…mostly because he doesn’t seem to remember us.

Pimp Sleepy Daddy

Tonight I attended a special event at Manhattan Jewish Experience, a New York outreach/singles organization; on one level, they were kicking off their summer singles cocktails-on-the-roof series, and on another, they were celebrating the engagement or marriage of 19 couples over the last year.

Why was Michael Steinhardt there? Apparently, at the last event he attended in December 2004, MJE announced that 18 married and engaged couples had met at MJE events. Steinhardt upped the ante: if MJE passed that number (at least 19 couples) in the next year, he’d make a major contribution. It’s only June, and already, MJE’s at 19 couples, so they invited him back to eat some delightful kosher crow, and Steinhardt was happy to do so, all in the name of Jewish continuity.

No gift was announced, but Steinhardt challenged those in attendance to come up with creative proposals and submit them to the rabbis who run MJE.

After I learned about this event, I asked the Jewlicious posters if they had any questions for the man, the myth, the pimp daddy. Apparently, they were speechless; the only response I got was from one co-founder, who urged me to “ask him who’s his daddy.” (A world of no. You just don’t pay me enough.)

Maybe I should have listened.

E: Mr. Steinhardt.

MS [looks right through her]

E: Mr. Steinhardt? [sticks out hand into his to shake it, finally he sees her and looks at her quizzically]

E: I have regards for you from your friends at Jewlicious…

MS [looks at her like she has four heads]: Who?

E: Jewlicious…it’s a blog? A weblog?

MS [continued silence, plus crickets]

E: They just finished a birthright trip? Bus #5? The Jewlicious trip run by IsraelExperts? [in her head, adds “they called you a pimp daddy on their blog and in a major Israeli newspaper?”]

MS [riveted to the tumbleweed that rolls by]

E: They slipped you a note at the MegaEvent?

MS [wondering if he left the iron on]

E: Nice to meet you. Thanks for coming.

I doubt he’ll remember this interchange for the ages. So, the Jewlicious reputation is safe. Like you’re concerned.

I did much better with Tina Fey. Much much better.

PS: Shout-out to reader Ben G. (one-half of one of the celebrated 19 couples), who recognized me as “Esther from Jewlicious.”

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