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  • wow middle, a liberal like you holding by beit shammai this year? Lighting all the candles and working down to one? Pshhhh. Ballsy.

  • middle – remember that olive oil is THE symbol of the holiday. So make yourself a nice big salad with a Hanukkah vinaigrette…

  • Dear Jewlicious,

    Really a great site!

    My latkes …. darn pitiful is what! I had not gone shopping so I used a year old open packet of instant latke mix … mistake number 1. A friend, having used my spatula to repot some plants, left me therefore ‘toolless’ to turn the latkes over … I tried a plastic spatula … alas instant mess ending up more resembling mashed potatoes than latkes!
    Taste? Approaching borderline dreadful! Did any good emerge from this Hanukkah culinary debacle?
    Yes!As I was spared a few hundred unnecessary fat calories! Neboch …. 🙂

    I am,

    Very Sincerely yours,

    Alan D. Busch c/o

  • I heard the pr0n was gone, so I’m back from self-exile.

    Where can I get potato latkes in the Shomron or the Sharon, I can’t stand the fake jelly dough rolls anymore.

  • Welcome back, Josh. In fairness, there was a tiny bit of an aeriola that drove you away as far as Muffti can tell. You can see more pr0n at the superbowl half time shows on good years. But whatever. Welcome back.

  • I think it’s interesting that a woman in a bathing suit taking a shower while looking like she’s ripe for sex and perhaps enjoying the shower more than expected would draw so much ire, but it did. Nice to see you back, Josh.

  • Please to be with posting the recipe.

    Mine were a disaster, as well. (Not from a box, G-d forbid, but from scratch. Still, a soggy mess.)