That’s right, no politics, no bad-mouthing others, no unkosher topics. This is the official “Have a Great New Year” post.

Allow me to get it started:

May you and yours have a sweet, healthy, happy, joy-inducing, prosperous, romance-generating coming year. Shana tova u’metuka.

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  • a “gutt gebencht yohrr” to all at jewlicious!
    please forgive if i’ve left any ass-headed comments this year — here’s to an ass-headedness-free new year!

  • Shana Tova to y’all. Muffti loves you guys, each and everyone. Even Mobius, but Muffti isn’t gonna say that to his face coz, you know, might seem a li’l intimate.

    Thanks especially to Jewlicious’ wonderful readers. Let Muffti take this opportunity to ask all those that he pissed off with his atheist ramblings and left of centre politics for their forgiveness.

  • Shana Tova everybody!

    I hope your new year will be really great! I know I’m already changing my outlook this year for the better

  • This is ck wishing all y’all a Shana Tova. I’d wish you more, you know that sweetnes stuff and that head thing, but really I don’t know how much currency I have that’s available in that mystical bank that makes wishes come true. I’m going to try to be a better person this year. I thank my fellow posters for putting up with me and thanks to the commenters and readers for visiting.

  • May Jewlicious, and its writers and readers be inscribed and sealed in the Blog of Life. Wishing you all a Jewliciously sweet and healthy year of peace. May you be protected from the Sitra Hacker, and other evils that lurk in the virtual world. May you increase your learning of Torah and performance of mitzvot, and be saved from trials and tribulations. Happy Jew Year!

  • Shana Tovah L’Kulam!
    perhaps instead of just having one post or one day where we don’t bad-mouth each other, we could all make a new years resolution of sorts to be a little kinder while pursuing honest (and funny) dialogue in the coming year? Perhaps then we could attract a few more not-insane commenters (no, no, of course I’m not talking about you).

    In any case, I ask forgiveness if anything I have wrote in the past year has caused pain to anyone.

  • Neat. This reminds me of the TV holiday greetings where the TV station employees and their families wave and yell happy stuff while ice skating.

    Well, I’m not ice skating, and my family’s asleep, except for the kid who’s about to be late out the door for high school. It’s about 7 am eastern time & I’m the sole American minding the shop (Hello, Great Britain! How’d I do, middle?). But here’s a sincere wish for happiness, health & whatever your Jewlicious little hearts desire in the new year. Shana Tovah, y’all.

  • Shana Tovah Everybody… Wishing you all that “maybe this year be better then last…”

  • Out of all the sites I could visit on a daily basis, I keep coming back to this one. Why is that? Nothing but health, good things, and growth in the right directions.

  • A gut yahr, all.

    Thanks to Jewlicious, I have been even less productive than I usually am. I will have to limit myself next year, I think.

  • oh no! I am late again! Never mind, a gut gebenched yor! I wish you that the Jewlicious should continue this year to head in ybocher-google statistics and this should be a groysses seguleh for everybody writting and commenting here. I agree no more mean blogging. I wish you all that your lives should go nice and smooth so you wont have time to write so much on Jewlicious… because it s too much English for barbarian ybocher to process in beyn hasedorim.
    BTW according to jewish tradition people take upon themselves some stringencies during the Asara Yemey Tshuvah, so what is Jewlicious gonna do.

    Last but not least – thank you pattycake for convincing me to upgrade my english writting last year.
    ck, this year is not a shittah year so i still wait for my beer.
    themiddle sorry for attacking you few times last year i hope you dont hold the grudge.
    and to show you that i am you faithfull student i ll say

    hello UK, US and Israel.