No Tom, these are not rabbis burning in hell, since we now know exactly where hell is and it’s blooming.

Nope, these rabbis are burning leavened bread and other unkosher for Passover – Pesach – foods.

To all of our readers and posters, chag sameach (happy holiday).

(Photo: Rina Castelnuovo for The New York Times)

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  • 2 Qs…1) jews say next year in jerusalem but maybe this should be removed from passover as we HAVE jerusalem and most DONt live there. Were the actual words “Next year visit jerusalem”? Are most of our jewish /things/ folkloric ? In spain they celebrate independence day but also they dance flamemco. Jews celebratepassover and selebrate var mtsva and celebrate hannuka but whats our flamenco? What do you do that is jewish ? Im interested.
    Q2 American jews use hebrew to say bar mitsva . Why? is there not an english word for this? Why speak in israel language ,hebrew, about jewish ceremonies? Our bubbies did that cause hebrew was the language of shul . Today hebrew is out of that lil bag and alive. Maybt jews livin outside israel should use their language to say bar mitsva and to read the passover qyestions and even to say mitsva. Speaking hebrew in the ghettos was our past as a way to connect us, to give us a land whereever we lived.It is no longer that thing .Its a language of israel . We got israel and maybe itstime. Im interested in your thoughts.I also think its strange when an american jew speaks a few words of hebrew or throws in a fewtiddish words and thinks Arent I jewish

  • Im an israeli religious jew carrear officer in the army here. I agree with you but thats who we are.Hebrew is our habit and as a people we spend more time online than in shul. As for jews saying a hebrew wor in the middle of an english sentence i too thinkits strange as i speak hebrew

  • With the Boston Marathon coming up next Monday, Middle, it’s hard to watch those carbs going to waste!

    Have a terrific holiday.

  • Dov and Sara, don’t you think it’s a little strange that you’ve both posting from the same IP?

    Tom, don’t do it! Don’t run! Better to watch it on TV.

  • Interestingly, the same person as dov and sara has posted as “jewsgusting,” a “kibbutznik from brooklyn” and “pizza trees,” a sort of low-rent Chutzpah who likes to graphically describe her sexcapades. Oh, and whoever the actual commentor is, they’re posting from Spain.

    Jewlicious: Scraping the Bottom of the Commentor Bucket since 2004.

  • Ahh, grasshopper, to reach the bottom of the bucket, one must first avail himself of the contents.

    Which is to say, just because an undue percentage of freaks and morons manage to find blogs, I do not deny the existence of plenty of good commentors.

  • No, trust me, the bad apples Mo gets already make our steady trickle of semiliterate mouthbreathers look like Da Vinci. The man has suffered enough.

  • thanks above for pointing out that there are jews in spain and unlike americans we each do not have a laptop with ip . we share computers and vistors as well use our hardware We are from LA new york haifa and madrid. you are all invited . we do not have, as u point out, the same opinion on issues

  • ofri, not such a bummer that it hasn’t inspired lots of great art and music– more so than Easter, it’s fair to say. The Bach and Arvo Part Passions, Gesualdo’s Tenebrae Responsories, Caravaggio’s ‘Taking of Christ’, etc. Perhaps the human condition, life itself, are a lot closer to Good Friday than to Easter. Closer to D minor than A major.

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