Part of what we hope to do here on Jewlicious is simply to get our collective minds turning and thinking about Jewish stuff. If we are doing our jobs at all (or perhaps despite our presence) some of our readers are likely to eventually come up with some really brilliant ideas for shaping the Jewish future. We know it must be true because so many of you we’ve met off the blog were so damned impressive.

We were honored to have helped develop an idea which can gather all those passions and help them materialize.

So if you’re between 18-32, if you’ve got the ideas, if you’re hooked in, if you can see what the future of the jewish people can look like, are willing to do your part to bring us there, then we invite you to apply for a totally unprecedented initiative: ROI120.

The main event of the initiative is the conference which will take place in Jerusalem, July 3-6. At this conference, the network will be formed, collaborations will be made, projects will be presented and nurtured, fun will be had.

The categories are broad, the participants will come from around the globe. The results could be astronomical.

The discussion is already going on at the forums.

Apply now. Applicants will be informed shortly after the Pesach holiday.

See you in Jerusalem!

Oh, and by the way, it’s a free trip. That’s right – you’ll be flown to Jerusalem and hosted for the entire term of the conference at one of the city’s lovely hotels. Oh and yes, you’ll be fed and entertained too. There may be some light touring too. That’s being included as well. So what are you waiting for? The application deadline is April 17. Find out more and apply like… NOW!

Roi120 is an initiative created through a partnership of Taglit-birthright israel and the Israel Democracy Institute, made possible by grants from the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation and the Marcus Foundation.

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Laya Millman


  • Oh it will be great. As we speak a crack team of organizers, including some of your fave Jewlicious peeps is up to their necks planning the bejeezus out of this conference. Something of this scale has never really been done before. Get ready for some surprise announcements too. And if this at all interests you – APPLY!

  • Amishav, Shmavis, I feel your pain, believe me. We mid-thirties are left out of all the rockin’ initiatives, as if we’re too old to be cool, which ain’t true…

    I have literally no say in who gets chosen or why, but send them an email at info at, and see what they say…could it hurt? Worst they could say is no…

  • And just because you may be “too old” to attend the conference doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t go join in on the discussion over at the forum there. It’s still in its infancy, and can allways benefit from more input…

  • Application in. Fingers would be crossed if someone hadn’t pointed out to me that was a reference to… um… crosses. And I’d knock on wood, if that wasn’t a reference to… um… crosses.

    So I’ll just be excited that ROI120 is even a possibility. Hooray!

  • I hear ya Leah, big time. And by the way, great post over there on the forum. It’d probably be an asset to have an actual PR person on the conferance. Much more of an asset then some random guy who is about to start smicha… oh well… I can still hope…

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