…mostly because he doesn’t seem to remember us.

Pimp Sleepy Daddy

Tonight I attended a special event at Manhattan Jewish Experience, a New York outreach/singles organization; on one level, they were kicking off their summer singles cocktails-on-the-roof series, and on another, they were celebrating the engagement or marriage of 19 couples over the last year.

Why was Michael Steinhardt there? Apparently, at the last event he attended in December 2004, MJE announced that 18 married and engaged couples had met at MJE events. Steinhardt upped the ante: if MJE passed that number (at least 19 couples) in the next year, he’d make a major contribution. It’s only June, and already, MJE’s at 19 couples, so they invited him back to eat some delightful kosher crow, and Steinhardt was happy to do so, all in the name of Jewish continuity.

No gift was announced, but Steinhardt challenged those in attendance to come up with creative proposals and submit them to the rabbis who run MJE.

After I learned about this event, I asked the Jewlicious posters if they had any questions for the man, the myth, the pimp daddy. Apparently, they were speechless; the only response I got was from one co-founder, who urged me to “ask him who’s his daddy.” (A world of no. You just don’t pay me enough.)

Maybe I should have listened.

E: Mr. Steinhardt.

MS [looks right through her]

E: Mr. Steinhardt? [sticks out hand into his to shake it, finally he sees her and looks at her quizzically]

E: I have regards for you from your friends at Jewlicious…

MS [looks at her like she has four heads]: Who?

E: Jewlicious…it’s a blog? A weblog?

MS [continued silence, plus crickets]

E: They just finished a birthright trip? Bus #5? The Jewlicious trip run by IsraelExperts? [in her head, adds “they called you a pimp daddy on their blog and in a major Israeli newspaper?”]

MS [riveted to the tumbleweed that rolls by]

E: They slipped you a note at the MegaEvent?

MS [wondering if he left the iron on]

E: Nice to meet you. Thanks for coming.

I doubt he’ll remember this interchange for the ages. So, the Jewlicious reputation is safe. Like you’re concerned.

I did much better with Tina Fey. Much much better.

PS: Shout-out to reader Ben G. (one-half of one of the celebrated 19 couples), who recognized me as “Esther from Jewlicious.”

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  • I dunno. We got a note from his office that made reference to the whole pimp daddy thing shortly after the Haaretz article appeared. Also we kinda know / work with his niece. But you know the rich, they’re not like you and me. When we slipped him the note at the Mega Event he looked kinda confused. Does Michael Steinhardt know Jewlicious? Does it really matter? I mean I know themiddle would like to chat with him about Jewish education in the diaspora, muffti is wondering if, as a rich dude and fellow atheist, he has access to like some awesome CIA lab produced secret recreational pharmaceuticals, esther already had her moment with him, laya doesn’t care because he’s all Mr. Diaspora and we all know how unsexy that ids, and me? I just wanna soak in his jacuzzi for like a day. Is that too much to ask for?

    In the meantime, we’ll keep on saving the Jewish people, one post at a time.

  • ck, who exactly in Michael’s office sent you a note? I work in his office and nobody knows what you’re referring to. Maybe it’s the office of a subsidiary program or foundation, and they were joking?

  • It was a night of sensory overstimulation on many counts. I’m sure I was just slurring the word Jewlicious and that was the problem. I’m not sure it matters that he doesn’t know Jewlicious. It was me, trying to invoke a “private joke” that the other party wasn’t privy to or didn’t remember. Just shows I shouldn’t be allowed to interact with the extremely wealthy.

    But let me know if “Jews For Jacuzzis” or “Hot Tubs for Hebrews” takes off.

  • EV: It was an email message sent by a woman in MS’s New York office to Joe Perlov, Director of IsraelExperts the trip provider who helped us organize the Jewlicious trip. I don’t have her name right now but I can get it to you. So you work for Steinhardt? Do you have jacuzzi privileges? Anyhow, I’d email you the name at the address you left but apparently the address you entered (which we usually keep private btw) ev@ev.ev does not seem to exist. Imagine that. Oh feel free to call while I’m in Israel – 011-972-54-210-2476

  • riveted to the tumbleweed that rolls by

    esther, LOL — you rule.
    ck, pretty ballsy, putting your phone number out there for the world like that. you must be really jonesing!

  • Yeah, it’s the “usually” that makes me give a random email address. So I put in a real email this time.

  • Hey EV…just do me a favor. If for some reason MS asks you if I’m an idiot, please just tell him I’m not…thanks. Hope you’re well!

  • No, you know him, he’ll try to set us up. But that’s all I can say here b/c it’s probably not “professional” to post work-related comments on, you know, a message board. Hope you’re well too!

  • EV wrote: No, you know him, he’ll try to set us up.

    See? He is SUCH the Pimp Daddy! Also EV, we never give away anyone’s email address ever. I’ll get you that name as long as you promise no one gets in trouble and you set it up thta Michael buys us dinner at the King David Hotel next time we’re all in Jerusalem. Or that jacuzzi thing. Whatever works.

    chazarmaveth: I have no fear putting my temporary Israel cell phone number online because, WTF? What’s anyone gonna do? I have NO fear!

  • Um, ck, if Steinhardt comes anywhere close enough to my part of the country, dinner’s on me.

  • ck: re. PD, Michael has given speeches, albeit tongue in cheek, on repealing the Jewish prohibition against polygamy.

    Nobody will get in trouble.

  • Last night MS made a comment about how he’s known for his frivolous speeches about sex and polygamy (and I was like, “huh?”), but that he wasn’t going to talk about that. (And I was like, “why not?”)

    He told us our first obligation was to transform ourselves from the roof (where the singles were) to the 10th floor (where the couples’ reception was), and then said that he was, of course, directing that comment to “the male jackasses who screwed around” and didn’t have their acts together. I believe that the exact quote was “what is taking you so long; looking at the hairlines of the men, you’re all way beyond puberty.” Many of the women in the audience then applauded.

    EV, you must have a really interesting professional life. Not that we’re talking about it here, that is.

  • ck — two words: phone spam.
    another two: calls in the middle of the night from random strangers when you are trying to sleep/make out with sexy israeli soldier chicks.
    don’t say i didn’t warn you!

  • The esteemed Mr. Steinhardt sounds like a live one. Perhaps he was saving his polygamy talk for the tenth floor.

  • Sadly, no…I was on the tenth floor first…I asked a few people if they were interested in polygamizing, but no one there was really into it.

  • Question: If I attend an MJE event will they find me someone like Mr. Steinhardt to pimp my ride, because if so I will cancel the date I have with a really nice and interesting Italian guy on thursday…
    Also, if I go to an MJE event, do I have to pretend I don’t know what shabbos is to make them feel like they are doing good, because I can fake that pretty easily.
    And last question, why do you supposed the folks at Aish.com keep not posting my comments?

  • I don’t think MJE makes any promises. And if you “know too much” they sometimes won’t let you come to some of their events, unless you agree to be “a host.” (I managed to get in as a guest, and almost everyone I knew from the religious UWS community was there as hosts.) Their goal is outreach. I wouldn’t say that you have to pretend you don’t know what Shabbos is; but if you’re disenchanted with Judaism, or are looking to enhance your observance, I’m sure they’d welcome the chance to help you. They’ll pimp your spiritual ride, for sure.

    Can’t help you about Aish…only been there twice.

  • (thanks for the edit middle. i felt bad right away that I stooped to the pre-edit comment).

    So I supppose the “i’m about to have a my first date with an Italian in 25 years and my Orthodox kids would be appalled if they knew I was seeing a goy” is my ticket into any MJE event I want. Good to know. I’ll check it out sometimes.

    It’s too bad the Conservative movement doesn’t make more effort in this area, but I think with building funds and after-school hebrew school to worry about, they are not so concerned with “marrying off” jews to each other. Unless, there are Conservative Jewish outreach programs aimed at singles that I’m not familiiar with, in which case I hope someone will clue me in.

    Meanwhile, Esther’s post on candle’s affected me very deeply and I am putting together some thoughts on that.

  • You’re going to make yourself available for a sexual escapade? Who knows, Chutzpah might get the Roman Catholic to convert. Orthodox conversion, of course. Rocco will walk around with peyos soon.

    PS Chutzpah, take ck up on it, he got Rami Watid a laptop.

  • Middle, what should I knock off. I am not allowed to crack a joke now?

    I need a laptop. It would help in my studies. Send me a laptop instead please.

  • Chutzpah, you let me know when you want to go. I’ll add you to my list of feisty, friendly, fabulous females…

  • Esther, the same females that would probably kill each other with the nearest cream cheese spreader if a single Jewish guy walked in the room? Now THAT would be a reality show! 12 Shomer Negiah women compete for good looking Jewish Dentist who learns. Tagline: They can touch each other, but not him!

    Or are these the same girls that do alot of Motzei Shabbos “girls-only karaoke and ice cream” nights, and guest Rabbi coming to speak on “Faith in the Face of Celibacy” nights because if they are, I’ll pass. Not that I’d don’t like Karaoke, ice cream or guest speakers, but…I’m just looking to kick it up a notch from that.

    As for my big escapade tonight with ChefJazz (but I’ll just call him Goy#1 for our purposes here)…tell you all about it later…

  • “They can touch each other, but not him!”


    Jobber, how about you reserve your jokes for people other than Chutzpah, and you and Chutzpah pretend as if you don’t see each other. A simple enough request and I thank you in advance.

  • baseless hatred. Once you start allowing users to dictate who can and who cannot comment on their comments, it is insane. Baseless hatred, Sinat Chinam.

  • Jobber, if you notice I have put up with your direct insults to me and haven’t said a thing. If you have some personal issue with Chutzpah, take it elsewhere because we like chutzpah and want her to feel comfortable here. If you notice, nobody is shooing you out the door either. The request is a simple one, and an easy one for you to address. Simply stay out of her hair. She has already tried to stay out of yours, but as the Godfather says, you keep pulling her back in. I haven’t spoken to the semi-absent ck or the others about this, but I have a feeling that we all agree that personal fights that include the kind of animosity displayed between the two of you do not encourage positive feelings or interaction among our posters and guests.

    It ain’t brain surgery, Jobber, be a guest the way you would want others to treat you if you were the host.

  • Certainly all I have said to you in the past is that you allowed her to spew obscenities at me, you did nothing about that but then you censured me. That’s still not right.
    We don’t have any fights from anywhere else.
    I just find it odd that you would honor such a wierd request, because ‘we like her’.
    I don’t mean to be an ass, but where would this stop. Are you going to set up a data base w/ everyone’s rules as to who can comment on their comment or not? And how many levels deep are we talking about. Don’t you see how crazy this is?

    Have you ever in all honesty ever heard of such a if I may, chutzpah?
    That one guest decides who can and who cannot comment on her comments, and you the host say OK no problem?

    Fine I will honor what you are requesting, even tho I don’t mind getting booted in the ass occassionaly.

  • Fine I will honor what you are requesting, even tho I don’t mind getting booted in the ass occassionaly.


  • But you should ask ck about this. That one visitor dictates who is allowed to comment on their comments. It is morally reprehensible and insane. This is a first for me.

  • Jobber, nobody is dictating anything. If you haven’t noticed, Chutzpah has no problem duking it out with you. This is coming from me because I’m sick and tired of discussions being re-directed into your little war. This discussion had nothing to do with your opinion of Chutzpah, but you felt just fine making your little (bilious) joke. Lay off, quit whining and let’s all move on.

  • Whatever you aren’t following me.
    I am laying off. I was the one who was attacked repeatedly.

    Might make an interesting show tho. A real slugfest for all the marbles.

  • Dear Chutzpah,
    This is Theo at Essencedating.com, a new concept in online Jewish dating that uses Art and match making to help Jews meet. All are welcome, there are many conservative Jews. The experience starts with a phone call


    We can help you Chutzpah, smiles, I guess we have Chutzpah too.

    Lots of Love
    at Essencedating.com

  • Dear Theo,
    WOW! Really creative and very original!!! I only had minute to look because yes, I am going out with this very nice and polite Italian gentleman this evening (and it’s a very good hair night.)
    I had the privilege and honor of studying art under Yoram Ra’anan during a six-week session of ArtIsralight, which Rabbi David Aaron ran for a little while. During that time he had us drawing with our eyes closed, drawing with our opposite hand, sitting with one hand on the Cardo wall and drawing what we felt, and many other unique experiences to connect to the ultimate Creator by being creative. That was one of my top ten best experiences ever.

    Looking forward to participating in the site next week , not to meet a man, but just to experience someone elses art. Thanks for writing!

  • Jobber- re:#30, double strike against me, I guess. I married a non-Jew (soon to be MOT, though, but for the “right” reasons) and I attend a Conservative shul (but the “right” kind). Do I have to turn in my Jewlicious badge? And more importantly, who do I report to for de-briefing?

  • Chutzpah, you go, girl. Jew-babe-alicious. Now be careful, ’cause once these guys have you, next thing you know there’s some guy with a beard and a blowtorch kashering the kitchen and your beloved Goy-toy starts napping on the couch on Shabbos with a belly-full of cholent (or dafina- mine’s picky). I speak from experience 😉 L’Chaim.

  • Judi, no turning in of Jewlicious badges necessary. Chutzpah, I hope you enjoyed your good hair day and the century-old imbibable. But marry Jewish, or Michael Steinhardt will yell at you.

  • laya,

    Chutzpah and Judi are perfect examples of the results of ‘conservative Judaism’ which is not Judaism at all.

  • Oy vey. Here we go again.

    Some more potentially controversial statements. It’s not Jewish men who suck. It’s all men. Until you find a good one.

    And as far as Conservative Judaism is concerned, haven’t we all discussed that ad nauseam? You may not accept CJ’s validity, but what do you gain by telling committed (albeit committed differently from you) Jews that they’re not observing Judaism? How do you think that will convince them that Jewish men are caring, sensitive and considerate?

    No one’s force-feeding anyone shrimp-enrcusted fish sticks here. It’s about respecting someone’s right to observe differently…

  • Joe. You have no basis to render such harsh judgment, nor do you have any right. If you won’t eat at my house, that’s okay by me. Many Orthodox members of my community will.

    My point was simply meant to be that sometimes things don’t turn out the way you expected. Despite the fact that I married a non-Jew, our kitchen is stringently kosher, our children attend Orthodox Jewish dayschool, we are entirely Shomer Shabbos and we learn at every opportunity. We take seriously the obligations of 24/7 Jews. I’m sorry you feel so strongly about the Conserv. movement. I have opinions about some the practices of some Orthodox Jews, but I wouldn’t dare have the chutzpah to call it “not Judaism”. Have a nice Shabbos.

  • I would like to clarify, though, that for the record- Jewish guys DO NOT suck. Jewish guys are perfectly fine and I recommend that Jewish women marry them whenever possible.

    However, when faced with the prospect of marrying a non-Jew, one must keep in mind that they are trainable and make very nice Jews when given the proper guidance.

    Boy, am I gonna get in trouble for this…

  • Morals, manners, good nature, mental balance, good judgement and some spine. That is what a man should have.

    Considerate comes under manners and morals. Caring comes under morals. Sensitive comes under … manners, I guess.

    You forgot the spine.

    The spine is what holds the rest up. It is put in first and is the most important part.

  • Facts are facts.

    It is people like you Judi those who intermarry and encourage others to who must be ostracized.

  • That’s a joke, right? I never encouraged anyone to intermarry. I’m simply pointing out that it doesn’t necessarily lead to The End Of The Jewish People. In fact, it actually brought this girl back. While that’s anecdotal evidence at best, I know of others with similar stories.

    As for ostracizing me, don’t be surprised if the favor’s returned.

  • judi wrote: I’m simply pointing out that it doesn’t necessarily lead to The End Of The Jewish People. In fact, it actually brought this girl back.

    That’s excellent. But you do recommend that Jewish women marry Jewish men whenever possible, right? Thus you would not encourage intermarriage on a grand scale, noting how exceptional your particular case is, right?

    I mean yes, on the one hand I see where you are coming from and that’s fab. On the other hand … well, you know judi. I don’t have to tell you. The stats speak volumes. Over 80% of grand children of mixed marriages do not identify themselves as Jews. Joe may have been a bit harsh, he should not have made his point a personal one, but I kinda understand where he’s coming from.

    Having said that I am thrilled that you are running a nice Jewish household and I wish you all the very best. Shabbat Shalom!

  • Ok, I take back the Jewish guys suck comment, I was pleasantly inebriated. HOWEVER, they are in VERY high demand here in the Metro area and very difficult to acquire. Since I have taken off the requirement of Jewish only on Match.com, I have received FLOODS of offers from non-Jewish men who think I’m beautiful, sexy and NOT FAT. They are willing to pull-out a chair for me at an expensive restaurant and buy dinner including an appetizer, drinks and dessert on a first date. Jewish guys want to go dutch at Starbucks. Also, many Jewish guys are such extreme liberals that they think the IDF is the equivalent of the Nazi army. Compare and contrast: a Roman Catholic who say “yeah, it’s terrible what those Palestinians are doing to the Jewish homeland vs. a Jew who says “those Israelis are really immoral for not giving the Arabs the rights to be full citizens and give them back their land.” I’ll take the Catholic, thank you.

    Michael Steinhardt can yell at me all he wants as long as it’s the phone numbers of Jewish guys who don’t my “advanced years” (41) and “baggage” (3 gorgeous kids), my pleasingly curvy physique and my moderately conservative politics.

    Jewish Mother, I can think ONE more important male part that better be in good working order or we might as well just be lesbians.

    From now on my posts will contain the following disclaimer: Warning: all comments that include sterotyping, generalizations or exaggerations are purely to make a point or at an attempt a humor. Individuals may vary.

  • Ck, I totally agree with what you’re saying. And yes, I realize that my case is an exception, but it’s not the only one.

    But we’re leaving out another part of the equation here. Just because a Jew marries a Jew, there’s no guarantee that there’s gonna be anything Jewish about their lives, or that their children are going to continue to be Jewish. The truth is, Jews are falling off the boat way before they intermarry. Intermarriage is a symptom, not a cause.

  • Actually Schmo, I would think that your extremism is what drives people away from Judaism. They look at your set of beliefs and values, and they say, “Judaism is this closed? Judaism is this unforgiving and hostile? Judaism is this unwelcoming of others? Judaism repudiates its own writing like the Scroll of Ruth? Why would I want to have any part of this?” And the ties become much easier to break.

    The more I think about your aggression and blatant attacks on those who don’t believe as you do, the more obvious it becomes that your beliefs and the chutzpadick confidence in expressing those beliefs directly to others are truly harmful to Judaism.

    Remember folks, Schmo represents an extreme viewpoint, something which you will not find in most Jewish streams including many Orthodox Jews.

  • ck, Part of the reason 80% of the grandchildren of intermarriage do not identify as Jews is that the Jewish community treats their grandparents like lepers.

  • Yeah, parts of it. But large parts of the “organized Jewish community,” i.e., those who are perceived as speaking for the rest of us.

  • Chutzpah, I made three corrections to your comment. And if I had been so editorially deputized, I would also change the typos in some recent headlines posted by my colleagues, who, though they may themselves be Jewlicious, their spelling is often less than…

  • Not necessary. Someone finally changed “excercises,” so now the only thorn in my side is “Selach”, and that’s really more discomfort than pain. Yes, we’re all this way in my family…

  • thanks for the edits! on the blogger.com or on the haloscan system you can register as a user and then go back and correct your own remarks. Is there something similiar here that I just don’t know how to use, I’m still I rookie on the tech end.
    (p.s. I bet ya any amount of money that joe schmo is jobber, NOT that I’m starting up again, but you can check the I.P.’s if you are so inclined.)

    A good shabbos to ALL in very INCLUSIVE way!

  • In fact the more ostracized the intermarried are the less intermarriage there is is not more.

    conservative and reform are all-accepting and they are the ones who intermarry.

    What type of nonsense do you speak

    The Jewish Syrian community got it right.

    If someone comes home with a shiksa, conversion or no conversion, they are out-

    out of the community
    out of the family business (if there is one)
    out of the house

    -and they have almost no intermarriage.

    When someone intermarries we we must sit shiva for that person.

    “The fiddler on the roof” got it right.

  • EV: Really? You think that’s it? All these members of mixed marriages are like working so hard trying to keep kosher and be shomer shabbat and send their kids to a nice Jewish school and all that and everyone is saying no! go away pariah! Heh. If only that were the case.

    As for Schmo being so extreme, well… maybe he’s just impolitic. I think Shmo would be the first to accept with open arms anyone who converted properly, as did Ruth in the Book of Ruth. Nothing he says is a repudiation of that, per se. Remember Ruth said “Your people will be my people and your God my God,” Not, I’m not going to convert but I’d like to stand at the bimah while my son reads his bar mitzvah parsha, or yeah Judaism is cool, but that sabbath thing is a pain in the ass and that kosher thing? Do I really have to give up ribs? And what’s the harm in a little Christmas tree? All my Jewish friends have one!

    See what I mean?

  • ck, Ruth is not at all as you describe. She took on the faith of the Israelites. That’s it. No details about how extensive her worship or devotion were. No stories about meeting halachic requirements. It’s simple in her story.

    And as for intermarriage, nobody wants it to happen because it is difficult to raise the children Jewish unless the non-Jewish spouse converts. However, in a world of the 21st Century, not that of the 19th Century, it is more likely to happen. The way to avoid it, according to Schmo (and you, ck) is to somehow stay in the closed and insular community. In my view, the way to avoid it is to make Jewish life vibrant and to make Jewish institutions warm and welcoming.

  • js, I don’t think Conservative is all-accepting.

    ck, I don’t think that’s it, but I do think it’s a factor. If an “intermarried” person wants to send his/her kid to a day school and the school says we don’t accept “mixed” children, of course it has an effect on both parent and child. If a child of intermarriage learns in Hebrew school that intermarriage is suicide, how does this child view himself/herself as a Jew? How can we expect this child to want to become involved in the “community”? How can we expect his/her parents to want to become involved?

    Of course, there are many other variables, including the initial desire of the parent to maintain Jewish ties. But it is something of a which-came-first scenario in terms of attenuation and ostracism. One feeds the other.

  • TM wrote: “It’s simple in her story.”

    Note that Ruth only came to Israel after her husband was dead

    – it was not for marriage.

    How different indeed than the conservative ‘converts.’

    TM is that simple enough?

  • In other words, she remained a non-Jew while married to her husband. Therefore you support intermarriage? Is that what you mean, Schmo?

  • Now I see you understand the story better.

    They were intermarried and lived outside Israel in the land of Moab. All three men died there as naomi said to the Jews when she returned “call me Marah ‘bitter’ for G-d made it bitter for me…” Arpah decided to stay in Moab and remarry there. Only Naomi as a broken woman and Ruth came to Israel.

  • So therefore, you approve of intermarriage and a conversion where the convert merely has to accept the God of the Israelites. Right?

  • “When someone intermarries we must sit shiva for that person” UUUCCCKKK!!!!

    Sitting shiva for someone who is alive is a DISGUSTING HORRIBLE DISRESPECTFUL THING. Shiva is a very serious, deep and reflective process for someone who those who have lost a loved one they will NEVER, ever be able to see again in this world. To undertake a shiva ritual for someone who is living, or even just to state that you would like to that without actually doing it, is an insult both to those who are sitting for people who are actually dead, well the deceased.

    Tevye accepted all his daughters in the end if I remember correctly.

    Haven’t our enemies killed enough of us already that we need to grieve for? Grieving for those who are alive and who may actually be happy and thriving as if they are dead pushes them farther away.

    As long as someone is breathing, there is always time for tshuva.

    Someone should grieve for your mental health and lack of compassion Schmo.

  • I think Shmo would be the first to accept with open arms anyone who converted properly, as did Ruth in the Book of Ruth
    There is no way, no how, that I’m going to “sleep at Boaz’s feet” – wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more, say no more – to convert like Ruth did, CK my friend. 😉

    I’ll take the more boring hatafat dam brit, mikveh, and beit din route. You know, the one described in Gemara, and followed by the local Conservative shul to the letter.

    Nathan (Judi’s Goy Toy)

  • I dunno. I might sleep at Boaz’s feet anyway. You know, if he was really cute. And didn’t have nasty foot odor. All us girls dream of a man like him: someone willing to spit into a sandal to show us how much he wants us.

    Besides, owning granaries is hot.

  • Just to let everyone know, I had to delete my blog. I am starting a new Advertising Sales job tomorrow and I will have to hustle, hustle, hustle. The good news is, it will bring me into The City at least twice a week so I will be rescueing myself from the Suburbs and availing myself to happy hours and singles mixers on Tues & Thursdays after my appointments. Anyway, the blog was about to turn into a melodrama about how there will never be another man like AtlanticCity Guy, and he reads it, so that was just going to get very yucky. Further, I am writing two screenplays (one drama, one romantice comedy) and the blogging takes away from that.

    Just to update, I have 26 years olds standing by to take care of my physical needs (one italian from Match, and a Jew from Jdate) so we will see how that work out until Soldier comes home in November.

    I will continue to post my two cents here and on Esther’s sites when I need to procrastinate.
    Best wishes to all (well, almost all)!

    P.S. Today I took the kidsto Lincoln Plaza to see “The March of the Penguins”. This is a must see for those of us who watched CK’s clip too many times. Their perserverance and bravery (not to mention their dress code) convinces me that they are either Jewish souls waiting to be born, Jewish souls who are in limbo or gehenim, or they were the first Jews before G-d created Humans. But I think you will all agree that Penguins are Jewish after watching this. Very inspiring!

  • Um, that would be my penguin clip…

    Best of luck on your new job and be sure to keep visiting us.

  • if i dont make money soon i would appreciate it if i can obtain assistance if i dont make a good living and i dont get assistance or backing i think i will still being a jew or if i am i guess
    i will stop i need financial backing.

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