A Saudi media channel interviewed Mohammed Mahdi Akef, who is the head of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. For those who are unaware, this is the mother group from which Hamas was born. In the interview, he attacked and condemned the bomb attacks in the Sinai where 24 were killed and dozens of others wounded. Apparently, he feels strongly that this was a terrible act.

“These are terrorist and dangerous (operations) that result from a total ignorance of the value of the human life,” he said.

Then, just as you were beginning to think that he isn’t some sort of murderous insane maggot individual (How to Avoid Lashon Ha’ra 101), he decides that he should clarify that since this attack did not involve Jewish targets in Israel, it was different in its morality.

“Israel is an occupier, and it’s the right of the people of the country to resist occupation by all means,” he said.

Uh huh.

Anybody want to discuss the morality of targeted killings?

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