Man Sues Online Dating Service After Being Rejected

POSTED: 9:59 am PDT September 20, 2005

LOS ANGELES — A man is suing an online dating service after being shunned by another subscriber, according to court papers.

Soheil Davood claims his paid subscription to, billed as “the world’s largest Jewish singles community,” guaranteed that he would find “high-quality, successful Jewish personals without wasting precious time.”

According to the suit filed Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court, the plaintiff used the service on Aug. 28, and around 10:30 p.m. began an “online dialogue” with a subscriber using the user name SuperFriendlyGal.

The subscriber allegedly described herself as “a 34-year old Ashkenazi Jewish female, who was never married and who resided in Westwood, California.”

The subscriber, who is a co-defendant in the case, made sexual remarks during the chat, claimed to work for the nation’s largest lingerie manufacturer, and told Davood that “she might have found her man in the plaintiff,” the suit states.

Davood claims the subscriber wanted to talk to him and even convinced him to call directly when he became tired and wanted to go to sleep.

When the plaintiff called, he “received a taunting automated message telling him that he was rejected.”

Davood, who is seeking unspecified compensatory and punitive damages, claims the Web site is “defective” because it was poorly designed and monitored, which exposed him to “serious psychological injury.”

A representative for Spark Networks, which operates and manages, said she could not immediately comment on the lawsuit.

I have nothing to add to that story.

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  • It’s probably he is a competitor and wants to hurt them a little financially (court and lawyer fees), or he wants some free publicity must have something to promote.

  • first – JSIRPICCO IS RIGHT!!!!! Don’t you all see this???? JUST the other day, my BRILLIANT POST (not debillitating, Jobber, okay???? – though you are probably right about the guy in this post – looking for publicity…you speak like a guy who knows how to market stuff SO WHY YOU SO HOSTILE AND MEAN, WHITE BOY?????)

    Meanwhile, the joke is…we all know THE DEFENDENT IS CHUTZPAH!

  • I am not hostile and mean Sipco you are. I am only looking for laughs here. U haven’t been funny at all, sorry. Keep trying Siropco.

    Did you book your trip to Israel for 2006? I did. Don’t ask I got lucky on the fare.

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    First, um, Jobber – notice tone of your posts, dude! I AM HYSTERICALLY FUNNY, INCISIVE…

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    What 2006 Trip? Jobber you ONE WEIRD WHITE BOY

  • Getting serious for a change — it’s a new low when singles can’t take rejection. For whatever the reason, the relationship wasn’t meant to be. The guy’s gotta move on, just not in court.

    btw CK, when are you gonna be in NYC/the Big Apple again? Sorry I missed the Jewlicious summit this summer, considering I WAS part of the inaugural one. 🙂

  • Well I laugh alot at least. Please Sirpicco write about something else you are boring the piss off this site. OK wierd white boy, very hysterical.

  • Janice,
    You seem to miss the point that the subscriber was deliberately and intentionally cruel with malice aforethought. She obviously got the guy turned-on with suggestive talk about lingerie, led him to believe he was going to get some phone sex and then left him and his erection to the mean rejection message on the answering machine, which probably said something like “go jerk-off you wanker”. There are plenty of people on the site who do things like this for kicks.

    In fact, I was first introduced to Jdate by an extremely attractive friend of mine who confessed to being a lesbian (no, I didn’t do it with her and I met her at an Orthodox Shabbaton her parents sent her on to straighten her out) who showed me how she enjoyed teasing the men who answered her profile (which she posted to please her parents) by engaging in stimulating IM chat with them and then disappearing and watching how they proceeded to chase after her via IM and email for MONTHS.

    I only stopped sending horrible IM’s to men telling them what ugly losers they were when I discovered Jewlicious. (KIDDING!)

    I don’t find Jdate liable and I think the subscriber is guilty of a prank phone call at worst. However, what goes around comes around and she’s due some bad karma.

    Now answer me this: why were the two hottest guys in my night class at the jewish center eyeing each other more than any girl in the room? why was the only other hot guy eyeing the only Asian chick in the room? And why was the one guy in a kippa a dead ringer for Steve Carell in 40-year old virgin? Good thing I’m doing this for my own pleasure and not to meet anyone!

  • Wow, if I got money for every time I was rejected… damn, why don’t I get a lawyer? I should sue JDate! (not to mention some of the peeps who go on JDate who aren’t Jewish, just to nail someone who is)

  • Middle,

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  • I think a better lawsuit against Jdate would be their whole bait and swtich way of doing business. Like how after you put a profile up you get like 1 message but they won’t let you even see who it is that contacted you (or if its one of their spammys) until you pay at least 35.00. And then you don’t get any messages as a paying member really, you cancel and then miracle of miracles you get 3 then? So you have to repeat the process. Jdate would be nowhere without people posting on it. Maybe they should take that into consideration.

    Ok. Sorry. Just a vent with not being able to see who’s sending me mail.