shapes and sizes. The big nose, curvy hipped, pale skinned ideal Jewish woman you are implying is the authentic model for all Jewish women is nothing more than your shtetl-centric perception of what an authentic Jewess ought to look like.

    Judaism is not a Chagall painting!

    Anyone can be Jewish and Jews are black white brown yellow and every shade in between. They are tall, skinny, fat, thin, blonde, brunette, red head whatever. Heeb’s pictorial was stupid. And while the Israeli Celebrity Source is not exactly realistic, it at least demonstrates that Jewish women are not all big nose vilna ghetto harpies.


    • Well said – thank you for posting these beautiful ladies of every size and shape, the two common denominators are that they are all breathtaking, each in her own way, and they all comprise the most beautiful women in any fighting force in the world. I salute them – and you.

  • “…shtetl-centric perception of what an authentic Jewess ought to look like.”

    And that’s the kinda woman I like 😉

  • Perusing this comment, I find the statement, “Judaism is not a Chagall painting.” Interesting to take this out of its context (as my eyes did)… Now what could this, all on its own, mean……. Mmmmmm…..

  • I am a totally scary looking guy (hence the stealth dating)! That’s not the point. I love all my Jewish sisters and I hate nose jobs and plastic surgery.

    I am just saying that not all Jewish women correspond to this very eurocentric vision of shtreimel’s. Not one woman in my family was born with a big nose for instance.

    Are you all really missing my point? Judaism is not a race. We do not have a universal “look.” It’s that simple.

  • “ck. You’re not so pretty yourself.”


    And while CK feels the need to point out the obvious:

    “Jews are not a race and we come in all shapes and sizes”

    the fact remains that the girls in this post look like any girl I’d find in any magazine in Chapters.

    And CK, you know with whom your talking. If you’re going to school me, teach me something I don’t know.

  • I agree with CK that we Jews are not a race. For example I know of a major Palestinian guy who has the same last name as my original last name (Mashaal). Also speaking of Jews not being a race, I just finished reading a book called
    “The Ashkenazic Jews: A Slavo-Turkic people in search of a Jewish identity” by Paul Wexler.
    He’s also written a book called the Non-Jewish Sources of Sephardic Jewry (or something like that). Sounds interesting reading.

  • People tell me I look Irish. But in my photo galleries, I make a practical choice to drape myself in Stars of David, as my colleague did here: because Israeli flags are much more flattering (not to mention tznius) than the shamrock is.

    Seriously, guys. Are you courting the #1 position for searches of “Israeli hot chicks”? And is it really all about supermodels? Geez. We regular gals don’t have a shot.

  • Esther,

    I found the pixs from the Jewlicious event to be much more pleasing to the eye than the models feature in this post.

    More Jewlicious girls, less Cosmo.

  • For anybody needing to prove a point that Jews, and more specifically Israelis, can be smoking hot, this site is great. For those of us who already know that yiddishe mamas are the bomb, it’s just some good skin. And I do mean good.

  • “Esther,

    I found the pixs from the Jewlicious event to be much more pleasing to the eye than the models feature in this post. ”

    Geez, Shtreimel. Just get her number, willya? Guys…..

  • CG, thanks for the attempted pimp-assist, but Shtreimel can say that because he’s spoken for…

    To the married and unavailable, I am treacle, manna, the best thing since carbs were invented. To the single and available, I am known as “a great, funny girl.” It’s a technical term. But don’t worry. Someday, there’ll be a cure.

  • “Where’s Havi Monde and Ninet Tayeb”

    Mike, in the main page, click on the forum you’ll find many other galleries of Israeli celebrities/models.
    As you can see not all of them are models but actresses as well.
    It used to be a forum, hence the name but I merged the pictures in the galleries and the pictures in the forum into one section.

    And to shtreimel, what exactly makes you more jewish than these women?
    They live in Israel, They SERVE IN THE ARMY, they speak Hebrew, and not yiddish(which btw is a dead language in Israel, and thanks god for that, cuz it’s lame ).
    Don’t even try to imply that you are in any sense more Jewish than them. I’m not trying to say that you are less jewish than them but you certainly aren’t more.

    As for being real, believe me I see many Israeli girls who don’t fall much short than these actresses or models, I see lots of beautiful brunnets and blonds( and not just from russian heritage, many native born israeli girls as well).
    These girls are real, Dana Keren for example was in my highschool, and was just like any other girl, she wasn’t super human I assure you.

    And models are not as shallow as you might think.
    These day many girls use modelling as a side income and not as a career while studying in universities and colleges.
    And your detraction from models might indicate on a low self-confidence, that you are intimidated by them, and I’m not saying this to insult you or anything.

    As for big nose, that’s definitely not a characteristic among jewish girls, the majority of the girls I see don’t have it(That doesn’t mean they have the button shape nose, but they don’t have a big one either). As someone else said that’s your perception of an ideal jewish women, not necessarily the reality. And that’s fine with me, to each his own, but try to imply that anyone that doesn’t fit your perception isn’t a real jewish women.

  • Oh yes, those models are ALL just sooooo deep and putting themselves through brain surgery school! Or maybe, just maybe…they are part of the SYSTEM that OBJECTIFIES THOSE SEARINGLY HOT BABES!!!! To make Men fall off the derech and women wonder what they’re living for, hmmm? Yes, oh yes, if ONLY I could have a MODEL, that’s it! Someone who will just wear the right make up and have the right body and DO ANYTHING I WANT ALL THE TIME TO ME, in exchange for my BEING ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS IN EVERYTHING MILLIONAIRE PERPETUALLY 28 YEARS OLD, A PILOT, strong, hard when I have to be but concerned for her messed up life, background home….

    And NO I”M NOT BITTER! I’M DAMN BITTER. (Tall guys have it made!)

  • Ive often considered converting to Judaism, to capitalize on the Jewish babe market. Problem is Im a porcaholic. Im in when they come up with pork-free pork. Man all this talk of pork is turning me on…peace!

  • israeli girls are hot i cant wait to get my hands on one of them

  • haha i agree i mean we do have the hottest girls there. i am getting married to one of them year.

  • I’m a gentile Norwegian guy who agrees that there are many lovely women in Israel. Heck, there are many lovely Jewish women in general, and I think I would be lucky to get a Jewish girlfriend!!! Seriously!!!

  • Hey people,don’t be hating on the beautiful girls at ICS.Beautiful is international and if you have it it doen’t matter what race or nationality you are.

  • What’s with people flipping out on this “Jews aren’t a race” nonsense. It seems that mostly American Jews have this certain mentality because of the place they were brought up. A reactionary mentality, perhaps to the memory of the Holocaust. Their ancestors came to the United States, and when given the opportunity to to become part of the group of “normal” American white people (simpy ones with a different religion) they jumped on it. Their children were then brought up in this general culture of being part of the greater white society. The only difference, as they were taught, was the judaISM, the religion. Hence, American Jews are very religious-minded about their Jewishness. The center of Jewish life in America is thus, unsuprisignly, the synagogue. A similar thing happened in France when Napoleon came to power. He asked they Jews if they were a nation (people, ethinicity, race or whatever you wish to call it) or a religion. Well, there are certain implications to being a nation, mainly, that if you aren’t a different nation, you cannot be French citizens and receive all of those benefits. So they weighed the options of their response and said we’re a religion. So it comes that Jews in America/France identify their Jewishness as almost solely being based on religion. This, however, is not everyone’s opinion.

    Whether you wish to admit or not because of how non-politically correct it is, the majority of Jews look distinict. They look, well, Jewish. This is a result of genes. Jewish genes.

    Work on Slavo-Turkic Jewish identity that Dave referred has been shown to be very failiable. Modern research shows that genetically, Jews of Ashkenazi and Sephari varieties are pretty much identical. There is a wide disparity between both groups and Europeans. The closest non-Jewish group to them genetically, even to Ashkenazi Jews, are Lebanese Arabs. These studies also show that the Jews are a middle eastern people, sharing common anscestors with other semitic language groups. They show intermarriage and mixing has been very low up to this point. Only now are 40% or something like that of American Jews marrying out.

    Look up these studies, and understand what you’re talking about before spouting something thats been ingrained in you so long that you don’t even question it any longer:

    Even just google searching Jewish genetics, or Cohen gene will improve your understanding. The name Jew comes Judea. Judaism, in translation, means the religion of the Jews. The religion of a people.

    • Very good response…Jew, as most people call us,is both race and religion……It’s time someone told the truth…

  • the picture on head of the website show that the girl play with jew symbol…the girl is anti semitic i think

  • Mat, You’re kidding right?

    This picture was taken in a photoshoot in Israel’s Independence Day, it’s a show of patriotism to wear one’s country flag.

    Or are you really implying that American girls who wrapped themselves in the flag of the United States are anti-american?

    If so you need to stop smoking weed, lol 🙂

  • Yikes. Israeli women make all other girls look like trolls. I’m not Jewish I’m Anglo, and not exactly a scholar of religion, but I’m told the Jews are God’s people- well, now I can see why!

  • who is the girl with the I love Hashem shirt – up top of page?

    what a stunner…

  • I want a Beautiful Jewish Woman to have children with. Im 31 and Ive never had a woman. Because Ive always wanted God to make the selection. Job 36:5 Who knows? Maybe I’m worthy.

  • Israel should be wiped off the map. Israel are the terrorists.

  • What amuses me about our little collection of anti-Semitic trolls on this post is that, judging by our referrer tracker, they got here by searching for “hot israeli babes” or “hot israeli girls” or “jewish babes” on Google or Yahoo. I guess it’s natural to want to fuck what you hate…or something…

    So keep jacking off to our girls, boys! With that attitude, it’s as far as you’ll ever get!

  • you are very beautiful i finding the friend which can understand me

  • israel is just that made of real careing people for they were in the begining and shall be in the end, all that oppose them shall perish.

  • Not all jews are terrorists. Only the ones who made israel i.e. the zionists.

  • god bless isreal and the united states! the new world order. the civalized are blessed! for ever and ever amen

  • Shalom Chevre. In response to Stan on the Jews are a race issue. The Jews are not able to be classified in the lame manner that western civilisation has asked of us. When you are permanenet refugees over two thosand years any semblance of racial characteristics is blown out of the water. It was common practice for all invading armies of the ancient world to rape all women and come back and claim the bastards as soldiers. The cossacks were no different, hence my features, nor were the crusaders, nor even the villagers living next door to the shtetlach each easter riot. The mamserut (bastards) born from such tragic events lead the rabbi’s to change the law so that Judaism flowed through the mother. It’s no surprise that because of this style of integration, a peaceful one where people of different races converted and marry in or Jews married out that the issue Jews of Jews being a race becomes irrelevant and to a large degree non existant. This is why Jews look like the people in the nations where they lived. I find it interesting that even as the genome has proven that the notion of pure races is fiction we are still having discussions about this topic especially post-holocaust. It’s a bit wrong. Stan, its safer and more sensible to say that we Jews are a people instead.

  • Dear Stan
    What the hell do you find in the face of Scarlett Johanssen,Caprice Bourett, Gwyneth Paltrow,Sarah Michelle Gellar,Michelle Trachtenberg ,Alicia Springstone,Kate Hudson,Natalie Portman,Cortney Love,Helen Hunt,Winona Ryder,David Beckham,Pete Sampras,Harrison Ford, Dustin Hoffman,Michael Douglas and Lenny Krazelberg with what you call ‘Jewish genes’.For me it is very hard to believe that Lenny Krazelburg,who is 6 feet tall with blonde hair and blue eyes, and Arnold Schwanecgzar belong to different races,and Adolf Hitler ,who was a dwarf with very dark hair and moustache, and Arnie belong to same race.And it is impossible for believe that Heidi Klum and Caprice Bourret belong to different races and,Esti Mamo and Caprice Bourret belong to the sama race.Does anyone still believe Jews are a race?
    NJ Osment

  • To NJ Osment:

    Exactly! Many of the people you mentioned do not look Middle Eastern at all.

    To Stan:

    Genetic tests have confirmed that some Jews have identical Y-chromosomes, at the same time genetic tests have also confirmed that some Ashkenazi Jews have the same Y-chromosomes as Scandinavians and Eastern Europeans. Furthermore, some Ashkenazi Jews have Y-chromosomes that trace back to Central Asia (an inheretance of the Khazars perhaps?)

    http:// /11 / coffman.htm

    The genetic distance between Ashkenazi Jews and europeans is alot smaller than the genetic distance between Ashkenazi Jews and Sephardic Jews.

    source (book):
    http:// Myth-Jewish-Race-Raphael-Patai/ dp/ 0814319491/sr=8-1/qid=1164352109/ref=sr_1_1/103-0316198-9892612?ie=UTF8&s=books

    You also stated “The closest non-Jewish group to them genetically, even to Ashkenazi Jews, are Lebanese Arabs.”

    well this has been refuted by work in the field which shows that Ashkenazi Jews are more closely related to Armenians and Turks than to Middle Eastern peoples.

    http:// /old /jewishdna.html

    DNA tests which “prove” that jews around the world are one race are a gross exageration of genetic similarities between Jews, as well as an oversimplification of a complicated issue. Consequently, they are misleading.

    While most people still believe in the Jewish race myth, there are only two groups actively promoting it – Jews themselves and neo-nazis.

  • As to whether or not Jews are a race (they aren’t), I like big noses on girls. I dunno it just gives them something… it’s hot.

    And this from an Atheist – what next???

  • Shalom

    The Jews are not a race or nation or people, Jews are all one family. Jews are all mishbucha! Some Jews married in and some converted in, but they are all family.

    The Cohen gene is well documented and does exist.

    The Jewish family have a home land called Israel. Arabs have a home land called ARABIA.

    Hamas Inshallah is incorrect, the Jews have stolen nothing from the Arabs.
    The Arabs have stolen plenty from the Jews.

    It is of course the duty of every ‘good’ Moslem to lie in the furtherance of Islam, and dont they tell whoppers!!!

    Boker tov.

  • i am looking for a nice girls from israel in tel_aviv city . i am from iran and i like israeli people because of their unity and technology in israel they are very hard try people . i am 30 years old and looking for a friend girl or boy.

  • I love Israel because It’s a great country and It contains a powerful people, really It’s very important for me to have friends from Israel, I hate arabic people and I invit my new friend to kill very much of them (don’t forget In Tunisia we have Jewish citizens and we live together in happiness) bye

  • I have respect for Jews especially the israeli jews because they have shown tremendous bravery by living in such a hostile surrounding.
    Arab-israeli dispute should end as soon as possible.

    I developed interest in jew because their customs are similar to our Hindu customs.

    And i will definitely marry a jew and bring her to india to live and enjoy india’s diversity and culture. I am confident that she will definitely raise our childrens to be good people.

    Is anybody listening!!!

  • I’m certain the prettiest, loveliest and smartest among our Jewish women are listening to you, Sunny, and are probably dreaming of that day when you will whisk them away to India to live and bear your children.

    Do you have a photo of yourself?

  • Well i am not looking to marry a model or actress. I aspire to be successfull entrepeneur one day and i know Girl from promised land will be right for me. I just sober girl with kind and courgeous heart whom i can love and respect.One who can stand by me in all seasons of life.

    I want to assure that she will be having all the comfort of world because God has made everything for us people who love him and act as humble.

    by the way why you need my photo??? are you interested?

  • Yes i am 25 and working as CA in one of biggest company of india.By the way CA is equivalent to CPA in india.

  • Great. So, can you explain to me why you prefer a Jewish gal? I would think that it would be much easier not to care at all about religion, especially since there are far more non-Jewish women out there.

  • when i was in primary school my dad used to tell me that jewish are very intelligent and hard working people and how they are thriving in Israel and their oil rich neighbourer citizens are just wasting their resources on wars and fundamentalism.

    When i went to college i read about history of jews other races right from egpytians to Nazi manipulated them for their selfish mottos. But inspite of it they are persisiting and fighting for their dignity. These facts only increase my respect for jews.

    i want to marry a jew girl because i respect them. even otherwise they are comparatively intelligent and modren.

    As far as religion is concerned hindus and jew both are tolerable people many of their customs have similar objectives.
    i will let my girl to follow her religion.

  • for sunny
    I don’t know about your religion but jewish law prohibits marrying a non jew (although there are those who do intermarry) so do a jew a favor and don’t cause them to do something there not supposed to do

  • to marry a jew girl is desire from my heart and no one has control over his heart.
    More so no rule of community undermine love and history is full of incidence where love has conqured strictest of rules.

    God is one and i know my faith in him will fulfill my true desire.

  • I think you guys are in over your heads.

    While Israeli women are very attractive, they are by no means the most attractive women on Earth..

    There are plenty of other countries with better looking women in my opinion.

    Especially the latin countries. The Latin women will give Israeli women a run for their money any day in the looks department.

    The Israeli women I’ve seen look just like any number of women from Europe, and while attractive, aren’t exactly unique looking.

    If you want to see ridiculously attractive women, check out Brazil, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico etc…

  • Dude’s onto something. After hearing her do Jobim’s ‘Por Tida A Minha Vida’ on her latest album, I decided to marry Cibelle. Beyond sexy.

  • hello everybody.i aman arab youngman. i would like to be in contact with you all.please i ll wait an email from u to contact with me

  • What is it you want to know Valentino? Feel free to ask and I will be happy to answer as best as I can. It is nice to see an Arab young man interested in finding out what Jews are really like and perhaps what they really believe.

  • I read a lot of reference to “jew girl”. Sounds a little demeaning to me.
    People don’t forget that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There are beautiful women from every race, religion or nation. People looking to marry a Jewish woman, just because she is Jewish? Insanity. A marriage doomed from the start. Your heart will tell you when you meet the right person to spend the rest of your life with.
    I am not Jewish, but I live in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood. I love all people if they show me the respect that I, and all people deserve. I hate to say this, but if not for religion, the world would be a much better place, i.e. less killing in the name of religion. Even people of the same religion but different denominations. Sunni, Shiite, Catholic, Protestant. You get the picture. So please don’t put too much into finding a person of any religion to be with. Just look for “The right person”.

  • If Judaism is important to you, it’s insanity not to try to marry a Jewish woman (or man).

  • it is true that many wars had been fought for religion but then it is also true that real reason for conflict or war is not religion but diffirence of opinion and ego that one civilisation is greater than other.
    Men will find out reason for war even there is no religion.

    I think my idea of marrying a jew girl have raised lot of eyebrows but i would like to tell you that i will not marry a jew girl just because she is beautiful but for her courage and faith and good tradition.

    Good manners of girls is always turn on for me and i am looking forward for these qualitiies in my wife.

    Please ask some good girls to talk to me.


    No. Jews are pale and inconstant as th’ moon.

    Have you considered a Jain girl? They’re phonetically similar, and rare enough that you can still show them off at parties like an ill-advised Navy tattoo.

  • many jain girls and boys are my friends and you rightly said that they are very rare but then all good things in world are rare.

    By the way i do not think jews are rare in world and they are protected by all secular nations. Even india fully support Israel.

  • Sunny, I have a solution for you. There is a group that calls themselves Jews for Jesus. You can often find their congregations next to Southern Baptist churches (don’t ask) but you will recognize them by the nearby star of David. I hear they have some terrific girls and they, like you, are supportive of Israel. I cannot be sure that those girls will talk to you, but you might as well give it a shot. If you really want to get in good with them, use the phrase “I believe in Yeshua with all my heart.” Good luck.

  • Hmm, let’s keep it simple for Sunny. For now, stick with ‘what’s your sign’.

  • Sunny, Middle forgot to mention another pool of ‘jew girls.’ As you may or may not know, a couple of lost tribes of Israel found themselves beached right here in North America– God having decided to give ’em the continent.

    They constructed a bunch of temples– in today’s Guatemala and Chiapas state in Mexico– but sadly fell out with one another, fighting numerous wars…. Anyway, their descendants live on today. Seek directions to temples that DON’T have a Star of David (this is tricky!). Or ask someone where you can find a hot ‘LDS girls’. And don’t order Coke or Pepsi on that first date.

  • You see Sunny, he’s ignorant of the basics. Seriously, seek out Jews for Jesus. Regardless, when you meet the girl you’d like to know better, the phrase “I believe in Yeshua with all my heart” will be the key. You can even try “Yeshua is the true mashiach” (mashiach means messiah) if you can pronounce it (the ch is not like ch in cheese but kind of like a guttural h sound). There will be some girls who will turn away from you when they hear these expressions, but you wouldn’t want those girls anyway. It’s the ones who respond favorably to those expressions who will be most compatible. Good luck!

  • Tom makes good jokes
    Thanks to ‘themiddle’ for her suggestions.
    themiddle can i know something about u?

  • Sunny, sure. Some people do find me attractive and I am still in my fertile years. However, I am taken and like to be loyal and true to my significant other. Therefore Sunny, you’re going to have to put away that raging passion of yours and save it for that girl who will giggle and squirm with love in her eyes when you say, “I believe in Yeshua with all my heart.”

    I really hope this has been helpful to you. Good luck!

  • Sunny, Middle’s a nice guy, but he’s been known to dress poorly and is something of a “project,” in his friends’ parlance. As you can see, he also has commitment/intimacy issues. He’s just not able to put himself out there.

  • Come on, Tom, quit pulling Sunny’s leg. This is a serious matter. He’s obviously a charming, sincere guy and I understand why he’d want a Jewish girl. Hopefully the Jews for Jesus will accept his approach and he’ll find that dream girl.

  • themiddle, thanks for telling me that you have found your true love. it is really good that your sincere to your partner.

    I hope i shall also find someone made for me who is loyal like you.

    i think we can be friends and i can look for your opinion on my decisions. will you be my true friend ? i assure you that you will never regret.


  • if i mean frienship then it also implies respecting dignity your friends so if your are joking it’s Ok but if you mean it then you are insulting me.

  • i am not that kinda guy you can expect me to respect your dignity and integrity. hope this will reassure you

  • Hmmm, I just don’t feel that Israel works that way, although I could be mistaken. For example, is Yehuda Poliker a celebrity in your view?

  • yes he is. not something that the local perez hiltons will write about, but definitely someone that you could find in the gossip sections, even if he tries to hide from the cameras.

    my blog, however, focus on the feminine side of the local celebdom.

  • The only reason some “jews” look like Scandinavians is because of intermixing between them and the Europeans. “Jews” originally looked(a portion still do) like a stereotypical Arab today.

  • The only reason some “jews” look like Scandinavians is because of intermixing between them and the Europeans. “Jews” originally looked(a portion still do) like a stereotypical Arab today.”

    This is not entirely true. Arabs are darker because of mixing with subsaharan blood from the slave trade. Some genetic studies show 30% mix.
    Red heads are not common in arabs , but esau and David were gingies.
    Jews genetically are closest to Kurds and armenians than arabs.

  • i was out for month to remote place in india for project of my company. But it is disappointment that not even single person missed me. themiddle atleast i was expecting some response from you.

    Hope your are fit and and there.

  • without actually reading any of the replies below the first…Real Jewish Woman??!!? With Jews all over the Earth and all of them being..umm..real…you can easily wind up with a few russians, an El Salvadorian, a Spanish, a Puerto Rican/Russian, and some Mongolians all in one group…and that’s just naming a recent Jewish group I as apart of…

    having said that, I understand what you mean…the Russian Jew look that everyone relates to the Jewish look… 🙂

  • Jewish women are very beautiful and unlike Arab women they don’t need to be hidden under a viel or towel.

  • im sanjiv from india im intrested to make israeli friends i like very much israeli people i meet once a israeli girl in delhi from that day im intrested plz help me


  • good luck in destroying the world. because of your selfish nature and your love of money you will bring life to an end. but don’t think that your blood won’t be spilled regardless that you hide behind blue fake eyes….

  • good luck in destroying the world. mein kempf is the least of your problems.

  • i thiink jewish woman are absolutely beautiful, but too often the natural beauty is camaflouged by the material image.

  • Just as purposely putting a drop of milk into cholet makes it spiritually unclean as opposed to accidentally putting a drop of milk into it. That concept is what makes Jewish women so beautiful, the spiritual purity.

    And, that their just hot.

  • Hot damn!

    Freak of nature, that a jew can be beautiful – but this girl is asian, not semitic, not jewish nor arabic. Show me a true jewish beauty please, should there be one.

  • Apparently Israeli Male Models don’t exist? Lol?
    (Art Project neeeeds!)


    My Mother’s side is Sephardic, Father’s side Ashkenazi.
    Although we keep Shabbat, and most of the other Traditional Holy Days, I’ve never been raised keeping Channukah, etc.

    So in this sense, I consider myself Ethnically Jewish, but not a Jew. Most of my family doesn’t even keep Shabbat.

    (And for the record, only the Men in my family have ‘THE NOSE’, so in response to the Appearance of these models~ they look just as Jewish as any Jew I ever knew!)

    But still, it makes me laugh when I have a friend whom is half African-American (on his Father’s side) but has a Jewish Mother, and is thus considered Jewish, while others, like a girl I know (Armenian Mother, Jewish Father) who has been raised her entire life as an Orthodox, is told by her Boyfriend, that she’ll have to ‘Officially Convert’ for them to be married.

    It’s a strange world.

  • jews not a race… what a joke… :).

    i mean… how many REAL ethnical jewish people exist? about 1mil?
    you know which jews i mean… the “arabic looking” ones..

    what about the rest of the “jewish people” … by religion they are all jewish but their ethnical background is faaaaaaar away from beeing jewish… and this girl is to 99% of slavic orgin…

    saying she is “a real jewish girl” is just pathetic

    @Rasputin Romanov, this girl look asian? -_- yeah… and jackie chan looks european .. 🙂

  • ps. but i really!! would like to see a beautiful jewish girl :).

    till know i only saw this “fake jews” :).

    so please post a picture of a pure jewish girl :).


  • It’s true, that a “real Jewish girl” or individual will be pretty damn hard to find today. Think about it…Jews were scattered all over the world, so relations with other peoples such as European and Asian of course happened. The American stereotype of the typical big-nosed Ashenazic jew is only perpetuated because those, the Jewish-European blend are the majority in the US. Israel has more Sephardic origin, thus more Mid-east looking if not actual or close Jewish looking people (Mediterannean, dark features). Still, I say , most Jews of either type have traces of identifiable traits, as I have seen Sephardi and Ashkenazis with similar appearances. This isn’t surprising, after all, we are all descended from common ancestors (though very long ago) and most tended to marry Jewish, so we are mostly at the basic level one people, just as people from other countries have a “look” there’s a Slavic look, Hindu look, and a Jewish look-aint nothing wrng with that.

  • Hey Dietrick, you hold the Ashkenazi stereotype bias I’m talking about. Maybe if you realize there’s a world outside of whatever Scandinavian or Germanic country your helmet-head ass face is from, you’ll see that. Your a pretty unethical doctor too, saying that about your patients who help you make a living. If you knew anything about Biology (which you should i your a doctor) you’d know that race isn’t technically real. Yes differences but more similarities overall than differences. Every group of people can be seen as ugly or beautiful, including blondes with high cheek bones etc. Also, Jews made many of the adanvances in medicine and science, so saying they are not smart is just reflecting how dim-witted you are.

  • ck: All I can say you is that it’s not your fault if you have a niggerish skin. I myself have as Aryan features for a Jew as the beautiful girl in OP. I would also appreciate it if all of you understood how Israel is destroying our extremely vital Ashkenazic race, the most superior race on earth (highest average IQ, the most Nobel prizes proportionally, and just an uncountable number of achievements). The way we have managed to fool the Aryan man was by assimilating into their people, by breeding with them and by practically turning ourselves into the Aryan being, except for that liiittle tiny bit of Jewish gene that is enough to make anyone 100% Jewish (through their mother). They had been the most resourceful peoples during recent times, so obviously they were our natural choice. They out of every major race have expanded the farthest. By grabbing onto them and by “BEING” them, we, the Ashkenazis have managed to get the most out of our potential. We are a specially bred, highly intelligent Jewish race.. but now in Israel some of our Ashkenazi brothers have established a cabal inside of our cabal! Just like to the whites we are doing by opening borders to dirty races like spics and niggers to destroy the race and for us to ultimately become the only remnants of the great European race, some Jews WITHIN our circles are doing this in Israel by letting the common Ashkenazi populace breed with “Jews” who are not Jews in the sense that we are but simply descendants of some fucking shithole religion that we made up to control the world 7000 years ago..


  • TM: You wouldn’t believe the traffic this stupid post gets. As for idiots and anti-Semites… well, they’re idiots. And they’re anti-Semites. That says it all no?

  • This post would get way more traffic if we replaced the Israeli flag in the picture with breast firming cream.

  • Mother fucked Isreal and America with europe are if courageous then due to muslims deep sleep like a lion and awakened will return all what looted from them. You havnt met with arabian warriors of saudi arabs and yemen come on man see what they have done to the worlds 50 united powers in afghanistan and iraq, only few of the above mentioned nationalities with poor equipments have shook the great powers so how about if only have of them wake.

  • I like this Guy Mohammad Ahmad, number 130, how he talks about not meeting the warriors of saudi and yemen, hate to burst his tiny raghead bubble, but half the fucking sand niggers we killed in afghanistan were saudi and yemenese, and warriors you say, people who hide behind rocks, not to mention women and children are not warriors, they are cowards, just like the rest of the muslims in the middle east, which is why we took palestine some 7000 years ago. I was proud to be a jew over there spilling arab blood, it was the best time of my life. And yeah #28 does know his shit, most the other people need to open a book and read up on there history about our people before they open their mouths.

  • Wow, there’s a lot of ignorance on this page.. are all Jews like this or is it just the Zionists?

    I actually feel scared (see: 134)

  • no not all jews are like this. but kylie you have to understand what is is liked to be hated by pretty much everyone just because of the religion that you where born into. I was with people from every race and religion in my unit in afghanistan and they all had the same hate when we left because of the fact that they too are hated because they are not muslim. its a war thats been around for thousands of years, and ignorance has really nothing to do with it!

  • My father is Jewish and my mother is a Muslim. I don’t discriminate, my parents have taught me to tolerate all religions and cultures and that I have.

  • Um Kylie, after reading all the anti-Jewish comments in this discussion, you got “scared” because of 134? You seem to have a serious problem with selective reading.

  • The bit about you being proud spilling Arab blood? That sounds scary to me. Don’t you feel the least remorseful?

    I just think that being a Jew or a Muslim doesn’t justify killing another human being

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  • I too, believe that Jews are a separate race. How else do you explain the fact that they are predisposed to certain genetic diseases that no other people get -most notably Tay-Sachs disease. I never heard of a Chinese or Indian who got Tay-Sachs disease.

    I have never been able to figure out why some Jewish women have an absolute obsession with Bantus. I know that Jews and Bantus share a legacy of slavery, and they have crawleed into bed with each other ever since Moses wore short pants. Jewish men also have a fascination with race-mixing. Lenny Kravitz is the byproduct of a Jewish man who felt the need to show his liberalism, by jumping on the bones of a sub-Saharan African woman!

    For people who decry race-mixing and interfaith marriage, Jews sure are adept at miscegenation, some of them, at least.

    P.S. -It was a huge mistake for Israel to import those Ethiopian Jews, after the collapse of the Mengistu regime. These people are black first, Jewish religion practitioners second. It would be akin to Canada importing Haitian emigrees, and then saying they are Canadian!

    Would a Jamaican Rastafarian, who decided to convert to Judaism, suddenly be regarded as a Jew? I don’t think so.

  • I’ve never seen an attractive Jewish woman. I’m not trying to be rude. I’m just being honest. Has there ever been a Jewish Miss World? 😀

  • F**K israel. israelis are all mother f***ers. America is infected by a melicious viurs called israel

  • Shalom

    Good luck Sunny!

    Jewish law prohibits Jewish men marrying a non Jew. You can’t tell a Jewish female to do anything. So how are they different from any other woman?

    “can anybody explain to me importance of Kosher.”

    It means clean and it prevents food poisoning!

    The Hamas was started by the CIA and was primarily made up of Europeans.

    Arnold Schwanecgzar and Adolf Hitler belong to different races.

    I like big noses on girls. There are beautiful women from every race, religion or nation. I still like big noses on girls. I hate nose jobs and plastic surgery.

    Jackie Chan looks Native American. He has broken so many things so many times it might as well be plastic surgery.

    That aside nose jobs and plastic surgery should be reserved for reconstructive surgery. They make people look fake and unattractive like to much makeup. Oh look a plastic hooker!

    Jews are not Arab. We do not look Arab. We are from Sumeria, the city of Ur to be exact. Arabs have a home land called ARABIA.

    Even Chinese Jews have big noses.

    My Chinese Dr. was trying to figure out how to adjust the treatments to be more effective on Americans and had been successful with Negros but was confused by the Cocasions until I pointed out that the last too were Jews like me.

    He is a top researcher with an OMD, MD, and acupuncture degree time for us to play catchup.

    Of coarse there are no “pure races.” Everyone came from one stock originally and the differences are due to adaptation, mutation, and inbreeding. Mixing has been going on world wide from before history was recorded. The Egyptian race practiced inbreeding to maintain a pure race and died out as a result! Pharaoh Tut shows the ravages such a practice leads to if carried to an extreme.

    Eugenics is just being picky who you will sleep with. The Hebrews have been doing that for all of history. People have no difficulty with breading better vegetables and animals, but when it comes to humans they louse objectivity. With 1% difference between humans and Chimpanzees I feel sorry for the Chimps.

    Humans will sleep with anything! Sober up before you have sex. As for idiots and anti-Semites…just say no!!!

    I have friends who are Muslims and have read the Koran they are not the enemy. Fundamentalism, Which has been around for about 100 years is the enemy regardless of what re-ligion it is attached to. There religion states that if they kill Jews or Christians they go to hell.

    “Mirwais: Not all jews are terrorists. Only the ones who made israel i.e. the zionists.”

    My grandmothers name was Luffman dose that make me a terrorist?

    Oh wait; if you start shooting at me I will kill you so by your standards I am. As a German Jew I must say, “NEVER AGAIN!!!”

    I am a Hebrew and we are a tribe(family.) OK 12 tribes and I know which one is mine.

    If you have not done the research and do not have an I.Q. above 200 like don’t wast my time trying to argue with me. Every one is entitled to an opinion but they are not all of the same worth.

    I took a look at the last 3000 years of history because of the anti-Semitic propaganda. I found that every were they went they made the people of those places rich and powerful. Look at Spain after the crusades (when the Catholic church hired Jews to translate captured books) till “The Inquisition” forsed them to flee to Holland and England.

    Western civilization started with the Minoan state. Minos to Troy to the Greeks then Rome…

    Study Science and history, learn the Scientific method and Logic. Then study philosophy and more Science.

    The biggest problem I have with non Jews is that when we make a statement of fact they think we are complaining. Examples: How is business? I’m making do. or How are you? Tired and my back hurts but I feel better than yesterday. or It is raining. (I like rain.)

    If you were real Jews you would be discussing Kosher Ham.

    You know my grand father likes pork but he wont eat it till it has been Koshered. LOL No really.

    Hay a debate! Anyone who knows the rules can debate!!!!!

    T_M: “Hey, maybe we can have a big debate about how this image is desecrating the flag.”

    mat: “the picture on head of the website show that the girl play with jew symbol…the girl is anti semitic i think”

    Good try Mat.

    I think it is sanctifying the flag. Women is more sacred than man right.

    Smu’el Yeshua

  • Shalom

    Only Jews consider pictures of hot girls a reason to start a debate.

    The flag is desecrating the girl. Lucky flag!

    Comment on this post encase I forgot to check the box on the other one.

  • all jews are stupid zionist devil worshipping muppets who chat out of their smelly jewy bumholes. we all know that jews chat alot of smelly jewy shit, so sorry to burst your bubble u cock sucking mugs!

  • Ok, lots of hot Israeli babes, any reviews on how much of it is Penis candy, rather then just eye candy?

  • Really ugly becasue it is typik from a israeli girl!!!!

    I,m not racist but jew girls are really really ugly!

    This is not like arab girls!!

    Why Israeli gilrs for a lot of them , they have uniborw????

  • Jews are indeed a distinct race of half breeds. A race that hides behind a religion who’s god is power derived from greed.

  • sex sell, enjoy the scene. if it was possible I would like a girl from every religion and every race. the more the marrier. But some people just cannot enjoy simple things like a pretty girl without making political and inflamitory statements. I think every country on the earth should do this. love that eye candy.

    I like to think Im from the human race…

  • The grand prize goes to anyone who can tell me why the Jews are so “loved” by everyone. I haven’t quite figured it out yet.

    • Well, since you ask, and only because you ask, I’ll answer. It’s because we’re good looking, smart and funny.

  • Occam’s razor. The simplest answer is most often correct. You win the prize.

  • you all look like pigs and more over………………………… bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeedy nation.

  • I got 2 words. KELLY DIVINE
    That is a hot ass, big nosed, big butt havin’ sexxy ass jewess..

  • the jews are a race, they just want to bunch everybody together so that they aren’t held as distinctive because they fear another auswitch…

  • ck, how can you hang out on the same message board related to one obscure news post for 5 years? Can’t you move on with your life?

  • Anyways, as a Muslim guy, I’ve always found myself oddly attracted to white Jewish women, and I do mean the curvy “big-nosed” type with curly dark hair. Maybe it’s because I grew up in a heavily Jewish neighborhood, or maybe it’s similar to the trend of black guys in America dating white women, where white women are idealized as being beautiful. Or it could be that the few Muslim, Arab or South Asian women I knew growing up thought that I was, for lack of a better term, “too white” for them.

    However, from what I’ve seen, Jewish women tend to behave like frigid cunts on the whole towards Muslim guys. Maybe it’s because we’re already stereotyped as smelly wife-beating sneaky anti-American terrorist bastards. Or perhaps it’s been drilled in their heads from an early age that they should marry Jewish guys. Whatever the case, I rarely see Jewish women date or marry anyone other than Jewish men or white gentiles.

    Jewish women do tend to be mysterious in their own way. It’s probably why this story has gotten so much traffic from all sorts of people.

    • Jack, sorry about your troubles with Jewish women. Their collective goal has nothing to do with dissing you. They’re just trying to ensure that in the long term, the Tribe continues to prove Shlomo Sand wrong.