Should it surprise us that somebody made a music video with inserts of, you know, Holocaust corpses and stuff, edited into images of people partying to some house music?

For many people, especially those born two generations later, the Holocaust and even the war itself are simply a relic of history. They contain as much truth and meaning to many as, say, the discovery of America or the One Hundred Years War.

So if all images carry the same weight, and if all historical events carry the same forgotten meaning and lessons, and if some people really enjoy dancing to a good beat, especially with unusual but easily found images of perhaps the bodies of my murdered family members resting in a deathly repose in a wheelbarrow, why shouldn’t we let these European youths have their fun?

An Internet video that depicts the Nazi death camp Auschwitz as a rave party drew sharp criticism Wednesday from a Jewish rights group, which urged authorities to have it removed from European Web sites.

The three-minute video titled “Housewitz” — a pun on house music and Auschwitz — casts Nazi soldiers as DJs. It alternates black-and-white still photos of Holocaust atrocities with color images of youths at an outdoor party. And it advertises a “Free taxi ride home,” showing a wheelbarrow full of corpses.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center’s European office denounced the video as “outrageous,” saying it goes “beyond the bounds of freedom of expression to an unprecedented level of obscenity.”

So far the video has been found on a Dutch website as well as two Polish websites (in a moment, one of our infrequent posters will advise us that it’s the fault of Jews because some Poles are really angry at them for historical lies dating back to WWII). The Dutch website, which seems to be down today (how odd…)

says it’s doing nothing wrong in posting the video. The site, whose name means “no style,” says it mixes news with “light subjects and pleasantly twisted nonsense.” It has published a disclaimer saying it copied the video after learning it was being talked about in Internet chat rooms.

“We didn’t make the video, but it is an integral part of the discussion by our viewers. It’s not illegal and we don’t intend to remove it from the site…”

So, it seems they’re in the clear, I guess. I do think it makes for a legitimate discussion, and it’s a little difficult to have the discussion without seeing the video.

Anyway, I couldn’t locate the video itself, although I saw some clips at a Polish news show. In light of PETA using Holocaust imagery to make a point, Prince Harry wearing a swastika to a party, and a Lego artist making a Holocaust set from Legos, I’m not surprised that some young student found humor in this desecration of murder.

He wrote in his cinematic tour de force, “tanzen macht frei” which means “dancing makes you free” and is obviously a take-off on “arbeit macht frei.”

It’s amazing what people will do just to encourage a bigger crowd to join a dance. Who knows, maybe the clever guy realized the images were in the public domain? Maybe he thought that if he could generate a big crowd, the larger pool of people might help him get laid. Maybe he thought it was art.

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  • I am Dutch and I can tell you tis: “Geen Stijl” /No Style is known for such trash. Very poor taste, to say the least. They hide behind arguments such as “we only write about it, we don’t pass any judgement”, but they know very well how many (ignorant, young, gullable stupid…etc..etc) people read this blog daily, so they 100% understand the effect they have.

    They make me sick. They are very keen on media-exposure -like they are getting with this disgusting clip. Probably they are very excited by know because it is not just national exposure thay are getting: they finally made it internationally….stupid sods.

  • The middle – it may interest you to know that the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs was one of the first ones to react – in fact, it looks like the Dutch authorities only found out there is a problem from the Poles. Apparently the Dutch embassy notified their Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Anne Frank Foundation and the Netherlands Auschwitz Committee who demanded that the video be removed from the GeenStijl website.

    One piece of information that I failed to see in your post was that the author of the clip was Dutch (not Polish as you seem to be implying). Also, the clip can (could?) be downloaded at several German websites, but to mention that fact would deprive you of the satisfaction of blaming the Poles, wouldn`t it?

    Next time you want to try out your sarcasm on someone, please get your fact straight first.

  • I think I’m going to vomit.

    This is more sickening than the neo-nazis who “hiel hitlered” us outside of Majdanik. They’re damn luck (btw) that the bus doors were closed and they wouldn’t open them – because you damn well better believe that 50 Jewish youth on a bus, focusing on Jewish resistance weren’t going to take that.

  • Yeah. Sorry TM. I am duly outraged today. As duly outraged when I saw this video and read about the story a few months ago back in May. The original Web site where this movie was on contained an apology from the makers of the video. The Greenstijl page pointed out by Ariela contains a disclaimer, as follows:

    For our non-Dutch audience. This ‘movie’ is a part of this post. The flash animation was made by a very stupid Dutch student called Dicky Thijssen. There was quite some media outrage regarding his production. We traced the origins of this flash file and the original producer. The movie is here for archiving only (and to learn about the big gaps in Dutch WWII history education). We strongly disaprove of his actions. In The Netherlands there has been quite some media attention. The maker ‘Dicky’ says he is very sorry.

    So yeah. Relax. This is an old story and the original perpetrators of this really in bad taste clip have been suitably spanked.

    Of course anyone that finds this clip funny is a sick, sick fuck. Thanks for the uh… reminder TM. I’m sure that as soon as Moby wakews up from his afternoon siesta he’ll remind us all how Jewschool had his story months ago. Atem osim li booshot, a shanda from the Moby …

  • That clip is even more offensive than T_M makes it out to be, mainly because of the sick commentary and text captioning.

    That said, it looks more like the actions of a lone sicko, the kind of things you might find on

    Very offensive, but probably not worth giving the publicity.

  • I went on the Birthright Israel trip this summer that was headed by Jewlicious. We spent a morning learning about the many ways hate, propaganda and the exploitation (not to mention the flagrant marginalization of such an atrocitiy) of the Holocaust are still being spread through the media. This story not only makes me physically ill, it pisses the hell out of me.

  • We can’t expect everyone to feel the way we do. If they did, their would not have been a holocaust to start with.

    I don’t see the advantage of screaming over this one – we are being baited, and we always take the bait.

    Can’t we, just for once, not take the bait?

  • I get the whole “shocking image to make a greater social or political point” thing. And I do support the intertextuality of pop culture and history. But not this. As the author of a book about the Holocaust who went home and cried after each time she interviewed a survivor, I can tell you I’m not even going to grace this website with a page view.

  • Oh, and themiddle – it may also interest you to know that the Polish state prosecutor`s office in Warsaw is conducting an investigation as regards the use of these images by the Dutch authors of the Housewitz video. They seem to be of the opinion that since the video can be downloaded in Poland (along with the rest of the world), then criminal charges can be brought against the authors.

    So much for the Poles thinking that “it’s the fault of Jews because some Poles are really angry at them for historical lies dating back to WWII” as you so insightfully remarked.

  • David Kelsey wote:
    Can’t we, just for once, not take the bait?

    OMFG. Someone call a Doctor! I agree with David Kelsey! And another thing Kelsey, wtf is up with Jewschool? Why’s it down?

  • As time passes, the holocaust will seem more trivial and end up being a mere chapter in a history book. Jewish people need to realize how easily this can all happen again.

  • I disagree, digital, that’s part of the point of Israel and the IDF existing. If a nation was exterminating jews en masse today, how many hours do you think it would take the air force the bomb the facilities, the Mossad to kill the leaders and EL AL to fly the Jews to Israel?

  • Somehow I never heard of this flash video before but just watched it. Recently I sent out a ‘camp’ joke and while I and some of my friends thought it was funny albeit ‘wrong’, one of my friends was very offended. As the son of an Auschwitz survivor, I have all the sensitivities you may expect from a “Second Generation”‘er. I feel the Holocaust is so much a part of me (L’Havdil, I can’t fathom nor pretend to understand how these people sufferred those horrors and came out sane) that when I find humor in the pain of the genocide I feel as comfortable as a black man making black jokes– being my own arbiter of what is distasteful yet still darkly funny, and what crosses the line to being offensive. This video however went beyond offending me. Surpassing the conceptual, the lighthearted use of real images of the unspeakable atrocities in a partying rave scene literally made me sick. Would I be as sickened and offended if the substrate the creator used was images of the Manson-Tate Murders victims? Yet how would *their* relatives feel? I fear I am too far removed from that incident and would judge such a collage merely distasteful art. Clearly my empathy for my fellow creatures falls short. Having been exposed to this video, I hope at least some benefit will come out of it and in the future I will be more attuned to the sensitivities of others. V’Ahavta L’Rayecha Kamocha–We must strive to love our fellow Man, like we love ourselves. Anything that affects anyone else should be personal to us. We are all one.

  • Many of these dopes hates Jews because they see alot of fat cat rich Jews. For starters, the frum especially ignore the words of Gedolim like the Chofetz Chaim, to live frugally and not showing off, in the Galus, for fear of arousing the Gentile wrath. But no one listens to that one of course.
    My take is if people are religious minded they should use this as an opportunity to look w;in. Of course, blow up these bastards if you can, but be expansive about it.

  • Middle, you’re right that it’s hard to evaluate the video fully without seeing it. However, your reading that it shows the Holocaust to have become a “relic of history”, akin to the Hundred Years War, seems wide of the mark.

    I’d have to assume Holocaust imagery is exploited precisely because it has profound resonance– perfect raw material for “transgressive” artist- wannabes.

    David Kelsey may be right. The stock-response of outrage hands a victory to the filmmaker.

  • Uh Szwed, I was talking about the idiot Kelsey and his previous remarks about how Jews should feel bad and try to “understand” why many Poles are angry at them. You’ll note I don’t suggest who the author was because I don’t know.

    Having said that, I note the part of the article that mentioned outraged Poles reacting to this and appreciate their response. So stop being so defensive. ‘Kay?

    Also, ck, this news story just came out so how was I supposed to know that all you cool Internet geeks knew about it months ago?

    Oh, and I’m not outraged.

  • Tom, I’m not outraged.

    You’ll note we have no images of the 100 Years War, so how can they become part of the lexicon? On the other hand, within a couple of years you’ll start seeing music videos with images of the World Trade Center being hit by a jet and collapsing. It’s all one big sloppy media mess.

  • I agree, Middle. I suppose it all goes to show that your fellow Canadian Marshall McLuhan was right: television/video is a “cool”, emotionally-remote, content-poor medium.

  • Ummmn…Muffti can’t help but be reminded of that South Park episode called ‘Jarred has Aids’, where they try to calculate how long it takes before tragic events become open season for use in comedy. There they say 22.3 years. Guess this proves Stone and Parker wrong since this shit ain’t funny.

  • Laya, please, Israel can hardly protect its own citizens.. It makes decisions not based on the safety and needs of its people, but on what outside sources deem appropriate. The Mossad of today only seems capaple of imprisoning religious zionists….

  • Middle,

    I am not a fan of all this “dialogue”. I think it is a waste of time. It accomplishes nothing, and encourages resentment and even rage.

    But if – and I mean if – you insist that we do have dialogue, that means two sides, middle – and includes listening to gripes against us.

    If you aren’t interested in that – and I certainly am not – then you shouldn’t “dialogue”.

    But you point at every other person you see from Eastern and Central Europe and scream “anti-Semite” if they actually say anything from their perspective (and it will be different than yours or even mine) and call that dialogue, Middle. It’s just not.

  • Stone and Parker wrong? Heresy!

    There’s an established comedy adage: “comedy=tragedy+time.” I think that’s still true. Not saying that this particular instance is funny, obviously. But there are certain characters/objects/events from the Holocaust period which are routinely used in comedy, without (too many) groans or ADL condemnations. For instance: the hilarity of Hitler, comedians who note how nervous they get when they hear of Jews going off to (summer) camps, making fun of Germans, etc.

    There are some things that at their core–genocide being one of them–will never be funny. But that doesn’t mean that the people and situations involved don’t do things ludicrous enough to be ridiculed comedically.

  • Middle,

    How come you are reduced to calling names so easily? May I presume your granparents survived the Holocaust?

    Is the idea of taking a different approach – something everyone seems to be suggesting except you – really that overwhelming and frightening for you?

    Why can’t you think clearly on this issue?

  • Tanzen mact frei is gonna be my new motto.

    Give them props for showing the carnage, and not playing it down like some movies and holocaust memorials do sometimes. Is it just me, or was there a very deep mystical underotne to the whole thing, the party being compared to some profound experience of being stripped of the self and destroyed. From the descriptions I was expecting something alot racier.

    Come to think of it, If I was a a three day rave, I’d want some huge bunkers for crashing in. And doesn’t chassidic tradition hold that dancing is the best fixing for, uh, “harsh judgement” against the people? Anyone ever read Yaffa Eliach’s Chassidic Tales of the Holocaust? There’s a great story there of a I think belzer chassid, who survives a really brutal cold night, forced outside and made to stand by nazis, by following the advice of the ghost of his Rebbe, telling him, “What are you standing around for? Chassidim don’t stand, and shiver. chassidim dance!” Tanzen macht frei, yah.

  • Ck, even a broken clock is right twice a day. (Agreeing with a broken clock doesn’t make you a moron, so no worries).

    Kelsey, one day you might post a comment to me that is even remotely on target, and then I might do something other than call you names. Today isn’t that day.

  • Middle,

    I am glad you agree with the cK and myself that a new, less shrill policy regarding all things Holocaust and calling everyone an “anti-semite” is warrented by the Jewish community.

    I am quite shocked, actually, and fear it won’tbe an easy habit for you to break.

    If you are serious, it won’t be easy. I suggest, when you see something offensive, take frequent walks, eat fresh fruits instead of too much coffee – and avoid all museums with the word “Living” in their title.

    Best of luck,


  • David
    “But if – and I mean if – you insist that we do have dialogue, that means two sides, middle – and includes listening to gripes against us.”

    What gripes would those be exactly?
    Was it using their childrens blood for our matza or stealing all their money?

  • No Wine Guy, Kelsey has bigger problems like Communist Jews and stuff like that. He’s read all the literature and he just knows that Jews need to have a dialogue. 😉

  • WOw Yoseph…are u being sarcastic or serious? There is no profound experience at a rave! Just lots of XTC,hookin up, drugs of all kinds, and other debauchery.. ah man I miss the good old days.. This reminds me of the episode of Ali G where the Bruno was interviewing people at a fashion show.. Same principle

  • what, you never danced until you went completely beyond whatever you thought you were capable of, and found yourself transformed and clarified in the process?

  • “The stock response of outrage hands a victory to the filmmaker?” I don’t buy this whole: if you react to X, you’re giving Y the victory. I mean, what, if I respond appropriately, and within my rights as a human being, I’m letting them “win”? Give me a fucking break. The film is offensive and embarrassing. But is it anti-Semitic? I don’t think so, insofar as its purpose being to attack or incite violence against Jews. Its purpose was to advertise a fucking *rave*. I think using Holocaust imagery in this way makes you a monumentally stupid, pretentious, bastard. This isn’t Mel Brooks bringing comedic catharsis by putting Hitler on Ice. This is some fucking punk using one of the worst tragedies of the century for his own asinine purposes. And I will damn well call him out for it, or support those who do. Furthermore, I think there’s a big difference between proactively shoving the Holocaust down the world’s throat and calling some punk on his offensive shit! The former is of dubious usefulness and the latter is, yes, my obligation as a human being. And as a human being who happens to be a Jew, I will naturally be more inclined to take action on something to which I am intimately connected. Now, this whole affair has given the clip a million times more viewers than it would have had had the Wiesenthals, or whoever, not gotten involved. Too bad. This is too important. I refuse to allow the Holocaust, and its images, to be drained of meaning and replaced with whatever might serve some advertiser’s purposes. Maybe only 10 people would have seen it, but perhaps those 10 people were edgy tastemakers in Dutch design school who went on to be creatives at Dutch ad agencies, and so on. In today’s ultra commercial world, crass exploitation is the name of the game, and it doesn’t get more crass than this little clip. (Boy, did I get far afield here?) One last note, I couldn’t help but think of the hub bub that’s been raised around a Dutch football team (I think it’s Ajax) that uses Jewish imagery for its banner etc. Of course, their opponents use Nazi imagery etc to taunt them. Was it wrong of Dutch officials (Jewish and non) to call attention to this and say that this is not OK? Is this, too, Holocaustism?

  • Rohkl,

    Morally, you are right. But I don’t think it’s always about right or wrong. That is to say – you can be right and still be doing something counter-productive. It’s about what is the goal, or at least – that should be part of the equation when choosing battles and setting policy.

    If, as the Jewish community seems to maintain – at least at institutions like the Simon Wiesanthal Center – we are obligated -as human beings and Jews to bark and attack at every insensitive reference – and we therefore lend ourselves to being played, as we were by Mel Gibson. We were free and effective marketing.

    Now you can argue in that specific battle we gained something, I guess – but it doesn’t mean we weren’t played. We were played.

    I’m saying there is a cost even when we are right.

    And that mentality – not concerned about the effects or outcome of a specific battle – is indeed “Holocaustism”.

  • you’ll notic, they didn’t play down any of the atrocity, claiming 7 million, uh, guests, as opposed to just touting a few hundred thousand. I wonder how big that party actually was?

    Sounded potentially pretty cool as raves go. free showers? damn.

    And deeper than that, isn’t that one of Shlom’s torah’s about the holocaust, that it looks really bad, but really, everyone is dancing, about to go closer to the promised land? did no one pick up on the juxtaposition between dancing and dying being a common theme between some of the deepest chassidish torah and that “offensive” video?

    OOh! Lets make that the new popular response to things we are about to find offensive, look for the secret depth and truth in what they’re actually saying. maybe we’ll make more friends that way!

  • I mean, isn’t it more dangerous to make the holocaust untalkaboutable than to let the violence and bad be part of a culture? Even if it romanticizes it, like nazi dwarf porn or something, doesn’ that force us to at least still be aware of it?

  • Just wanted to add – I don’t know the situation in Holland, so I don’t know for sure where I stand – but it sounds, at least at these games, which were so public – that the Jewish community had to at least lodge a formal complaint, yeah – I would probably agree with you.

    And then I would go on – and not to those games that will have such flags.

    Jews shouldn’t be watching or attending these sports games anyway. Playing is exercise, and exercise is good, but watching is truly bittul zman (that means “a waste of time”, TM. 😉

  • Phew. “Morally” I’m right. Well, that’s a relief. But seriously, let’s be real. The world hates jews. They hate us in shtreimels and they hate us in bowler hats. They even hate us in those cute little newsboy caps (ooh, I love those!) So, what are my choices? Stand by silently and allow some dumbass to set in motion an odious chain of events (like the hypothetical slippery slope I outlined) because I don’t want to call attention to myself? Or do I make a ruckus where appropriate, where my allies can join in *self-righteously* (paging the Polish nation) and incur, in some corners, hateful feelings that were bound to emerge anyway? It’s not a difficult choice for me. This is not, as you claim, merely an insensitive reference, like some idiot waving a sign calling [Bush, Sharon, Giuliani whoever] a Nazi. The logical idiocy of those kinds of comparisons speak for themselves. But, I truly believe things like this film clip ARE a serious problem to be addressed publicly. Propaganda and the manipulation of images is what wins wars.
    Further, you say we’ve been played? You really think that it was Jewish outrage that put, what, 12 zillion goyish tukhuses in those movie theater seats when the Passion opened? I respectfully beg to differ.

    Letting fear of retaliation or anti-Semitism keep us from speaking truth where necessary (NOT where our ego driven crusades lead us, ahem, Foxman) can never cost us as much as keeping silent in the false hope that we’re buying some political or social capital by being reasonable. Like I said, we’ll always be playing on an uneven field where the rest of the world is concerned.

  • this is so typical, why can only jews make fun of the worldwars & holocaust, why can only blacks call each other the n*gger word, you are discriminating white folks 🙁

  • Well…

    The video is not funny, nor is it well done. The only reason it’s being seen by so many is cos it touches on of the most stigmatic subjects. In today’s society nothing could be more political incorrect, that’s why it is popular. If this video would try make fun out of any other great genocide of this world (plenty too choose from) no one would have cared. In today’s society no one dears to speak about the holocaust, actually if you don’t completely agree to the official story you should shut up, or you will be put in jail. It’s a rather sick situation, and THIS is the reason why a crappy video like this is being watch by so many. And excuse me, but THIS is the reason why even crap like this has a function to fill… In the honour of those why suffered from the nazis I wish we would stop practising the methods of the nazis ourselves and try to set a good example instead. Please let people talk in public around these subjects, stop banning more and more symbols, especially those who be used in Europe for thousand of years. Stop trying to shut people down and censor opinions, and then sic crap like this video will never be a problem again.

  • Kalle,

    The Nazis, while they indeed practiced censorship, are hardly known for this particular violation of civil rights. They are known for violent and permanent methods of silencing others which had nothing to do with their ideas.

    This is, therefore, a gross violation of Godwin’s Law, and you have recused yourself from any meaningful discussion by employing such a silly comparison. Not that you were intending to have one.

    It’s fun for some to compare Jews to Nazis, as well as mayors, governors, and presidents and primeministers whose social and economic policies we disagree with, but it isn’t a very intelligent or accurate thing to do is it?

    Isn’t it just a gaudy, flamboyant way of saying “I’m a big Leftist, and I’m PISSED OFF!”

    what I mean to say is, Kalle – you are not “excused.”

    But Kalle does illustrate an unintended point – that we cannot change or direct what others feel. We should be aware of that – at all times – when attempting to set and promote policies we deem beneficial.

  • Oy. Can you guys please only pick on Kelsey when he is in fact being a poopy head? I know you added a smiley face and all, but it’s tisha b’av, let’s try to be nice …

  • Err, that was a joke. Muffti was using hyperbole to demonstrate Kelsey’s point. sorry if it was a li’l subtle for ya.

  • David,

    I think the undemocratic methods the nazis conduct indeed is one of the violations of civil rights that they got infamous for? Not really sure how you picked it up that I was comparing Jews with nazis, maybe some traditional paranoia? The undemocratic behaviour that constantly makes the stigma around the holocaust stronger involves most media and politicians around Europe today. So try not to feel so targeted as a ethnic group, that was not my point at all. If someone that promotes fascistic ideas are to be targeted, I feel that it should be done so in a decent way. Or videos like this, which most likely wasn’t made by a nazi at all. Let people see the video and reflect over it, I’m sure the very majority will take it for what it is, crap, and feel sympathy with the victims of the holocaust. Today instead signals are being sent around on a high political level, groups are demanding that this video should be taken off the net, the creator to be punished etc etc. So instead the focus ends on freedom of speech and similar topics in the media. Trust me, there is plenty of people who strongly believe that it should be legal to create movies like this and to spread them on the internet. Me included, and shooting for these kinds of actions harms your cause.

  • No “traditional paranoia”, Kalle, at least not this time.

    I am not a fan of the type of censorship you are decrying, nor a fan of prosecuting film makers.

    I stated my position earlier, in fact I don’t want a fight over this, so what you are describing is not “my cause.”

  • I would just like to state for the record that I have no desire to see the prosecution of douchebags like the guy who made that film. I have no desire to censor him either. In fact, last time I checked, it was *European* countries which had statutes making stuff like this criminal, not the United States. Statutes written by their majority *non-Jewish* governments.

    What I *am* in favor of is speaking up, even making a fuss, when appropriate. There’s a world of difference between publicly shaming someone and outright censoring them, don’t you think?

    A perfect example of this is the whole Prince William (or was it Harry) Nazi Halloween costume debacle. Yes, he is foolish git. This is to be expected from generations of inbreeding. And it was correct of the papers to publish pictures of him and make him look the callow fool he is. Remember, the Brits suffered at the hands of the Nazis, too. It was rank stupidity, however, to demand that he undergo some sort of re-education by going to Auschwitz. Here Kelsey and I agree, you can’t force someone to change the way they think and you certainly can’t strongarm them onto your side. It only flames the antipathy that is most certainly lying just below the surface.

  • I thought it was pretty funny.

    This video was clearly made as a joke and not to offend or discriminate.

    True, older people and people who lost their family members there that get angered by that sort of thing because they are still attached to what happened. I can understand that but for the rest of us its comedy gold and were not laughing at their expense were laughing at the video and video alone.

  • this video is of little significance. it is not art and does not imitate life. it should not be censored or silenced. it should not be hyped or highlighted. Freedom of expression and speech are a fundamental human right that is worth keeping and defending. i know words are used as weapons but as jews we have some of the greatest wordsmiths and writers. We tell great stories and magically move media. our filmakers are famed.
    the point is you all make good points . if this video inspired these thoughts that you all express so well let it be a demonstration to you of the power of freedom of speech.
    i find your debate powerful and inspiring. maybe i should thank you and the video for this.
    Peace & light

  • I have seen the video recorded by some american sympathiser called Hal Turner.As the son of an Auschwitz survivor it is quite apparent it is sick and distasteful and trivialises the holocaust & sick neo-nazis seem to delight in it. We have to recognise that there are still some bad people around who are plainly antisemitic, and the internet has become a vehicle for these unpleasant characters to identify and find eachother and is clearly unregulated. Nevertheless to overreact does give the clip and its sad author more publicity then they deserve, and its not worth while getting too worked up about it.

  • One of he reason this is funny is becuase of this reaction. If you did this about another event, it wouldn’t be funny due to the fact that nobody would care, unlike complaining jews. Kelsey is right and the jews that disagree should line up for tickets to housewitz.

  • To the average person with an untrained eye, it looks like a cruel, sick joke. But it’s real purpose is political. The message is, “We know the Holohoax never happened. It no longer has power over us, you cannot extort money from our nations and direct our policies any longer. We will now treat your alleged tragedy as kitsch.”

  • Hi,I’m Polish and I haven’t heard about the clip in Poland.An idiot from Belgium gave me the link to it,that’s the reason I don’t talk to him anymore.Anyway,I heard there is even an Israeli comedian who makes fu of the Holocaust,that makes me sick,it’s an insult to humanity!!!

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