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Are you planning on going to Israel for free with Jewlicious during Summer 2006 or beyond? Please click here and look at the most recent posts for the latest information on your free Israel trip with Jewlicious and Oranim! Older posts contain information that is outdated.

If you are Jewish, between 18 and 26 and have never been to Israel on a peer based trip, you can go to Israel. For FREE. With Jewlicious! What can you possibly be waiting for? See Jewlicious, thanks to Taglit-birthright israel and IsraelExperts will be going on a 10 day trip to Israel this winter and we want you to come with us.

There are still a few seats left, so stop wasting time and REGISTER NOW! Get your friends to do the same and you can have ck and laya showing you around Israel in all its Jewlicious glory this winter.

By the way, if you have already signed up with another Taglit- birthright israel provider, and wish to switch to the Jewlicious trip, it’s not too late to still get on our bus. Click here to switch to IsraelExperts so you can come with us. Trust us, with what we’ve got in store, you’ll be glad you did. Make sure to let IsraelExperts know you want to be on the Jewlicious bus!

Departure date is tenatively scheduled for Jan 1 from NY.

This trip is a gift from Taglit- birthright israel.

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  • wow that’s pretty awesome. too bad i’ve already done birthright otherwise i’d totally go. if anyone reading this has not done it yet, do it now. it’s such a ridiculously generous gift. not without a dose of ideology, but come on. you didn’t think it’d be totally free, right? but seriously, it’s an opportunity i feel no one should give up.

  • Is this one Americans-only too? Or is there a way for Canadians to get on board? Also, as an aside– why the f*** do I need TWO addresses to register for birthright?! Some of us only have one apartment to live in (and thus only one permanant address), and aren’t lucky enough to have parents (or a relationship with them). Any suggestions for how to get around this on the application? Or is it a prerequisite for them to talk to a parental figure before letting you go?

  • Miriam, find out the American Apparel factory address and give them that as your primary. That way, you get the US address and a second address. Just make sure to let Dov Charney know. I hear he’s real accessible.

  • CK – keep up with posts about the new trip, with photos from our trip included! Maybe if you post enough we’ll actually get to see all of the pictures you have since we haven’t been able to see them elsewhere….

    Yes… I know I’m being a smartass but that’s what I learned most from my 10 days with you. 🙂

  • Are you guys going to take the trip to see one of the Gush Katif refugee camps? or does Jewlicious continue to forget about those Jews?

    Shavuah tov!

  • oh geez josh, way to be in the holiday spirit. How many posts did we do on Gush Katif, both in the pro and con? Way to have selective memory, generalize and be insulting all in one shot.

    Miriam, I dunno about the two addresses bit, but I know you can go on an american trip (like ours) if you can provide any working american address, any friend or relative, anything at all…but you didn’t hear that from me.

  • Are those the Gaza Jews who neglected to submit their claims to the government despite months of advance notice and even beseeching on the part of government officials? Refugees indeed.

  • middle, yes, as well the ones in the hotel in Ashkelon who registered six months before the deadlines but are getting kicked out of the hotel with no where to go.

    this is an ongoing catastrophe. I’m sorry if most people would like to forget about it.

  • oh, I forgot about the hundreds of others who’s lawyers were talking with the government six months earlier but who were not taken seriously.

  • admitting this is too early to call, but just wondering : are you fools gonna throw another blogference this year like the one at Long Beach?

  • well listen josh, here’s an idea, you could start a blog – all former gaza jews, all the time. You could interview each family and tell every story. Document it for the public record. Don’t accuse us of not blogging what you want to see at any givin moment, Do it yourself. Be proactive.It feels better then pointing bitter fingers at others.

    Encino yeled, I believe it is in the works for presidents day weekend.

  • Josh, people were taken very seriously. It’s just that if you recall, there were lots of these families who didn’t want to be involved with the government agencies and almost 700 out of 2000 families didn’t even bother to contact the government until after the disengagement began.

    If you recall, at least two entire communities in Northern Gaza vacated before the disengagement began. That suggests to me that those who wanted to move early and receive gov’t assistance, could and did.

    As I write, efforts continue to be made to provide communities and homes for the Gazan Jews. They went as far as to agree to every demand made by the families who were slated for Nitzanim.

    By the way, what do you think of Gazan families that are moving into the West Bank? Sane or insane?

  • I know Laya may have been kidding at her suggestion to create a Gaza Jews blog, but I don’t think it’s a bad idea…

    And encinoyeled re-the conference, my understanding is that things are in process and details will come shortly. At least that’s what they keep telling me.

  • I reside in Australia & my daughter wants to join a group of Americans to visit Israel. Unfortunately the registration forms on the web are geared for US based applicants only and registering her using our Australian address is impossible. I know that somone from Canda complanined about the same thing but, does anyone else from another country experienced this problem? and how did they get around it?