Rebecca and I were planning on spending Chol Hamoed Succot in Sinai, living in real Succot on the beach, in the Midbar. What better place or time of year to connect with the Hebrew ancestors? But with the front page of almost every newspaper today announcing specific warnings of kidnappings in the area, we may be forced to change our plans.

Terror warnings are one thing, they barely scare me anymore, I go to little out of the way places anyway, but anyone could come into your unlockable hoosha at night and steal you away into the darkness. While I once dreamed of fame, it was never in the form of a newspaper headline “Stupid Israeli-American ignores warnings, kidnapped, raped, beaten, forced to watch movie version of A Chorus Line and eat bad hummus in cruel and unusual torture.”

So let’s all pray a little harder than usual this Rosh Hashana for peace in our time, cause if I can’t go to Sinai anymore, it’s going to put a serious damper on my new year.

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Laya Millman


  • I love the music of A Chorus Line.
    but the movie sucks ass. Damn Michael Douglass. What’s he doing there?

  • Laya, I have been, but you are talking about going somewhere to relax, there are many such places in Israel, why this obsession w/ going to Egypt, in an area that is now infested w/ Al Keida?

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