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  • I’m not commenting on the title of this post. Only on the fact that I’d like us to cut back on the number of gratuitous boob shots. That would be my preference. Thank you.

  • I have to agree with esther there. We’ve gone over the gratuitous boob quota for the month I think.


    As you know, the whole boob thingie is kinda passe anyway. I would rather get back to where we were before the childish tantrum. You know, back when we were just posting fun posts, funny posts, political posts, Jewish-themed posts, etc.?

    Can we go back there now?

  • Oh and by the way, I am a starting a Jdate a week program in which I have one lucky bachelor pick me up after my writing class in NYC and give him the opportunity to win my heart/mind/body or at least one of the 3. If you would like a weekly guest post…let me know.

  • Forget it, I’m off Jdate forever, just spoke to their customer service rep and they won’t bring the price down, the best they could do was 24.99 a month for a twelve month membership with one month free…so Match.com at 12.99 a month now how my loyalty.

  • Aye, I hear ya, Muffti. But what can I say, that pic wasn’t just another innocent gratuitous boobies pic. As Urban Pimp noted, he’d hire her. I understand why it may have been a little over the top.

  • What-ever. TM, Muffti loves you but that’s weeeeeeeeeak. Oh well.

  • Whatever will our potential sponsors think of excessive gratuitous boob shots? I mean gratuitous is one thing, but excessive is something we’d never do.

  • Jdate charging double is the equivalent of my fucking kollel rabbi landlord charging double to live within the ervuv. Jewish GREED destroyes Judiasm: discuss amongst yourselves.

  • Hey look! Jewschool has a NeoCOUNTER too now! Let’s play who is better:

    Jewlicious – 17 visitors from 6 countries
    Jewschool – 6 visitors from 2 countries

    And the winner is? Who cares. It’s like taking candy from a baby.

  • Well, CK, that depends a bit on what our potential sponsors are like…if Hefner is reading and wants to cut us cheque, we may be blowing our chances!

  • What about some man-boobs. Some saggy, hairy man-boobs. Y’know…to equal it up and stuff.

  • Muffti, I think I’m trying to make Esther feel better. Esther, I hope you don’t feel too bad about what’s happened (and you shouldn’t, by the way) and if removing that luscious slutty model from my post makes you feel better, I’m happy to do it.

  • I don’t mind the inclusion of such photos in posts where it actually makes a point: context is everything. And just a photo with no reason or context? That’s my objection…but it doesn’t make me feel bad, per se.

    No worries, middle. We’re square. And I mean that in the “A.O.K.” way, not in the “socially awkward, impossibly unhip” way.”

  • You should just post gratuitous Jewish boobs. Y’know, the kind that’s covered with shirts up to the collar bone?
    That’s always fun. 🙂

  • Esther…you’re too kind. You should’ve banned them from your site…and then you from theirs. And if this continued, and I couldn’t figure out where my loyalties lie, perhaps…just perhaps, I’d lose interest before surfing to a blog, and get more stuff done. Maybe?

  • Seriously, where are all the pics of studly Israeli guys? If yer gonna go around objectifying people, at least do it equally. I want gratuitous pictures of swarthy Sephardic boys!

  • Sweetness. I can be first to illuminate recent comment irony. Boobs, Boobage, gratuitous vs. excessive, ck, objectified males, and how fittingly, Jewlicious gets spammed by none other than euro analbeastality. Goodluck, and goodnight.

  • middle, how ’bout not nominating other people for positions they may find distasteful. thanks.

  • middle. deal with it. the title was not in the spirit we want to have here, we edited it because we found it offensive and hurtful. Don’t get your panties all in a ruffle now.

  • Sorry Streimel. I simply cannot be responsible for people being able to concentrate on getting their work done. I couldn’t live with myself.

    Glad to see that the interblog disputes have moved to the intrablog level. It’s like watching a virus mutate: interesting on a scientific level, but rather alarming emotionally.

  • esther said it.
    this is truly disturbing, watching you all bitch-slap each other like this.
    this is not what i pay my hard earned dollars to read!
    well i guess it’s unfortunately what we jews are best at… infighting.
    just sucks to see it here. so kiss and make up before i pay someone to spam you with more euro analbestiality.

  • o. my. lord. this is all my fault for NOT setting out clear guidelines wrt editing other people’s posts. Oy. Blame it on ck. Heap scorn upon me. Thanks.

    And scorn has indeed been heaped upon me. Let me clarify my position. Under ordinary circumstances, editing a person’s post should be done in tandem with that poster. In this case, the editing of the post was done quickly in order not to further inflame an already imbalanced individual. That’s cool, it was a rachmanus thing, and some people have editing powers specifically for that reason. We should thus avoid name calling, be considerate of each other and remember, no one gets paid for this.

  • hahahaha…well, at least we managed to give a clear demonstration of what Muffti was trying to say to the Jewschool crowd: we keed! Even with eachohter!

    Laya, Muffti refuses to act like an adult. And for what it’s worth, he was never informed that we were s’posed to 🙂

  • I saw the earlier post and I must say that it was a nice set of gratuitous boobies

  • Sardanapal reminds me of a very important piece of news. I believe that the Man Show is now in reruns on one of the main channels during the late night hours, so girls-on-trampolines and girls-wrestling-midgets and household hints from porn stars are all available there. Check your local listings.