I would just like to thank our readers and guests. On Google, we have just broken into the first page results for “wart on the nose.”

Again, our deepest gratitude for making Jewlicious such a popular destination for serious discussion and insights into current affairs and, uh, other things.

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  • Your guys’ blog just took like five minutes to load… can it be helped? Or is it just due to the high volume of traffic from people checking out the news on nose warts?

  • Yup. Definitely nose wart traffic. Sorry about the slowness though. I can’t imagine what’s causing it. The server that runs Jewlicious is on the east coast and I am in Jerusalem and I haven’t noticed any unreasonable sloth. It might just be network traffic in your area. In any case, I’m going to go optimize the database tables regardless. Hopefully that’ll help.

  • Hey… any of you see this yet?
    Apparently the guy with a wart on the nose (that should secure our number one spot…) apparently believes that Israel persecutes Palestinians as a mode of revenge against the Nazis.

    I don’t know, it seems kind of far fetched, considering that according the the terrorist combover guy the Holocaust never happened. (Takes care of that search phrase too.)

    Does he seriously believe we’re taking revenge for something that never took place? Or is his blatant hatred, antisemitism, and desire to incite violence distorting his perception of logical reasoning?

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