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  • Yes ybocher, we are still number one for the legions of people online looking for ybocher related information and apparel. We are ybocher central!

  • In fact, we had a meeting a while ago where we contemplated changing the name from Jewlicious to Ybocherlicious. Muffti is afraid you the motion did not pass. Now give Muffti a trustfund!

  • You ungratefull kikes!!!
    Taht’s it! Forget about your lavish trust fund dreams. I am cutting you off! And If you change you nam,e to Ybocherlicious I ll sue you!

  • This is exactly my poin tm. You see how much you owe me already? 🙂
    And isnt ybocher better reason to be proud of than “jew tax”?

  • Is this post just to push Jewlicious up in the google ranking up from #4? Does it help if you repeat it many times?

  • Sorry to pipe in here, but it’s too bad the post about Jew tax doesn’t have a bit more meat to it for when some oblivious googler actually looks for info on it on Jewlicious.
    I reiterate that a post on Jew tax is perfectly valid, but the idea about Jew tax wasn’t developed properly.
    Next time I suppose.

    Visitor from Jordan on neocounter (which BTW rocks!) what’s ‘satellite provider’?

  • Actually, we’re at #3 for Jew Tax. Yay. Lets go for the Gold!