Piguah in Tel AvivLisa on yesterday’s suicide bombing in Tel Aviv:

I took photos and talked to eyewitnesses. One man told me he’d seen the bombing happen right in front of his eyes, but he couldn’t bear to go near the wounded. “I felt so bad,” he said. “But I just couldn’t stand it. There were body parts and blood and screaming people and it was just horrible. I didn’t think I could do anything for them. I ran away.”

Others were in shock. One woman collapsed on the ground and began retching uncontrollably. Another woman told me that there had been long nails in the bomb and they flew everywhere. A man who had come to look for a relative found out that he was dead and began to cry on the shoulder of a policeman.

As I stood taking pictures of the forensic investigators in their white coveralls collecting evidence, I saw rescue workers pull a lifeless body out from under the debris of the shawarma shop and heave it onto a stretcher.

Great Post Lisa. See her photos here.

And you know what else? We can probably expect even more great posts like this from Lisa, at least according to Sami Salim Mohammed Hammed, the Islamic Jihad member who carried out this attack. Sami, or Sambo as his friends used to call him, in a video taped statement made before his date with the 72 virgins, stated that many more like him were on their way to wage a glorious, albeit defensive battle against the nefarious Falafel joints and Shawarma shacks of the Zionist enemy.

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  • Your headline is unfair.
    1) She works in journalism.
    2) She introduces the whole thing with a description of how Israelis have become inured/developed coping reactions to these attacks.

  • Hey Ben-David, I wasn’t trying to be critical of Lisa’s post. I well know she’s a journalist. And a Canadian which might explain her icy disposition when reporting on this horrific act. But I was nonetheless kinda freaked by the tone – not in a bad way, just in my gut. That syas nothing negative about what Lisa wrote or how she wrote about it.

  • Thanks for the mention, CK. Yesterday was a rough day and I’m still feeling a bit messed up, but hey – it’s my birthday and life goes on.

  • It’s your birthday?? Well Happy Friggin Birthday to you, you dispassionate Canuck beeyatch! No but seriously, do try to enjoy it. Remind me to score you another carton of Gauloises next time I go to chutz la’aretz!

  • The detachment is professional in my estimation. I’d rather read Lisa’s sort of report than the BS that the BBC put on the air when Arafat died. Remember that? The reporter speaking about the tears in her eyes waxing about the glory of the Arafat years coming to an end. Lisa has it right.

  • It is not 72 virgins, it is 12 virgins. You are guilty of ‘distorting’ the story. By restating pure unsubstantiated rumor as fact, you attempt to make us out as nothing but selfish, sex-crazed, western type degenerate infidels lacking any morals.

    Nothing could be farther from the truth. We are hapless, sex-deprived, eastern type degenerate martyrs(has a nice ring doesn’t it) full of twisted morals.

    Please do check your facts in the future. We don’t need to look worse than we really are. Thanks in advance CK.

    Without singling out Lisa, it has always made me wonder why ‘journalist’ don’t put down the camera and lend a hand in emergencies.

  • Jim R, on that last theme, check out the documentary (I believe it’s rentable) on the work of James Nachtwey. It’s truly incredible.