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With all Their Kids Committing Suicide

Many Israelis have found out whether or not the old adage ‘suicide is painless’ is true in the last decade, according to the Ministry of Health. Muffti doesn’t want to alarm our readers, but please try to be nice to CK, Laya (and in a few years Michael):

Married people aged 25 to 64 are much less likely to kill themselves than singles, divorcees or widow(er)s. Men aged 25 to 44 who are widowers or divorced are eight times more l ikely to commit suicide, and singles are four times more likely than married men to kill themselves.

Muffti is now even happier about the Jewschool/Jewlicious un-breakup! The last thing our boys need is anything that might push them over that edge!

The good news is that the Israeli suicide rate is fairly low. It is the cause of less than 1% of deaths in Israel. Amongst 32 comparable countries, Isreal ranks 6th from the bottom. However, when only the male teens are taken into account, we shoot up to 16th out of 32. Elderly women suicide rates is 15th out of 32. So be nice to the crochety lovely, wise old ladies when you see them!

Interested in the battle between the sexes? It turns out that women attempt suicide more often than their male counterparts, but men succeed more often. Which makes us men, ummn, better? Luckier? Hard to say really…

Jews are more likely to kill themselves than arabs, though Muffti doesn’t know if suicide bombers count for the purposes of these stats.

The highest suicide rates in the word seem to be in Lithuania, Russia and Belarus.

Final macabre tidbit: suicide rates are highest in Tel-Aviv and Haifa. They are lowest in Jerusalem. Stay there, CK and co.

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  • First breasts…now even a little ‘nip. Personally, I think you’re pushing the envelope buddy. I visit Jewlicious to escape from the smut.

  • Sorry, Shtremiel, but we don’t run this site purely to suit your needs…Muffti would point you to the mission statement if we had one.

  • Chicken soup, chicken soup, chicken soup needed. Out of a can is ok, but hurry up with it. It’s cuter with some dill on top. It’s more nourishing with a hard-boiled egg sliced into it.

    Wedding on the beach, wedding under the El, who cares, hurry.

    Suicide indeed.

  • funny, the nipple didn’t bother me. But in any case, why dont we crop it out of the pic instead of the big censored sign?

  • TM: Anon is free to post any way he or she sees fit. As site admins, both you and I know exactly who Anon is as Anon has posted before from the same IP address, but not as Anon. We thus also know why Anon may not want his/her comment history to be known either. In any case Anon, your secret is safe with us.

  • no, whats better to cover up nipples than two little nazis? I don’t think its lame at all- it’s creative.

  • I dunno. I never told muffti to self-censor his image. I don’t think kids will be permanently scarred by the image of 1/3 of an aureole (sp?) minus nipple, but whatever. Anyhow muffti, I cahnged the image a bit beca– USE I thnk it’s more fun than a big ugly-ass censored sign. And it allows us to poke fun at nazis. And its kinda symbolical and stuff – I mean once you start censoring nipples, well, fascism is right around the corner, aint it?

  • amybz: well, when I looked the nazi twins weren’t there…it said “CENSORED”…not creative at all.

  • tiff, I figured as much when I read the previous posts. But those darling little nazis just had to be commented on. Besides shouldnt we be focusing on something important like, I dont, suicide?

  • Holocaust survivors seem to have a higher suicide rate than other people, according to some studies.

    Anyone have insights on why Israeli teenagers have a higher suicide rate?

  • Whatever. Muffti’s too disgusted to bother commenting. CK never told the Muff to change anything.

  • muffti, you must have missed the last jewlicious group meeting…topic on the adenda, “nipples and boobies are a big, fat no-no”…I know I was like so totally offended by the pic. But Olsen twin like nazi girls are ok. I mean yeah, the only reason anyone cares about the nazi girls post is cause they’re blond…but that is so different than people reading your post because of the nipples. Totally, majorly, insanely different.

  • Ted as for the suicide rates…one of the first new hebrew words I picked up in Israel was “dikaon”…depression. It seemed to be the in sentiment for teens at everyone I met was feeling it! There are lots of obvious reasons…normal teen angst,poor economy, threat of terror, mandatory military service (yeah, I know it’s necessary…) that steals a chunk of your life at a time when other teens are uhhh finding themselves…I mean I can’t imagine starting unversity after 3 years in the army…people do it but it can’t be easy…

  • oh jeezy creezy… a little nipple never hurt anybody.

    no, really. unless it poked someone’s eye out, i can’t think of even one case where seeing nipple would be harmful. you know — at all. and this wasn’t even nip! it was like, a slightly darker area of SGirl’s boobs, otherwise known as the “aureole” (and the bane of my existence as far as name calling goes).

    you know what bothers me more than women’s breasts? people offended by women’s breasts.

    i apologize for the annoyed tone of this comment. and for the record, i really enjoy the prussian blue censorship polizia (might i suggest photoshopping them into more photos?… like TM’s pre-shabbat pictures of israeli sunsets?).

    are we ever going to get over ourselves and be comfortable seeing BOOBIES?!


  • oh, priceless. aureole. that never would have occurred to me! i feel ya, i got “ovary” a lot.

  • Ariela, you should have seen the reaction to the now-gone images of large boobs without visible nipples. I believe we permanently lost 36 visitors to our site, and others were simply aghast.

    Oh, and by the way, photoshopping those little neo-Nazis into my shabbat sunset images may or may not detract from the feeling they’re supposed to impart. Maybe ck can play around with one and we’ll see.

  • I think the difference in offensive vs. non offensive displays of rounded sexual flesh, nipple of not, is in the context. ie if they serve a purpose or illustrate a point they leave you with a different feeling than just being sexual for the purpose of the male gaze. But maybe that’s just my feeling on the matter. I also don’t think there’s much of a difference between showing an aureole or nipple vs. cleavage. A boob is a boob. It’s only in America that we pretend nipples are somehow more sacred.

  • Is it any wonder that I wish to remain anonymous while discussing nipples?

    Laya: A nipple takes the picture to a whole other level because walking down the street and in most places of business and school rooms nipples are not shown.

  • Hey Ariela, if you’re so pro-nip then I guess we’ll be seeing some topless photos of you on your blog right?

  • Ha! I am very much pro-nip. That’s not to say that I enjoy flashing mine at every opportunity, but I certainly wouldn’t be offended if someone else did. I’m “pro” a lot of things I don’t do personally… going fishing, for example. I mean, I did it once (and I must admit, I may have exposed a nipple once, too, though it was by accident, I assure you) but it’s a bit too much of a hassle for my taste. The whole setting up the line, hooking the worm, etc… I like my fish deboned and fillet-style from the glass case at Whole Foods.

    To address Laya’s point, I agree that context is everything when you’re talking about educational vs. sexually rousing. But I think at least in America, we have a long way to go before we’re ok seeing what is natural — that is, the human body. So yeah, I guess I’m ok with staam nakedity.

  • Amen to Ariela. This is why the Muff loves you so much.

    Frankly, Muffti is tempted to say to those that left fuck it, it’s our blog and you can leave if you like and CK can tell me to fuck off and stop posting let bygones be bygones. Anyhow, Muffti took down the offensive bit of brown more in disgust at the prudishness than to keep visitors. But whatever; Muffti doesn’t really care enough to keep this silly debate going much longer.

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