landsharkIf The State of Israel were a TV show, this would be the desperate season. Pulling out all the stops to bring up the ratings;

First there was Disengagement (action shots). Then the (near) death of a major character- Ariel Sharon (coma? please, such a plot device for a character who needs to go off to film a movie). A major enemy is granted much more power (Hamas has been proving much less dramatic that producers originally intended). Then a major election.

The only problem is, like any gasping for air, all these hijinks are generally a disappointment.

But in case you were doubting it, it’s now official. Israel has jumped the shark.

Or saved the shark, as the case my be. But still, sharks? what’s next? Celebrity guest spots?

Near the Nahsholim Beach, volunteers from the rescue team for the Israeli Marine Mammal Research and Assistance Center managed to rescue a 10-meter-long whale shark that had become entangled in a fishing net on Saturday.

But that’s not all the disturbing Israel Aqua-news today. A young beached whale died on the shores of Haifa after apparently swallowing large quantities of sewage that flowed into the ocean over the weekend. Swimmers beware.

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Laya Millman


  • Great pic. Love the “Land Shark.” And as far as Israel jumping the shark is concerned, don’t they generally have to also have two of the main characters get together, thereby ruining all of the sexual tension involved? If you could find an israeli political analogy for this, I’d be much appreciative.

  • Israel as a sit-com–nice. Do you think they’ll bring back Ben-Gurion for the flashback and ask him to solve our problems?

  • Esther: Sharon’s cronies and Shimon Peres in the same party? Labor run by a Moroccan? And you’re saying there aren’t enough couplings? Suffice it to say that the sexuall tension in Israeli politics is all gone for me, all gone.

  • CK, thanks for those suggested couplings. None of them seems to have the magic of a Maddie Hayes and David Addison relationship (at least in my mind), but they’ll have to do. If the sexual tension is gone, that’s a sure sign of shark-jumping.

    Although I really love Ariel’s idea about having a clip show of flashbacks hosted by some random Israeli “celebrity” from the past, as this is a SURE sign of hurdling over maneating beasts of the sea. I bet at the end they all learn a valuable lesson, too…or maybe since it’s Israel, they don’t.

  • Well, if you wanted to kill the tension, you’d have to bring back Arafat, have a meddling, but well intentioned kid lock him and Sharon in a broom closet, and wait till all those years of animosity melted into the inevitable Brokeback Peace. The dissipated, latent homosexual tension, plus the already played-out pop culture reference= shark well and truly jumped. Disgusted, traumatized peace couldn’t help but follow.